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Kenny Jones Claims Big Rig King of the Valley Two Years in a Row

Kenny Jones, out of Wilbur OR., claimed the Lucas Oil Big Rig King of the Valley award for the second year in a row, beating out all who stood in his path in the semi-truck division of the race day.  Scott McElroy, Eric Anderson, and Larry Brown were the other winners in the Big Rig class, joining Mike Grady (Hot Truck), John Floyd Jr (Pickup), Al Schroeder (4×4 Gas), Jef Dempsey (4×4 Diesel), and Dennis George Jr (Run Tuff) on the winner’s stage.  With beautiful blue skies, and a lively crowd, the 37th running of the Lucas Oil Products Thunder Truck Drags is one that everyone is sure to have enjoyed.

The Big Rig Diesel class, which was split into three separate categories, saw a multitude of winners in each division.  The first set of final rounds, run between Kenny Jones and Greg Meeuwsen, saw Jones claim victory via a red-light start for Meeuwsen’s ’12 Peterbuilt.  In the next division, it was Scott McElroy taking down John Goodell’s 1956 Autocar via McElroy’s 20.930 on his 20.60 dial-in.  The last set of semis run of the over 40 in attendance was between Eric Andersen and Randy Myers, with the win going to Anderson on a near-perfect 15.827, missing the 15.80 dial-in by .027.  For the King of the Valley to be decided, we then took those three winners and ran them off in a special eliminator bracket, which showcased Jones and McElroy in the finals.  With the diesel smoke fuming out the exhaust pipes,  Jones and McElroy were neck and neck the entire quarter mile before Jones was able to sneak out the narrow victory, running a 20.019 on his 20.00 dial-in to claim his second straight King of the Valley championship!   The Big Rig second chance class, run for all first round losers, showcased Larry Brown taking down Buckshot Hobgood in the finals, after Hobgood was a bit too antsy off the line, red-lightning by -.128.

The Hot Truck class, set for all pickups running 13.99 and quicker, featured Mike Grady and Steve Sherman in the finals.  Grady, out of Portland, eliminated Brian Nelson, Tony Bombara, Don Hepner, and a competition single to reach the finals. In that final round, the race was over before it even began as Sherman turned on the red light by .027, and Mike Grady claimed victory. Brett Sowa was the number one qualifier with a .017.

The 4×4 Gas class was run to completion with Albert Schroeder and Darin Dixon in the final round.  Schroeder, running in his ’79 F150, eliminated Jon Hodgkins and Maci Shelton before earning the semi-final round single.  In the finals, against Dixon, the win light went for Schroeder, who parlayed a .08 reaction time advantage into a victory, running a 16.815 on his 16.55 dial.  Tyler Kirk was the number one qualifier with a .020.

For the 4×4 Diesel class, the final round showdown was between Jef Dempsey and Jay Hindman.  Dempsey, from Springfield OR, earlier eliminated Josh Gwynn, Adam Claussen, and Dan Wills to reach the final round of elimination.  In the money round, Dempsey left with a .078 to .117 reaction time advantage, and never looked back running a 14.363 on his 14.30 dial to claim the win.  Jeff Poleski was the number one qualifier.

In the Run Tuff category, Dennis George Jr made his first trip into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winners Circle for the 2015 season, eliminating Source Automotive’s Bill Allen in the finals.  George Jr left with the reaction time advantage, a .078 to a slower .107, before running a 12.109 on his 12.04 dial-in to earn the victory by a mere .009—nine THOUSANDTHS of a second! Harry Harvey was the lone semi-finalist.

You can view pictures from today’s event by clicking on THIS link.

Listed below are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/model) [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

King of the Valley
W: Kenny Jones, Wilbur OR (’07 Peterbuilt) [.367] 20.019, 70.49 (20.00 dial).
R/U: Scott McElroy, Waldport OR (’13 Kenworth) [.439] 20.643, 66.99 (20.60 dial).
Semi’s: Eric Anderson, Port Angeles WA.

Big Rig A
W: Kenny Jones, Wilbur OR (’07 Peterbuilt) [.211] 19.767, 65.60 (20.00 dial).
R/U: Greg Meeuwsen, Forest Grove OR (’12 Peterbuilt) [-.081] 21.706, 66.18 (18.50 dial).

Big Rig B
W: Scott McElroy, Waldport OR (’13 Kenworth) [.348] 20.930, 60.50 (20.60 dial).
R/U: John Goodell, Philomath OR (’56 Autocar) [.334] 29.477, 45.66 (28.20 dial).

Big Rig C
W: Eric Anderson, Port Angeles WA (’77 Model A 900) [.261] 15.827, 78.99 (15.80 dial).
R/U: Randy Meyers, Creswell OR (’14 Kenworth) [.200] 19.305, 75.62 (18.80 dial).

Big Rig Consolation
W: Larry Brown, Harrisburg OR (’00 Peterbuilt) [.318] 17.843, 79.65 (18.00 dial).
R/U: Buckshot Hobgood, Sandy OR (’03 Kenworth) [-.128] 18.425, 73.55 (18.40 dial).
Semi’s: La-Vern Fletcher, Estacada OR.

Hot Truck
W: Mike Grady, Portland OR (’67 Chevy) [.045] 11.637, 111.64 (11.67 dial).
R/U: Steve Sherman, Beavercreek OR (’88 S10) [-.027] 19.508, 62.90 (11.58 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Jobe, Oakland OR.

W: John Floyd Jr, Gresham OR (’02 Silverado) [.071] 21.663, 49.49 (15.10 dial).
R/U: Brett Sowa, Sandy OR (’77 Chevy) [-.004] 15.187, 91.40 (14.70 dial).
Semi’s: Bart Sowa, Portland OR.

4×4 Gas
W: Albert Schroeder, Molalla OR (’79 F150) [.136] 16.815, 75.91 (16.55 dial).
R/U: Darin Dixon, Lebanon OR (’68 Chevy) [.217] 17.308, 74.14 (16.98 dial).
Semi’s: Maci Shelton, Vancouver WA; Tyler Kirk, Molalla OR.

4×4 Diesel
W: Jef Dempsey, Springfield OR (’04 F250) [.078] 14.363, 91.34 (14.30 dial).
R/U: Jay Hindman, Portland OR (’13 Silverado) [.117] 14.556, 89.84 (14.57 dial).
Semi’s: Dan Willis, Molalla OR.

Run Tuff
W: Dennis George Jr, Sandy OR (’80 Dodge) [.078] 12.109, 104.83 (12.04 dial).
R/U: Bill Allen, Vancouver WA (’07 Dodge) [.107] 11.849, 112.79 (11.80 dial).
Semi’s: Harry Harvey, Bingen WA.

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