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Tuesday Tech Question 10/17/2017

Question: I have a full-bodied car that I race in Competition Eliminator. Are there any rules as to what window net I have to utilize?
Answer:  All full-bodied cars in Competition Eliminator must be equipped with a window net meeting SFI 27.1. Those window nets must be updated at two-year intervals from the date of manufacture.

Tuesday Tech Question 10/10/2017

Question:  Is there a rule on how the rubber boot mounted carburetor needs to be installed on our Jr Dragster?
Answer:  Yes there is.  Carburetors that are mounted via rubber boots/adapters and clamps must have a secondary mechanical device (bolt, turnbuckle, bracket, etc.) securing the carburetor to the engine/intake manifold.

Tuesday Tech Question – 10/3/2017

Question:  Am I allowed to install a quick-disconnect steering wheel on my Pro E.T. car?
Answer:  Yes you are.  This must be a commercially available quick-disconnect.  Also, the adapter must be welded to the steering shaft.

Tuesday Tech Question – 9/26/2017

Question:  I have a flexible automatic transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 in my Top Sportsman car.  Could you tell me when it expires and will need to be recertified?
Answer:  A flexible automatic transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 must be recertified every two years. 

Tuesday Tech Question – 9/19/2017

Question: I recently purchased a car that utilizes a manual transmission. The floor around the transmission seems to have a lot of open area. Is this something that I need to correct prior to attending my first event with the car?
Answer: Yes it is. We require all openings in the driver’s compartment around linkages, lines, […]


Question:  Do you have any specifications on what hardware is used to hold the body panels on my dragster?
Answer:  Yes we do! All self-locking fastener buttons must be metallic.  They may also be any color on their face, but the must be WHITE or SILVER ONLY under the face.  This rule applies to ALL cars in ALL […]

Tuesday Tech Question – 9/5/2017

QUESTION:  I have a 34 Ford with a roll bar that runs mid 11’s.  I was told that my short back bucket seats are properly supported by the cross bar behind the seat but I still need a head protector.  Is this correct?
ANSWER:  That is correct.  In any car where a roll bar or roll cage is installed, […]


Question:  Is my Super Comp dragster required to have a rear wing?  I know it is required in Top Dragster, but I am unsure about the rule for Super Comp.
Answer:  You are not required to have a wing on a Super Comp car.  In Top Dragster, all cars running in excess of 200 MPH are required to […]

Tuesday Tech Question 8/22/2017

QUESTION: I am getting together a new Competition Eliminator car that I plan to run in C/D. My hopes are that the car will run in the 6.8 second range at over 200 mph. Will I only need one parachute?
ANSWER: That is not correct. Dual parachutes are required on all […]

Tuesday Tech Question 8/8/2017

QUESTION: Are there any requirements as to how the floor needs to be mounted in my daughter’s Jr. Dragster?
ANSWER: Yes there are. The floor must be mounted on top of the lower frame-rail cross braces. Additionally, the floor must extend from the driver’s seat forward to 6 inches past the pedals.