Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Advanced RV Reserved Trackside Camping Info

Camping Space Diagram


Advanced RV Reserved Trackside Camping spaces are available for $50 per event on a pre-registration basis. For campers who had a spot in the 2013 season, they will have the first chance to re-reserve their spots, available until March 3rd 2014. Then, starting on March 10th, open spots will be filled in order of how they were received. We WILL accept phone, or email orders WITH A VALID CREDIT CARD. The new form has a space for you to indicate your preferences. On the west side (return road), spaces begin at the 660’ mark and continue to the finish line. They begin at West #1 and go to West #32. On the East side (left lane), space East #44 through East #90 are located beginning at the 500’ mark and continuing to just past the finish line. Space #50 is located at mid-track. Space # 67 is located at the 1000′ mark. Space #83 is located at the finish line.