Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

First September Winners Decided Under Brilliant Blue Skies

An exciting first bracket racing day was held Saturday, September 12th with races completed in a variety of bracket categories.  As the day came to an end, winners were claimed in Paul Comeau (Electronics), Rick Sales Sr (Transbrake), Jerry Weber (Foot Brake), Elizabeth Varner (Jr Lightning), Nicholas Karr (Jr Thunder), Jerry Durant III (Pickup), Jay Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Stephanie Biscay (Powderpuff), Kris Allison (Streetcar Syndicate), Shane Ryan (Run Tuff), and Jake Meithof (Jr Tuff).  Make sure to check out our Official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/woodburndragstrip for pictures from today’s events.

For the Electronics class, the final round was between Paul Comeau and Bill Heard.  Comeau, racing off for the first time at Woodburn in his new ’38 Roadster, defeated Guy Mitchell, Justin Budd, and Paul Nero.  After nearly identical reaction times in the finals, Comeau slammed down a 9.399 on his 9.38 dial to secure the win.  Special to note is that in the semi-final round, Comeau leapt with a perfect .000 reaction time start.  Tony McNeal and Paul Nero were the semi-final finishers.  Fred Nicholas was the number one qualifier, also with a .000 reaction time, which earned him a perfect light t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the suppliers of Goodyear, Hoosier, and Mickey Thompson.

Transbrake eliminations were finalized between Rick Sales Sr and Joe Sorensen. Sales Sr, who finished 2nd in the Pro points’ standings, defeated Allen Bayless and Steve Stuart before earning a semi-final round single.  In the finals, Sales Sr left with the reaction time advantage and earned the holeshot victory by just .033.  Steve Canton was the lone semi-finalist, and Stuart earned the number one qualifier award with a .014.

Foot Brake eliminations came down to Jerry Weber and Doug Drader as a pair of pickups pulled up to the ready line.  Weber, who had earlier defeated Robert Glafka, Joe Ernst, a single, and George Churilla, won the final round via a breakout finish for Drader, who ran a 13.392 on his 13.48 dial. Churilla was the lone semi-finalist, and Churilla also earned the number one qualifier award with a .022.

The final round in the World of Speed Fall Jr Lighting class showcased Elizabeth Varner and Conner Rice in the finals.  A battle between your number four and number five qualifier, it was Varner getting the win after Rice red lit away his chances by a slim -.033.  Cole Rose was the lone semi-finalist, and Jake Meithof was the number one qualifier with a .029 reaction time.

World of Speed Fall Jr Thunder competition came down to Nicholas Karr and Ramon Vincent.  Vincent left the line first with the reaction time advantage, but the closer dial-in and the win went to Karr, running a 9.042 on his 9.00 dial-in, taking out two-time defending Jr Storm champ Vincent.  Jayden Bigsby, out of Salem, was the only semi-final finisher, and 2015 Jr Thunder Champ Dylan Hough was the number one qualifier with a .007 reaction time.

In the NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact category, Bernd Arndt and Hoppy Hopkins did battle.  Between these two racers, a total of six Woodburn Dragstrip championships have been earned in their racing history.  In the final round on this pair, it was Arndt getting the win after a stellar .010 reaction time, and running a 12.062 on his 11.99 dial.  Josh Wilson was the only semi-final finisher.

The Pickup category came down to Jerry Durant III and John Floyd Jr as a showdown between two accomplished racers.  Durant III, a multi-time event winner, added another event win to his wall after Floyd Jr turned on the red light by -.003.  Adding insult to injury, Floyd Jr ran a 14.998 on his 14.99 dial.  However, to lighten the wound, Floyd Jr did lock up the championship via his final round appearance.

Racing in the Hole in the Hood category came down to Jay Phillips and Rick Norrington facing off for the final round rewards.  Off the line they left, with the reaction time advantage and the win going for Phillips, running a 10.321 on his 10.30 dial.  The win bumped Phillips into third in the points standings, edging even closer to points leader Steve Canton.  The final Hole in the Hood event is scheduled for October 4th, and will certainly by a do-not-miss event!

In the Powderpuff category, its ladies only drag racing with a final round spectacular between Stephanie Biscay and Chelbi Hageman.  Biscay, who had earlier defeated Christine Danforth and Kourtney Dixon, made it three straight by eliminating Hageman in the finals with a .070 reaction time!  Dixon and Amy Fields were the only semi-finalist, and Fields was also the number one qualifier with a .018 reaction time.

The next class up was Streetcar Syndicate, with the final round being held between Kris Allison and Bret Stevens.  Allison’s trusty ’67 Firebird had earned wins earlier against Tim King and Robert Mumford, and was set for battle in the finals.  However, that excellent final round showing between he and Stevens ended prematurely when Stevens left too soon by -.028, resulting in the loss.

The Run Tuff category is one for racers who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of competition.  Shane Ryan, racing out of the Foot Brake category, defeated Hole in the Hood’s Bob Rea in the finals via a redlight for Rea.  Bill Barron was the lone semi-finalist.  Meanwhile, in the Jr Tuff category, it was Jake Meithof getting the win over Rilynn Saucy, after Meithof’s stellar .009 reaction time.  Ryan Dick and Trevin Walberg made semi-finals appearances in the category.


W: Paul Comeau, Vancouver WA (’38 Roadster) [.033] 9.399, 155.38 (9.38 dial).

R/U: Bill Heard, Portland OR (’80 Pinto) [.032] 9.219, 136.21 (9.19 dial).
Semi’s: Bill/Tony McNeal, Milwaukie OR; Paul Nero, Eugene OR.

W: Rick Sales Sr, Eugene OR (’65 GMC Pickup) [.034] 10.332, 124.58 (10.25 dial).

R/U: Joe Sorensen, Woodburn OR (’69 Camaro) [.123] 10.476, 121.70 (10.45 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Canton, Boring OR.

Foot Brake
W: Jerry Weber, Albany OR (’82 Chevy) [.043] 14.714, 91.37 (14.67 dial).

R/U: Doug Drader, Amity OR (’11 Challenger) [.187] 13.392, 103.46 (13.48 dial).
Semi’s: George Churilla, Oregon City OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Elizabeth Varner, Astoria OR (’06 Dragster) [.165] 8.496, 74.71 (8.51 dial).

R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’07 Dragster) [-.033] 7.966, 83.49 (7.92 dial).
Semi’s: Cole Rose, Battle Ground WA.

Jr Thunder
W: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR (’02 Dragster) [.105] 9.042, 71.58 (9.00 dial).

R/U: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Fluge) [.049] 8.985, 66.34 (9.06 dial).
Semi’s: Jayden Bigsby, Salem OR.

W: Jerry Durant III, Molalla OR (’13 Ram 1500) [.227] 14.676, 91.83 (14.75 dial).

R/U: John Floyd Jr, Gresham OR (’02 Silverado) [-.003] 14.998, 86.60 (14.99 dial).
Semi’s: Tim McDaniel, Lebanon OR; Mike Grady, Portland OR.

Sport Compact
W: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.010] 12.062, 96.40 (11.99 dial).

R/U: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Accord) [.156] 17.641, 78.60 (17.51 dial).
Semi’s: Josh Wilson, Vancouver WA.

Hole in the Hood
W: Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR (’74 Duster) [.061] 10.321, 125.96 (10.30 dial).

R/U: Rick Norrington, Oregon City OR (’72 Mustang) [.260] 13.525, 97.56 (13.63 dial).
Semi’s: Jason Sass, Portland OR; Steve Canton, Boring OR.

W: Stephanie Biscay, McCleary WA (’56 Thunderbird) [.070] 12.282, 95.44 (12.15 dial).

R/U: Chelbi Hageman, Blodgett OR (’65 Satellite) [.323] 14.373, 95.48 (14.30 dial).
Semi’s: Kourtney Dixon, Sweet Home OR; Amy Fields, Tigard OR.

Streetcar Syndicate
W: Kris Allison, Tigard OR (’67 Firebird) [.061] 12.473, 110.37 (12.29 dial).

R/U: Bret Stevens, Tualatin OR (’04 Subaru STI) [-.028] 12.387, 103.42 (11.95 dial).
Semi’s: Jon Heselkrants, Wilsonville OR; Robert Mumford, Oregon City OR.

Run Tuff
W: Shane Ryan, Camas WA (’07 Mustang) [.058] 11.613, 109.55 (11.54 dial).

R/U: Bob Rea, Aumsville OR (’72 Cuda) [-.254] 10.678, 125.99 (10.70 dial).
Semi’s: Bill Barron, Canby OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Jake Meithof, Lafayette OR (’09 Eickmann) [.009] 7.943, 78.52 (7.90 dial).

R/U: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek OR (’06 Dragster) [.187] 9.433, 69.78 (9.37 dial).
Semi’s: Ryan Dick, Astoria OR; Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR.

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