Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon


The 42nd Annual Sunbelt Rentals Rose Festival Drags was rained out on Saturday, June 10th, but Mother Nature decided to give us a dry track on Sunday, June 11th.  With over 150 cars from ground pounding Jet Cars, ¼ mile burn-out NW BB/Funny Cars, Pro Nostalgia, Outlaw 10.5 to Dragster/Roadster, Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and ET Motorcycles in attendance, we were able to get the event completed. 

Here are some highlights from Sunday:  In the Jet Cars it was Richard Smith in the Warped Speed who took the win over Derek Snelson in the War Hawk when Smith ran an ET of 5.905 at 271.24 mph over Snelson’s ET of 6.263 at 256.11 mph.  With 9 Nostalgia Alcohol BB/Funny Cars in attendance and a couple of them performing the crowd favorite 1/4 mile burnouts, all were racing Chicago-style (whoever gets closest to the target ET of 6.70 wins).  In the finals, it was Stephanie Parker and Ron ‘Tiki’ Huegli.  Tiki had a .026 reaction time to Parker’s .150, but at the finish, it was Parker who ran 6.642 at 209.20 mph to Tiki’s 6.762 at 208.47 mph.  Parker took the win by 4 thousandths of a second.  In an exciting Pro Nostalgia final, it was Paul New who took the win over Marc Pruett.  Outlaw 10.5 had a 13-car field, and it was Eric Halverson who took the win when his opponent, Cliff Dwy, broke.  In Dragster/Roadster, it was Jeff Lewis and Steve Canton going head to head starting with identical reaction times of .027.  Lewis took the win over Canton when he ran a 9.286 on hi 9.24 dial to Canton’s 9.232 on his 9.18 dial.  In Super Pro: It was Dave Sattem and Stephanie Nass who went to the finals where Nass had a .014 reaction time over Sattem’s .029, but it wasn’t enough to take the win.  At the finish, Sattem ran 8.049 on his 8.02 dial over Nass’s 8.078 on her 8.01 dial to take the win.  After this event, the top 7 points leaders are: Stephanie Nass 510, Dennis Weddle 480, Dave Sattem 380, Gary Wargnier 370, Gary Palmateer 360, Danny Wargnier and Kurt Gross are tied with 350 points.  In Pro: With 35 cars in the Pro class, it was David Bronec who battled through 5 rounds of competition to take the win over Charlie Dickinson.  In the finals, Dickinson turned on the dreaded red light by -.051, and the win went to Bronec who ran and ET 9.874 on his 9.85 dial at 134.64 mph.  In Sportsman: Dawn Dietrich and Earl Eberly eliminated 4 rounds of contenders to reach the finals.  In the finals, both drivers broke out with Dietrich running a 12.311 on her 12.32 dial against Eberly’s run of 11.988 on his 12.00 dial, giving the win to Dietrich.  In ET Motorcycle: the finals came down to Ted Brown (2016 Champion) and Gene Hegle on dueling Kawasaki’s. In the finals, Brown almost had perfect light of .001 and ran 9.543 on his 9.50 dial to Hegle’s 8.289 on his 8.20 dial, to take the win. In the Run Tuff class, it was Dean Tabert and Bart Sowa in the finals.  Tabert took the win when both drivers turned on the dreaded red light: Tabert by .009 and Sowa by -.081, giving the win to Tabert.

The A-1 Performance Trans & Converters Package for Points Winners are:
Super Pro: Dave Sattem, Camas, WA, in his ’33 Willys, with a .020 Package
Pro:  Dean Tabert, Tigard, OR, in his ’69 Nova, with a .008 Package
Sportsman: Margaret Sweo, Oregon City, OR, in her ’67 Mustang, with a .015 Package
Motorcycle: Leroy Hansen, Washougal, WA, in his ’06 Hayabusa, with a .019 Package

Please see the final round results below (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour).

Winner:  Paul New, Boring, OR, ’05 FED, .042 R/T, 6.80 dial, 7.026 ET, 173.04 mph
Runner-up:  Marc Pruett, Vancouver, WA, ’23 Ford T, .023 R/T, 7.83 dial, 10.302 ET, 104.26 mph
Semi’s: Mark Sundstrom, Aberdeen, WA, and Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR

OUTLAW 10.5:
Winner:  Eric Halverson, Castle Rock, WA, ’70 Camaro, 1.167 R/T, 12.849 ET, 55.59 mph
Runner-up:  Cliff Dwy, Madras, OR, ’67 Nova, Broke
Semi’s: Greg Hindman, Vancouver, WA, and Frank Acosta, Portland, OR

Winner:  Jeff Lewis, Keizer, OR, ’23 Roadster, .027 R/T, 9.24 dial, 9.286 ET, 140.36 mph
Runner-up:  Steve Canton, Boring, OR, ’48 Fiat Altered, .027 R/T, 9.18 dial, 9.232 ET, 143.44 mph
Semi’s: James lee, Milwaukie, OR

Winner:  Dave Sattem, Camas, WA, ’33 Willys, .029 R/T, 8.02 dial, 8.049 ET, 166.14 mph
Runner-up:  Stephanie Nass, Canby, OR, ’01 Undercover, .014 R/T, 8.01 dial, 8.078 ET, 163.10 mph
Semi’s: Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR

Winner: David Bronec, Hubbard, OR, ‘723 Nova, .063 R/T, 9.85 dial, 9.874 ET, 134.64 mph
Runner-up:  Charlie Dickinson, Vancouver, WA, ’64 Chevy, -.051 R/T, 11.01 dial, 11.010 ET, 119.15 mph
Semi’s: Alan Snyder, Cornelius, OR, and Casey Allum, Camas, WA

Winner:  Dawn Dietrich, Battle Ground, WA, ’39 Chevy, .030 R/T, 12.32 dial, 12.311 ET, 106.62 mph
Runner-up:  Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR, ’88 Chevy S10, .042 R/T, 12.00 dial, 11.988 ET, 108.64 mph
Semi’s: Jerry Biscay, Toledo, WA, and Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, OR

Winner:  Ted Brown, Beaverton, OR, ’09 Kawasaki, .001 R/T, 9.50 dial, 9.543 ET, 139.36 mph
Runner-up:  Gene Hegle, Yakima, WA, ’95 Kawasaki, .019 R/T, 8.20 dial, 8.289 ET, 155.27 mph
Semi’s: William Nitta, Seattle, WA

Winner:  Dean Tabert, Tigard, OR, ’69 Nova, -.009 R/T, 9.09 dial, 9.066 ET, 147.66 mph
Runner-up:  Bart Sowa, Portland, OR, ’72 Chevy, -.081 R/T, 13.90 dial, 13.933 ET, 95.21 mph   
Semi’s: Angelo Palamaris, Albany, OR

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