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Hillyers Mid-City/Stayton Ford Fever Classic Completed Under Beautiful Blue Skies

After 18 years, the Hillyers Mid-City/Stayton Ford Fever Classic is still one of the greater populated events—including such attractions as swap meet and car show beauties on top of the excellent drag racing atmosphere.  Through the racing events, wins were claimed for Gary Ericksen (Super Pro), Alan Ross (Pro), George Churilla (Sportsman), Steve Battle (Super Shifter), and Rick Norrington (Run Tuff).  Car Show, Swap Meet, and Drag racing photos are available at this time on our official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/woodburndragstrip).

Super Pro eliminations featured a final round showdown between Gary Ericksen and Cliff Mansfield.  Both drivers clean and green off the tree, it was Ericksen’s ’69 Mustang that hung a nose over the front of Mansfield’s hard-charging ’73 F100 to secure the win.  At the finish line, Ericksen nabbed it via a holeshot, running an 11.665 on his 11.59 dial to Mansfield’s closer but losing 9.997 on the 9.96. Mansfield was also the number one qualifier with a .000 perfect reaction time start, earning him a t-shirt and two decals, courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the suppliers of Goodyear/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Race Tires.

Alan Ross and Pat Figini faced off in the final round in the Pro category.  Interesting to note is that these two drivers were the number one and number two qualifier to start the day.  Ross defeated Tony Starkweather, Al Sallie, Greg Gifford, and Jerry Biscay to face off alongside Figini in the finals.  In the money round, the race was over before it even began when Figini left with a -.015 red light start, meaning that ‘Show Me the Money’ Alan Ross would claim the victory.  Figini’s .010 reaction time is what earned him the number one qualifier position.

In the Sportsman class, the final round was between the Ranchero of George Churilla and the Torino of Robert Glafka.  Churilla’s Ranchero, which had experienced a small electrical fire the day prior, took round wins against Criss Bensching, Dale Hagenauer, Rick Ropar, and Gilbert Funderburg.  With a pair of heavy hitters in the finals, a great match was set up—and a great one it was!  Churilla left with the .018 reaction time to Glafka’s .041, and with a double-breakout finish the winlight came on for Churilla by just .012.  Churilla was the number one qualifier with a .011 reaction time.

The Super Shifter class came up next with manual shifting monsters doing battle.  And, speaking of a ‘battle’, the final round was between Steve Battle and Mark Kalsch.  Battle eliminated Mark Carrick, Bruce Poppino, and Robert Hamman to earn the semi-final round single, while Kalsch scored wins against Travis Osbon, Jeff Hall, Carolyn Corra, and Steve Erickson.  In the finals, Battle had the reaction time advantage and scored the victory, running a 12.207 on his 12.10 dial.

Run Tuff is a category held for all first round losers, giving everybody an opportunity for another chance at winning a round or two.  Rick Norrington was the racer who claimed victory, taking the final round win over Doug Kirby via a double-breakout finish that was separated by .097.  Norrington’s nasty ’72 Mustang saved his best reaction time for the finals with a .046.  Trevor Osbon was the lone semi-finalist.

Listed below are final round results, in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: Gary Ericksen, Vancouver WA (’69 Mustang) [.015] 11.665, 111.69 (11.59` dial).

R/U: Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR (’73 F100) [.095] 9.997, 131.86 (9.96 dial).
Semi’s: Ron Pappel, Eugene OR.

W: Alan Ross, Estacada OR (’65 Mustang) [.019] 10.573, 126.61 (10.57 dial).

R/U: Pat Figini, Oregon City OR (’69 Mustang) [-.015] 10.257, 129.85 (10.17 dial).
Semi’s: Jerry Biscay, McCleary WA.

W: George Churilla, Oregon City OR (’69 Ranchero) [.018] 11.981, 104.55 (12.00 dial).

R/U: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA (’70 Torino) [.041] 12.189, 109.34 (12.22 dial).
Semi’s: Gilbert Funderburg, Dallas OR; Dan Stokes, Albany OR.

Super Shifter
W: Steve Battle, Stayton OR (’71 Ford) [.195] 12.207, 111.84 (12.10 dial).

R/U: Mark Kalsch, Hillsboro OR (’85 Thunderbird) [.306] 18.629, 75.51 (18.45 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Erickson, Scappoose OR.

Run Tuff
W: Rick Norrington, Oregon City OR (’72 Mustang) [.046] 13.292, 98.66 (13.34 dial).

R/U: Doug Kirby, Coos Bay OR (’70 Falcon) [.059] 12.555, 96.83 (12.70 dial).
Semi’s: Trevor Osbon, Redmond OR.

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