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Mopar Nationals Continues Tradition of Excellence Despite Weathers Attempts

The 30th Annual Mopar Nationals was completed on Sunday, and even though Mother Nature was trying her best to interfere, it was still an event that remains highly attended and leaving everyone involved with smiles. Nobody’s smiles were quite as wide as those who claimed victories on Sunday, namely Dave Biancalana (Super Pro), Chad Walberg (Pro), Dan Stokes (Sportsman), Jared Carlston (Stick Shift), and Kyle Saucy (Run Tuff). Through thick and thin, rain and sun, the fun of the Mopar Nationals is one that will always carry in the air.

In the Super Pro category, David Biancalana claimed the victory. Like in 2014, Biancalana waded his way through the field before finding his way into the finals. Unfortunately, final round opponent Tom DeBartolo suffered an engine detonation the round before, and would not be able to complete the side by side race. Biancalana laid out a soft quarter mile pass to earn the victory. Forest Fincher was the lone semi-finalist.

Pro bracket’s finals came down to Chad Walberg and Dave Wicken to fight for the glory. Walberg’s Roadrunner, which might as well of had the dial-in made with vinyl considering he never changed it, defeated ‘Right-Lane’ Robert Rhines, Andy Harris, Bruce Wallace, and Dan Ridgley to reach the finals. In that last round, the race was over before it even began when Wicken turned on the red light, ending his chances at a win immediately. Martha Brett and Ridgley were the semi-final finishers.

For the Sportsman class, it was a final round showdown between Dan Stokes and Steve Neel. Stokes, racing his trusty ’64 Polara, downed Karen Kalsch, Richard Bjerklund, Stephen Mihalisko, Ramon Cooper, and number one qualifier Jim Fox on his way to the finals. In that final round, Stokes left with the reaction time advantage and needed it all the way, winning on a holeshot (.062 off 12.202 versus a .049 off 12.529 for Neel). Fox and Derrick Jackson were the semi-finalist.

Jared Carlston and Keith Leisser blasted their way into the final round of racing in the ever-popular Stick Shift class, facing off against each other in an intense finals. Carlston cut his teeth against Dwayne Howard, Robert Watts, and Nick Livengood, while Leisser eliminated Chris Sass, Herschel Gates, and Rick Livengood. In the finals, Carlston’s ‘White Lightning’ Neon left with the reaction time advantage and slammed gears all the way into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle, running a 15.573 at 88.66mph on his 15.35 dial.

In Run Tuff, Kyle Saucy continued to show that even ‘retired’ racers can still do good, blasting through six rounds of racing to claim victory against Matt Ross, who’s ’64 Polara broke out at the finish line. It should be noted that Saucy’s worst reaction time of Run Tuff was a stellar .053, showcasing his obvious talents behind the wheel of the ’68 Valiant.

Super Pro
W: David Biancalana, Spingfield OR (’70 Cuda) [.458] 25.249, 45.08 (8.41 dial).
R/U: Tom DeBartolo, Salt Lake City UT (’69 Dart GT) – broke.
Semi’s: Forest Fincher, Pasco WA.

W: Chad Walberg, Junction City OR (’69 Roadrunner) [.071] 10.751, 115.16 (10.66 dial).
R/U: Dave Wicken, Marysville WA (’72 Cuda) [-.022] 11.611, 115.75 (11.61 dial).
Semi’s: Martha Brett, Brush Prairie WA; Dan Ridgley, Pasco WA.

W: Dan Stokes, Albany OR (’64 Polara) [.026] 12.202, 106.20 (12.14 dial).
R/U: Steve Neel, Everett WA (’73 Plymouth) [.050] 12.529, 107.23 (12.48 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Fox, Oakland OR; Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR.

Stick Shift
W: Jared Carlston, Portland OR (’98 Neon) [.126] 15.573, 88.66 (15.35 dial).
R/U: Keith Leisser, Graham WA (’11 Challenger) [.196] 13.785, 96.50 (13.50 dial).
Semi’s: Nick Livengood, Portland OR; Rick Livengood, Portland OR.

Run Tuff
W: Kyle Saucy, Beavercreek OR (’68 Valiant) [.047] 10.836, 122.10 (10.84 dial).
R/U: Matt Ross, Vancouver WA (’64 Polara) [.076] 17.846, 75.89 (17.99 dial).
Semi’s: Cameron Bullard, Graham WA.

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