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‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec Scores Win, Assists Woodburn to Claim 17th Team Championship

The word thrilling has never fallen so short of describing the atmosphere surrounding the ending of the NHRA Division 6 Summit ET Finals at Boise, Idaho. As the day was winding to an end, the system of events needed for Team Woodburn to claim their 17th Team Championship was simple enough—just win! Our 60 team members had amassed a grand total of 69 points, with only one racer left to catch home track Team Firebird, who had 71 points. Looking at the remaining amounts of cars, there was one Woodburn racer and two Firebird racers. Since Pro, the class that ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec competes in, was in the semi-final round, there were only two more round wins (and therefore two more points) to be amassed if he were to win. That meant that neither Firebird racer could notch another point to their teams’ total without locking out Woodburn. The first racer, in the Sportsman class, went down in defeat. The second racer, facing off against Bronec in the semis of Pro, also went down in defeat. What remained was one final round of racing to determine which team would win the championship. Looking at the tiebreaker procedures, which are based around that of the JEGS All-Stars, Bronec’s final round win would be enough to not only tie Team Firebird at 71 points a piece, but to also have the tie-breaker in our favor. Suffice to say, that’s exactly what went down in the final round, when Dave Bronec sent a shot heard ‘round the Boise, ID. valley with a .015 overall PACKAGE in the final round—securing Bronec as one of the few racers who can claim winning the ET Finals in back to back years. Combining his efforts and the entirety of Team Woodburn’s heavy hitters, the 2015 NHRA Division 6 Summit ET Finals Team Championship was rightfully earned by the following individuals, listed alphabetically by class and including points earned.

Tom Avgerakis
Matt Claussen
Debbie Dawson (2)
Earl Griffith (3)
Devon Hilton (2)
Al Lyda
Mike McManus (1)
Stephanie Nass (2)
Dan Shepherd (1)
Gary Wargnier (3)
Dennis Weddle

PRO (34)
Jessica Burnett (1)
David Bronec (7)
Mark Dawson (1)
Pat Figini (3)
Mike Hansen
Ted Hill
Steve Kelly (4)
John Maul (2)
Paul Miller (3)
Ron Parks (1)
Kacee Pitts (1)
Tony Price (2)
Rick Robertson
Hollis Runge (2)
Rick Sales Sr (2)
Steve Stuart (4)
Dean Tabert (1)
Eli Taghon

Tony Bombara
Harry Cole (1)
Lee Ennis
Robert Glafka (2)
Lavonne Goodman (2)
Karl Hart (3)
Tracy Herinckx
Derrick Jackson
Billy King (4)
Michael McFadden
Jim Lamkin
Brandon Robinson (1)
Ken Sweo (1)
Jerry Weber
Lori Winberg (1)

Ted Brown (3)
Don DePeel
Mike Graver
Stacy Hesch (2)
Nick Kroske
Shane White (2)

Cody Carnser
Jake McGarry

Ryan Bese
Katie Day (2)
Dylan Hough
AJ Miller
Conner Rice
Austin Varner
Ramon Vincent
Trevin Walberg (1)

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