Woodburn Dragstrip
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Woodburn, Oregon

Tuesday Tech Question (09/11)

The Tuesday Tech Question is a fun section where prospective technical inspectors or anyone who wants to get a better idea of how to work the NHRA Rulebook can test their knowledge and search abilities. If you have an NHRA Rulebook, try and find the answer to the question in the book before looking down at the answer. If you don’t have a Rulebook but are an NHRA Member, you can download a pdf at nhra.com under ‘Member Benefits’.




What rules would I need to follow to have a video camera mounted inside or outside of my race car while going down the track?

Video Camera Vic



Video Camera Vic,

One camera is permitted, and it may not be intentionally directed at the racer in the other lane without NHRA permission.  Camera must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners.  The camera may not be attached with suction cups, wire ties, hose clamps, etc.  For any camera mounted externally, all mounting brackets, associated fasteners, hardware, etc. from the camera to the vehicle attachment point must be metal; no plastic or nonmetallic components permitted.


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