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Question:  I have a supercharged front-engine dragster that I run in Top Dragster. Can you tell me what the fire extinguisher system requirements are for my combination?
Answer:  According to the 2017 NHRA Rulebook (Section 6B, page 9) you must have “a minimum 20-pound NHRA-accepted system.” Keep in mind that the “system must be divided with a minimum […]


Question:  The local NHRA Tech Inspector said I need to make my passenger door operative from the outside on my Pro Challenger. Is that true for their track only or all NHRA tracks?
Answer:  That is true for any NHRA member track. You would need to follow the 2017 NHRA Rulebook section 20, page 31, Interior: 6, 6.1 Drivers Compartment. […]


Question:  I am putting a roll bar in my street/strip car so that I am able to meet the safety requirements at the speed I am running. Being a daily driver, can the rear crossbar be bolted in so that I can still have good access to the back seat?
Answer:  No, the cross bar may not be bolted in. […]


Question:  I’m running a low eight second dragster and I would like to use a head and neck restraint system. I was told I would still need to use my neck collar. Is this correct?
Answer:  In the 2017 NHRA Rulebook, section 4A, page 8, it states “If SFI Spec 3.3 neck collar is required and driver opts to […]


Question:  Can I have a momentary cutoff switch in my Jr. Dragster cockpit if I have a separate cutoff toggle switch?
Answer:   Yes you can. In the 2017 NHRA Summit Jr. Drag Racing League Rulebook, page 39, Buttons/Switches, it states, “Entrants are allowed to use a total of two buttons in the cockpit. One of these switches/buttons […]


QUESTION:  I am new to drag racing, and I am currently building a Super Pro Dragster. I was told that the delay box must be NHRA Accepted. How do I find what delay box is legal for my application?
ANSWER:  A full list of all NHRA Accepted products is available on NHRARacer.com. Simply navigate to the site, […]

Tuesday Tech Question 11/7/2017

Question:  My son’s Jr. Dragster has suspension in both the front and rear of the car. Are there any rules regarding how much travel the car can have?
Answer:  In the 2017 NHRA Summit Jr. Drag Racing League Rulebook, page 34, Suspension, it states, “Suspension permitted; maximum upward suspension travel 2 inches.”

Tuesday Tech Question 10/31/2017

Question:  I am changing my Top Dragster over to a dry sump oil system.  I am getting ready to fit the appropriate oil lines.  I heard that these lines have to be tested.  Could you please explain?
Answer:  You are correct; some of these new lines will need to be tested.  All flexible-pressure oil lines that will be subject to pressures greater than […]

Tuesday Tech Question – 10/24/2017

Question:  I recently purchased a supercharged rear-engine dragster that I will be bracket racing at my local track.  The car should run in the low 7 to high 6 second range.  Could you please tell me what type of helmet I will need?
Answer:  For the car you described, you will need to wear a full-face Snell 2010 or 2015 […]

Tuesday Tech Question 10/17/2017

Question: I have a full-bodied car that I race in Competition Eliminator. Are there any rules as to what window net I have to utilize?
Answer:  All full-bodied cars in Competition Eliminator must be equipped with a window net meeting SFI 27.1. Those window nets must be updated at two-year intervals from the date of manufacture.