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VIP Trackside Reserved Campers who had a space(s) in the 2022 season,

have first choice to renew their space(s) until March 15th, 2023. 


After March 15th, any open space(s) will be filled in the order of receipt (first-come, first-serve basis). 

We do have a wait list for every Major event, so get your request in as soon as possible.

Please mail  or call in your requests (for a VIP Reserved Trackside camp space).

You can email to: race@woodburndragstrip.com

After March 15th, we will know what is available and will call you for your credit card information. 

2023 VIP Reserved Trackside Camping New Request Form is pending confirmation of 2023 Event Dates.

Once we upload the form, you can click on the link above, then print, complete and mail or email back to the track. 

Do not include payment for a new request.


Please see the Track Camping Map below for Reserved Trackside Camp spaces (marked in yellow):  


On the West side (return road), spaces begin at the 660’ mark and continue to the finish line. 

Spaces begin at West #1 and go to West #31. 

On the East side (left lane), space East #43 through East #90 are located beginning at the 500’ mark

and continue  to just past the finish line.   On the visual photo: East Space #50 is located at mid-track.

Space # 67 is located at the 1000′ mark.  Space #83 is located at the finish line.

               2022 – CAMPING RULES - There are No Refunds on Camping


Quiet Time is 10 pm - 7 am

Please do NOT start your race vehicles prior to 8 am

No glass bottles, ever!

Woodburn Dragstrip is an O.L.C.C.  Licensed Facility, and All Alcohol must be purchased on premises!

Outside Alcohol may be confiscated

In-Ground Fires are NOT Permitted. 

Dogs must always be on a 6-foot leash.

No one under 16 may drive on any wheels (bikes, skateboards, golf carts, mini bikes, etc.).

No motorized vehicles after dark.

Motorhomes with leveling jacks must have 12”x12” plate underneath each jack.

All Trackside Campers: Vehicles/Trailers/Canopies are required to be 10 feet back from fence (behind the 10 foot burn line)

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Our track dog policy is "no dogs allowed", due to the loud car and jet noises.  We have had animals break free and the track is on a busy highway where they could run and get hit.  Having said that, we do understand that with the convenience of motorhomes and campers, it is hard not to bring your animals with you on a long weekend.  Your dog(s) will be allowed to stay in your camp space/pit area as long as they are on a 6-foot lease.  If you leave your area, we ask that your animals are not left unattended outside and are instead placed safely inside.  We also ask that you keep a tight rein on your animals or place them inside your Camper,  Motorhome, Trailer, etc., when the loud nitro cars and jets race, as they make break loose.

The animal’s safety comes first! 

If you plan on leaving your animal in your vehicle, you need to leave it home.

It is against Oregon State** and Woodburn Dragstrip’s Policy to keep any animals in your car unattended. 

f it happens and the office is notified, we will make several announcements to locate you and get you back to your vehicle.  If you do not return to your vehicle, we will (allowed by Oregon law), break your window to get the animal out. 

**On June 22, 2022, a new Oregon law took effect that expanded protection for children and pets left alone in vehicles.  The law shields members of the public from damages if they break into a car to save the life of a pet or child.