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Co-Sponsorship of a Major Event

Title Rights Sponsorship of a Special Event

ET Series Single event sponsorship (Includes tickets & (1) 4’X8’ Trackside Sign)



Ad on 150,000 schedules (Full Color Ad 3 3/8” wide x 2 5/8” tall)



Trackside Sign – 4′ X 8′*

Trackside Sign – 4′ X 16′ or (2) 4’ X 8’*

Starting Line Signs – (2) 2′ X 8′*

Tower Sign – 4′ X 8’*

Tower Sign – 4′ X 16’*

Corporate Sign – 4′ X 16′*

This two-sided sign reaches 25′ into the air right behind the grandstands.
(2 year contract)

Scoreboard Sign – 6′ X 16′*

(3 year contract)

Racers and spectators view the electronic signs before every pair of race cars leave the starting line, as they display the national index or dial-in of each car.  After the race cars cross the finish line their speed and elapsed times are automatically displayed. Your company’s name or logo will appear on one 6′ X 16′ panel.  In addition, each lane sponsor’s name will be printed on every timeslip along with being announced over the public address system.


* All cost for sign construction are the responsibility of the advertiser.  Average cost for a 4’ X 8’ sign is $150.

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