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Beautiful Weather Makes For A Great Day Of Racing On Sunday, June 2nd

It was a grand day to be a drag racer on June 2nd as racing was held in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, Napa Auto Parts Jr Drag Racing Series, and Pick-Up Series.  Congratulations are in order for winners, namely Loretta McCool (Super Pro), Steve Kelly (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Dan Stokes (Run Tuff), Jerry Durant Jr (Pick-Up), Kacee Pitts (Jr Fast), Kyler Pitts (Jr Lightning), Conner Rice (Jr Thunder), and Cooper Chun (Jr Tuff).  Family ties were close for the Pitts family as they were able to double up, as well as special congratulations for Cooper Chun who scored his first victory.


In drag racing, consistency is something that everyone strives for.  Not only in the form of a reaction time, but having their car run the same number as consistently as possible.  On some days, consistency seems like a dream, with it being just out of grasp.  For Loretta McCool that dream became a reality Sunday.  Loretta dialed a 9.90 every round, running a 9.909 first round against Mark Pracht, 9.901 second against Al Lyda, 9.904 against Tony McNeal, 9.907 in the semi’s against Bill Bityk, and 9.902 in the final round to take down Danny Wargnier.  Averaging a 9.904 through five rounds of eliminations, Loretta McCool was by far the most consistent racer of the day.  In addition, as she was the point’s leader coming into the day, she ended the day with a 60 point lead over second place Mike McManus.  David Pracht was the winner of the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .019.


Pro bracket competition featured a semi-final round where all three competitors were ’67 Chevrolet Camaros, and the final round featured former National Champion Steve Kelly, and Bill Maness, driving the former National Championship winning car of Kelly.  To make it to the final Kelly had to defeat Rick Sales Sr, Matt Kielman, Dave Bronec, a single and Mike Hansen.  For Maness, the victims were defending Pro Champion Nicholas Shepherd, Tony Price, Ryan Schaefer, and David Chun Jr before earning the single.  In the final, Kelly jumped to an advantage by .03, and never trailed to score the victory.  Mike Hansen made the best of his A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points win by going to the semi-final round, before being defeated by Kelly.


In the Sportsman category, it was same story different week as Derrick Jackson claimed his second victory in row.  To make it into the final round, Jackson downed Rene Crunelle, Garry Heinrich, and Ramon Cooper before earning the single.  On the other side of the ladder, Marty Arrigotti made an appearance in the final round by defeating Jamie Ladd, a single, Jim Lamkin, and Michael McFadden.  In the final round, Derrick Jackson had a starting line advantage of .015 (.043 to .058) and never looked back running a 12.729 on his 12.71 dial-in.  Robert Glafka was the driver who earned the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with his .056 package.


In the Run Tuff category, Dan Stokes took down Gary Wargnier in the final round by virtue of a starting line advantage. Casey Allum was the lone semi-finalist.


The Pick-Up Series is a category which features trucks or vehicles on truck bodies, such as Suburbans.  Jerry Durant Jr’s journey to the final round took him through racers Mike Powell, Derek Shoepe, and Mike Grady, whereas his competitor in the final, Dell King, raced off against Mike Warnock, Rene Crunelle, and Tim McDaniel.  In the final round, Durant Jr had a starting line advantage of over two tenths of a second and never looked back, taking the comfortable win.


In the Jr Fast category, featuring drivers age 13-17, the day started with Kacee Pitts and Cheyanne Helvey being tied for the lead…fitting that those two would meet up in the final round correct?  Kacee Pitts downed racers Ashley Thompson, a single and Carson Wheeler to make it into the final.  For Helvey; Kaylen Pedro, Dustin Day and a single were her victims.  In the final round after almost identical reaction times, Helvey broke out by .011 to give the win to Pitts.  Kacee now has a 20 point lead over the field.


Jr Lightning was a battle between two of the powerhouses: last year’s Division 6 ET Finals Jr Thunder Champion Kyler Pitts, and runaway points leader Austin Varner.  To make it into the final, the number one qualifier Pitts downed Adam Lint before earning the single.  For Varner, Josh McMyne and Katie Day were the opponents.  In the final round, Pitts had a starting line advantage of .022 and proceeded to run his number 9.277 on the 9.27 dial, earning the victory alongside his sister.


Jr Thunder competition consisted of a pair of the Race Cars for Kids experts, in the form of Conner Rice and Ramon Vincent.  Rice’s trip to the finals came over a single he had in the first round for being number one qualifier with a .018 light, then defeating Rilynn Saucy and Nicholas Karr.  For Vincent, Dylan Hough, Alisha Miller and a single were his keys to victory.  In the final round, Conner Rice launched off the starting line with a .076 reaction time to gain the easy victory over Vincent.


In the Jr Tuff category, Cooper Chun had a stellar .020 reaction time start over Kaylen Pedro, and never looked back to take the win. John McMyne was the lone semi-finalist.


Listed are the final round results, in order of Driver name, hometown, (vehicle type),  [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Super Pro
W: Loretta McCool, Sublimity OR (’37 Ford) [.069] 9.902, 142.45 (9.90 dial).
R/U: Danny Wargnier, Keizer OR (’08 GTO) [.016] 7.877, 174.41 (7.88 dial).
Semi’s: Bill Bityk, Salem OR; Billy Taylor, Kelso WA.

W: Steve Kelly, Vancouver WA (’67 Camaro) [.032] 10.505, 120.77 (10.52 dial).
R/U: Bill Maness, Vancouver WA (’67 Camaro) [.062] 10.217, 120.43 (10.24 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Hansen, Aurora OR.

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.043] 12.729, 101.70 (12.71 dial).
R/U: Marty Arrigotti, Portland OR (’64 Catalina) [.058] 12.892, 105.95 (12.87 dial).
Semi’s: Michael McFadden, Damascus OR.

Run Tuff
W: Dan Stokes, Albany OR (’65 Sattelite) [.007] 10.362, 122.01 (10.31 dial).
R/U: Gary Wargnier, Keizer OR (’67 Chevelle) [.120] 9.311, 143.06 (9.33 dial).
Semi’s: Casey Allum, Camas WA.

W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge) [.027] 13.897, 84.23 (13.77 dial).
R/U: Dell King, Beavercreek OR (’63 Chevy) [.260] 13.815, 97.57 (13.80 dial).
Semi’s: Tim McDaniel, Lebanon OR; Mike Grady, Portland OR.

Jr Fast
W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Half Scale) [.028] 7.919, 79.66 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Cheyanne Helvey, Milwaukie OR (’09 Eickmann) [.034] 9.629, 68.36 (9.64 dial).
Semi’s: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Eickmann) [.134] 9.277, 70.55 (9.27 dial).
R/U: Austin Varner, Astoria OR (’05 Akron) [.166] 8.913, 73.33 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Katie Day, Estacada OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’04 Akron) [.076] 10.608, 59.68 (10.47 dial).
R/U: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Akron) [.303] 13.429, 47.95 (13.28 dial).
Semi’s: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA (’99 Spitzer) [.020] 14.002, 50.71 (13.70 dial).
R/U: Kaylen Pedro, Scappoose, OR [.597] 7.946, 82.37 (7.94 dial).
Semi’s: Josh McMyne, Salem, OR.

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