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Question:  I’m installing a fuel cell in the trunk of my Pro ET car.  If I use an aluminum fuel cell will I still need to run a ground wire to it?
Answer:  The 2018 NHRA Rulebook in the General Regulations section 21, page 4, 1:5 Fuel Systems, Tanks: the last sentence states “Nonmetallic fuel cells or tanks must be […]


Question:  I’m finishing my Top Dragster and when I take it out it should run 7.0 @ 190 mph.  My racing buddies said I’m good with a single parachute and without a head & neck restraint for now.  When would dual chutes and a head & neck restraint be required?
Answer:  When looking at the 2018 NHRA Rulebook the Top […]


Question:  I’m in the process of installing a diesel engine in a 1972 Chevy ½ ton truck that I would like to run in Super Street.  Is it true that I can run nitrous oxide?
Answer:  You are correct.  You can run nitrous oxide in any of the three “Super” categories if you run a diesel-turbocharged engine.  Nitrous oxide is not allowed in […]


Question:  I have a Super Pro Dragster that I recently purchased and I’m getting it ready to race at my local NHRA track.  Looking at the ignition box it has an MSD 7531 is this legal?
Answer:  No, in the 2018 NHRA Rulebook, Section 21, page 37, ignition, it reads ”The use of any programmable multi-point rev limiter and or a rate of acceleration rpm limiter, […]


Question:  I have just changed the transmission in my Super Comp dragster to a high-gear transbrake system.  Do I need to change my transbrake button to a different style?
Answer:  In the 2018 NHRA Rulebook section 8, page 3 Transmission, it reads “Transmission that can utilize a high-gear transbrake must be supported by the use of two momentary buttons (one to arm […]


Question:  My Super Pro car runs 9.50 @ 144 mph in the 1/4-mile and my local NHRA Tech Inspector said I would need to have a parachute on my car before I could come back and run again.  He said if you run quicker than 9.99 you need a parachute.  Is this correct?
Answer:  Looking in the 2018 NHRA Rulebook […]

Tuesday Tech Question 8/16/2018

Question:  My Sportsman ET car has fairly dark factory tinted windows.  Will I be able to run in that class?
Answer:  In the 2018 NHRA Rulebook in section 4A ET Handicap Racing, page 6, Windshield, Windows  stock-bodied vehicles it reads “Windshield/window tint must meet the applicable state requirements.”  We want the starter and/or starting line crew to be able to look into […]

Tuesday Tech Question 8/7/2018

Question:  I’m planning on my Pro ET car to run low 10’s in the 1/4-mile and I will now need an SFI 4.1 trans. shield. I bought a one year old used SFI 4.1 shield and my racing buddies said it was not legal without lower pan straps. What do I need to make it legal?
Answer:  In […]

Tuesday Tech Question 8/02/2018

Question:  I would like to take my Street Legal 2018 Dodge Demon to my local NHRA track but I do not see any Street Legal rules in the 2018 NHRA Rulebook.  Is there an NHRA Street Legal rules supplement that I can get?
Answer:  Yes, in the 2018 NHRA Rulebook on page XiV near the front you will see under NHRA Drags: Street Legal […]


Question:  I was thinking about replacing the OEM windows in my 1972 Vega Super Pro car.  What requirements must I follow?
Answer:  In the 2018 NHRA Rulebook, section 4A Super Pro, page 6, WINDSHIELD, WINDOWS it reads “May be replaced with shatterproof material, 1/8-inch-minimum thickness.  OEM windshield may not be cut for scoops, carb, etc.  Windshield/window tint must meet applicable state requirements.  Windows […]