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Tuesday Tech Question (05/28)

The Tuesday Tech Question is a fun section where prospective technical inspectors, or anyone who wants to get a better idea of how to work the NHRA Rulebooks can test their knowledge and search abilities. If you have an NHRA Rulebook, try and find the answer the the question in the book before looking down at the answer. If you don’t have a Rulebook but are an NHRA Member, you can download a pdf at nhra.com under ‘Member Benefits’.



 My local race track official told me I could not test my torque converter in the staging lanes before I run.  What are the NHRA rules?

 Trans Brake Ted



Trans Brake Ted,

That is correct.  In the 2013 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 38, 9:14 Warm-ups it states “The practice of transbrake testing, converter stalls, line-lock testing, and/or transmission warming is prohibited in all classes, in all areas of the event except in starting-line approach area beyond staging, or unless vehicle is on jackstands.  Non-compliance is grounds for disqualification or such other and/or action as deemed appropriate by NHRA.”


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