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Tuesday Tech Question 12/07/16

QUESTION:   I have a Pro ET 1985 Camaro that has an OEM floor and firewall and runs 10.80 with a rollbar.  This winter I would like to stiffen the car up by making it into a complete roll-cage and it should run in the low 10’s.  In reading the 2016 NHRA Rulebook I see if […]

Tuesday Tech Question 10/25/2016

I’m going to update my Pro/Sportsman ET car from stock OEM seat belts to new SFI 16.1 seat belts and was looking where I can find some type of mounting illustration
General Regulations Section 20 page 42 of the 2016 NHRA Rulebook,has an illustration of the mounting requirements for the Driver Restraint Systems.

Tuesday Tech Question 10/18/2016

My Pro ET car has a high front end; can I add a beam breaker to the bumper?
General Regulations section 20 Page 19 of the 2016 NHRA Rulebook has wording on beam breakers in the Ground Clearance section.  “Unless otherwise permitted by Class Requirements, the installation of a “beam breaker” in front of the body is […]

Tuesday Tech Question 10/11/2016

Can I paint the face of my Dzus button fasteners to match my car?
General Regulations section 20 Page 19 of the 2016 NHRA Rulebook has wording on fastener buttons.  “All self-locking fastener buttons must be metallic.  All self-locking fastener buttons may be painted any color on their face, but must be WHITE or SILVER ONLY under […]

Tuesday Tech Question 10/04/2016

I am currently putting together a 2010 Camaro to race in SST, SG & ET.  I wanted to get clarification on the rules in regards to using the Drive by Wire throttle system.  I am planning on using the factory pedal which is electronic only.  The pedal will control a factory style Drive by Wire […]

Tuesday Tech Question 9/27/2016

I have a S/Pro Dragster that will be running 7.60 in the 1/4-mile and about 4.80 in the 1/8-mile and want to make sure that I have the correct rollcage padding.  Do I need the SFI Spec 45.1 rollcage padding?
Roll cage padding meeting SFI Spec 45.1 mandatory on any vehicle running 9.99 (*6.39) or quicker. […]

Tuesday Tech Question 09/20/2016

I have a full-bodied, hardtop, Pro E.T car that runs 11.60’s in the 1/4-mile. I have SFI Spec. 16.1 seat belts that are punch-out dated 10/2015. Are they legal for my car?
If the Pro E.T. full-bodied, hardtop car runs slower than 11.49 in the 1/4-mile, than expired SFI Spec. 16.1 seat belts are […]

Tuesday Tech Question 09/13/2016

I am putting a new engine combination together for my Top Dragster. It will be 400 cubic inches in displacement with a screw-type supercharger. I looked in the Top Dragster rules section, but did not see any limit to what overdrive I can run. Does this mean I can run as much […]

Tuesday Tech Question 09/06/2016

What type of ignition system am I allowed to use on my Jr. Dragster?
You must use either a magneto or battery ignition system. When a battery ignition is used, the MSD Small Engine Ignition kits 41500 and 41510 and MSD ignition unit 42231 are the only accepted units for NHRA competition.

Tuesday Tech Question 8/30/2016

I am just finishing up my ’41 Willys Top Sportsman car. I noticed that some cars in the class have beadlock wheels and others do not. What kind of wheels do I need to purchase?
If you plan to run 6.50 or quicker or 210 mph or faster you will need to have SFI […]