Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

A Short Story of Todd Wieglenda, from Kathy Corey

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My Husband Todd Wieglenda lived to race; it was his passion, his drive, his freedom. From back in our younger years it is what tied us together, the love of the machine, and desire to race.

Over 30 years ago, his back was crushed in a rollover accident; the doctors told him he would never sit up on his own again, which meant he would not drive or be independent. He proved them wrong, in so many ways. Have you ever seen a person pick up a transmission with one arm, I have. Have you ever seen a man in a wheelchair build a racecar, I have. He did it with dedication and to perfection, attention to detail and innovation, all while holding down a full time job at our local Walmart. If you raced beside Todd I’m sure you were not paying attention to the fact he was using hand controls, had to have switches and buttons where he could use them while also shifting, steering and braking with his hands. You just raced him and he loved that. It was freedom from everything he dealt with on a daily basis. He put nitrous on Old Orange while we lived in Texas and made hundreds of nitrous runs in the old orange Cuda’. Then we purchased Black Max, and after he was done with that power plant, it was running as fast as the nitrous car.

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Todd passed away June 20th 2017 without making a pass in 2017. His plans are gone, his racing done, but I hope his memory is never gone.

Things I will always remember at the track with Todd ? the good the bad and the stupid…

When we moved back to Oregon in 2007 Todd made a nitrous pass in Old Orange and promptly got us booted off the track, there is no cage in that car. I told him not to do it, but in the back of my mind, I knew exactly what he was going to do. I am sure he knew we were only getting one run that day.

The announcer could never pronounce Todd’s last name correctly Wieglenda (We Glen Dah) winaglenar, wiggle-enda winglender etc.., I remember a few times he used my last name “Todd Corey” LOL , just so it would be pronounced correctly I chuckle every time I think about it. Yes another “not to do” thing.

I remember when we went to finals at Firebird in 2008 the year I hogged up the season, and ended up with a flat tire in the parking lot of the hotel. We bumped into the Stuarts and Steve fixed us up with a tire “thanks!” I lost first round by .002, and yet Todd was proud of the run and we got horse cheering on the rest of the team.

Todd blew the snot out of the rear end of Old Orange at Woodburn once, the Fetters and a bunch of guys pushed the car all the way back to the trailer and up onto it. It must have been pushing 100 degrees that day. That is the racing Family.

I remember Todd frying a chip in the two-step and all of the sudden there were people with several spares, made it to the next round.

Steve Kelly spotted us trying to swap street tires to slicks, with no time to spare and loaned us his cordless impact, saved the day!

Todd’s friends Jack, Don, or Perry came to the track sometimes to race him or just visit. Always made for a special day.

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A few years back Todd was on a roll, he got his timing figured out and was going rounds at the Oldies but Goodies event, even took out a few heavy hitters. I was so very proud of him, considering we have no transbrake. What he was doing was amazing. You are all familiar with foot brake launches, try this with a hand brake, no trans brake, or line lock and let me know how you coordinate. I was trying to video his racing that day Oh my gosh, I was jumping up and down screaming and running around like a spaz… It was a truly great time and spanned 2 weekends as the first was a rain out partway thru the day. He did not win the event, but he was in the semis and that was Awesome.

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There are soo many Todd stories to tell, but these are some of my favorite moments from Woodburn Dragstrip.
Racing will forever be some of my best memories of the life Todd and I shared for so many years.

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