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Tuesday Tech Question 7/25/2017

Question:  I had a Technical Inspector tell me that, even though they were dated the same year, my 3.2A/15 fire suit was expired, but my 38.1 head and neck restraint was still legal.  Could you provide me with some more information?
Answer:  A 3.2A/15 and 3.2A/20 suit is considered legal for 5 years.  The date on the suit […]

Tuesday Tech Question 7/18/2017

QUESTION:  I’ve heard that new rules allow me to use the tachometer built-in to my delay box.  Is this rumor true?  If so, are there any other rules I need to keep in mind when using this feature?
ANSWER:  Yes, what you have heard is true.  Racers may now connect their delay box to the ignition system and utilize […]

Tuesday Tech Question 7/11/2017

I have decided to do some racing in your Super Street class this season. My car does not currently have a parachute, but I was told I will need to add one to run Super Street. Is this statement true?
In the Super Street Category, a parachute is mandatory on any car that runs 150 mph […]

Tuesday Tech Question 6/27/2017

 I have an original 2013 ZL-1 Camaro, can I bracket race the car as it is from the factory with no modifications in any way?
For all 2008 OEM model-year and newer unaltered production cars running slower than 9.99 and slower than 135 mph, they do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit […]

Tuesday Tech Question 6/20/2017

Question:  Am I required to have 6-point seat belts in my Top Sportsman car?
Answer:  No, a 6 point driver restraint system is not mandatory for Top Sportsman.

Tuesday Tech Question 6/13/2017

I am finishing up the chassis on my new altered that I plan to debut this season. I would like to install a rear wing, but I would like to know if there are any rules I should be aware of before mounting it to the roll cage.
When mounting a wing to the roll […]

Tuesday Tech Question 6/6/2017

 I am putting the finishing touches on my new AA/AT Competition Eliminator car.  Am I allowed to use a lockup converter in this car?
In Competition eliminator lockup converters are prohibited.  Please refer to Section 12 of the 2017 NHRA Rulebook for more information.

Tuesday Tech Question 5/30/2017

Question:  Are there any specifications that the oil lines on my 2017 Chevrolet Camaro Top Sportsman car must meet prior to competition?
Answer:  All flexible-pressure oil lines, excluding return lines and any line 30 psi or lower in pressure, must pass a minimum 300 psi test for 30 seconds with no indications of separation, weeping, leaking, etc.

Tuesday Tech Question 5/23/2017

I was told by my local technical inspector that my Advanced E.T. Chevy Cobalt is required to have a fire extinguisher system.  I did not think this was the case.  Can you please tell me who is correct?
Your local technical inspector is correct.  A 5-pound, minimum, fire extinguisher system is mandatory on all […]

Tuesday Tech Question 5/16/2017

Can I add a wing to the back of my Super Pro 68 Camaro?
Yes you can.  First off let me state that a wing/airfoil has air flowing above and below the surfaces and a spoiler is attached to the body and air only flows over the top.  So, if you add a wing/airfoil […]