Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Reserved Trackside Camping Info

Camping Space Diagram

Reserved Trackside Camping spaces are available for $50 per event on a pre-registration basis. For campers who had a spot in the 2018 season, they will have the first chance to re-reserve their spots, available until March 1st 2019. Then, open spots will be filled in order of how they were received. We WILL accept phone, or email orders WITH A VALID CREDIT CARD.  The new form has a space for you to indicate your preferences.

On the West side (return road), spaces begin at the 660’ mark and continue to the finish line.  They begin at West #1 and go to West #31. 

On the East side (left lane), space East #43 through East #91 are located beginning at the 500’ mark and continuing to just past the finish line.   On the visual photo: East Space #50 is located at mid-track. Space # 67 is located at the 1000′ mark.  Space #83 is located at the finish line.