Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Critical Wins as Penultimate Races in Sunoco ET, Wilson’s NAPA High School, World of Speed Jrs, Volkswagen Series Completed

It was a day full of amazing racing on Saturday July 25th, as wins were awarded in 10 different categories of action!  Individual class wins were marked in favor of Bill Heard (Super Pro), Matt Kielman (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Jerold Mix (High School), Katie Day (Jr Lightning), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), Ramon Vincent (Jr Storm), Hoppy Hopkins (NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact), Tim Roede (LX Club), and Trevin Walberg (Jr Tuff).  In a day scared by rain and mist delays, these drivers came out on top in their respective categories with a resounding bang!  Make sure to visit the Points Standings section on our website at 3pm to view updated points standings. 

The Super Pro category, for vehicles traveling the quarter mile in 7.00 – 11.99 seconds, and permitted to use delay boxes or throttle stops, featured Bill Heard and Steve Laskowske in the finals.  Heard made it into the finals after eliminating Tony McNeal, Stephanie Nass, Devon Hilton, and Tom Avgerakis.  Interesting to note was that Heard’s worst reaction time of the event was a .015 in the second round of eliminations.  In the finals, Heard trimmed the tree again—this time with a .010—to secure the holeshot victory over last year’s Division 6 ET Finals Champion Laskowske.  Nicholas Shepherd, who at this event stepped up from Pro to Super Pro, was the number one qualifier with a .000 reaction time.  In the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points/Pico Wiring Kit, Stephanie Nass claimed victory with a .009 overall run.

Pro bracket, which is for racers with vehicles covering the track in 9.00 – 13.99 seconds and permitted to use a transbrake, had a final round showdown between Matt Kielman and Hollis Runge.  Kielman, in his first Pro final of the season at Woodburn, did so by eliminating Kacee Pitts, Greg Kielman, Morris Harvey, and Steve Kelly to earn the semi-final round single.  Off the starting line in the finals, Kielman leapt with the reaction time advantage (.038 to a .080) and never needed to worry about being caught, running a 10.487 on his 10.45 dial to secure victory.  Dundee, Or. resident Paul Miller locked up the number one qualifier position with a .010 reaction time, and Ron Parks locked down the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points/Lucas Oil Pack with a .035 overall package.

Meanwhile, it was Derrick Jackson and Bill Barron in the final round of the Sportsman category, which is strictly for racers 12.00 seconds and slower utilizing a foot brake launch style.  Jackson, who watched second-in-points Karl Hart get eliminated in round one, went on to defeat Jerry Weber, Lee Ennis, Billy King, Lori Winberg, and Tony Bombara to reach the finals.  With all of Sportsman’s eyes watching closely, Jackson did what he does best: leaving with the reaction time advantage and earning the win via a breakout on Barron’s behalf.  Marty Arrigotti was the number one qualifier with a .002 reaction time, and Jackson slammed the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points/Abbys gift certificate with his .049 overall run. 

In the Wilson’s NAPA High School Series, entering the final round came numbers two and one in the point’s standings with Jerold Mix and Jake McGarry set for battle.  Mix defeated Jimmy Hendrickson and Ashley Thompson to reach the finals, where he then defeated McGarry on a double-breakout finish—margin of victory of only .021 seconds! McGarry was the number one qualifier with a .006 reaction time.

Next up in eliminations was the World of Speed Jr Lighting category, which featured Katie Day and Jake Meithof in the finals.  Day eliminated Austin Varner, a single, and Taylor Toftemark on her way to her SIXTH final round of the season.  In the finals, she left with a slight reaction time advantage (.053 to a .065) and carried it through to a holeshot victory, running a 7.943 on her 7.93 dial.  Nate Greene was the number one qualifier with a .013 reaction time.

With the World of Speed Jr Thunder class, it was Alisha Miller and Conner Rice. Miller, who coming into the race was fighting for her ET Finals life, defeated Nicholas Karr and Issac Woodard to reach the finals, where she won via a .011 to .053 advantage.  Woodard was the number one qualifier with a .032 reaction time.

In the youngest demographic of Juniors, the World of Speed Jr Storm class, it was Ramon Vincent and Ryan Bese facing off in the finals.  Vincent, the number one qualifier, eliminated Duncan Gray and a single to reach the finals.  In the trophy round, Vincent didn’t have the reaction time advantage but did have the car to save him, running a 9.979 on his 9.95 dial.

Ron Cornelison and Don Fritsche faced off in the final round of the Volkswagen class, which is for racers in Volkswagen bodied and powered vehicles.  Cornelison eliminated Eric McKune, Mark Hunt, and Bernd Arndt to head into the last round of eliminations.  With a strong final round setup, the race was over before it even began when Fritsche red lit by -.085, meaning that Cornelison would be the winner in the class.

The NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact series is for import/compact race vehicles. Hoppy Hopkins and Bernd Arndt were lined up in the finals, with Hopkins defeating William Breese and Bud Kuhns to reach the last round.  In the finals, Hopkins left with the reaction time advantage (.093 to a .175) and never looked back, running a 17.572 on his 17.39 dial.

Dings Complete Car Care LX Club, for vehicles made on Chrysler’s LX platform, featured Tim Roede and Steve Neel in the final round of eliminations.  Roede, who earlier eliminated Jennifer Hatcher, Rick Livengood, Emanuel Rivera, and Adam Mellick, sized up his ’09 Challenger RT to Neel’s classic ’73 Duster, which had defeated Troy Travis, Austin Magur, a single, and Daniel Papas.  In the finals, Neel had the reaction time advantage but broke out at the stripe, meaning that the win light would flash on for Roede and the ’09 Challenger.

In the World of Speed Jr Tuff class, it was Trevin Walberg eliminating Jaslyn Bean via a reaction time advantage (.047 to a .067).  Ryan Dick was the lone semi-finalist.

Super Pro
W: Bill Heard, Portland OR (’80 Pinto) [.010] 9.138, 135.23 (9.10 dial).

R/U: Steve Laskowske, Tigard OR (’67 Nova) [.048] 9.922, 154.61 (9.90 dial).
Semi’s: Tom Avgerakis, Newberg OR.

W: Matt Kielman, Vancouver WA (’70 Nova) [.038] 10.487, 123.79 (10.45 dial).

R/U: Hollis Runge, Dallas OR (’74 Nova) [.080] 10.027, 130.64 (10.00 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin OR.

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 Dodge A100) [.064] 12.611, 98.08 (12.57 dial).

R/U: Bill Barron, Canby OR (’12 Mustang) [.097] 14.609, 84.40 (14.69 dial).
Semi’s: Tony Bombara, Sutherlin OR.

High School
W: Jerold Mix, Aumsville OR (’92 Mustang) [.031] 12.229, 109.94 (12.27 dial).

R/U: Jake McGarry, Philomath OR (’73 Nova) [.017] 11.407, 115.36 (11.47 dial).
Semi’s: Ashley Thompson, Camas WA.

Jr Lightning
W: Katie Day, Estacada OR (’07 Dragster) [.053] 7.943, 80.52 (7.93 dial).

R/U: Jake Meithof, Lafayette OR (’09 Eickmann) [.065] 7.903, 82.18 (7.90 dial).
Semi’s: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA.

Jr Thunder
W: AJ Miller, Warren OR (’06 Fluge) [.011] 8.934, 74.84 (8.92 dial).

R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’05 Fluge) [.053] 8.865, 72.38 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Isaac Woodard, Westport OR.

Jr Storm
W: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Fluge) [.136] 9.979, 63.41 (9.95 dial).

R/U: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR (’02 Dragster) [.107] 11.562, 51.99 (11.43 dial).
Semi’s: Kaison Smith, Astoria OR.

W: Ron Cornelison, Corvallis OR (’03 Jetta GTI) [.002] 16.331, 83.16 (16.00 dial).

R/U: Don Fritsche, Portland OR (’92 Corrado) [-.085] 12.800, 108.38 (12.99 dial).
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR.

Sport Compact
W: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Accord) [.093] 17.572, 70.45 (17.39 dial).

R/U: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.175] 14.813, 105.86 (11.73 dial).
Semi’s: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR; Josh Wilson, Vancouver WA.

LX Club
W: Tim Roede, Puyallup WA (’09 Challenger) [.113] 13.163, 106.39 (13.05 dial).

R/U: Steve Neel, Everett WA (’73 Duster) [.010] 12.536, 99.37 (12.58 dial).
Semi’s: Adam Mellick, Hillsboro OR; Daniel Papas, Olympia WA.

Jr Tuff
W: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) [.047] 8.629, 74.80 (8.55 dial).

R/U: Jaslyn Bean, Sumner WA (’10 Creative Chassis) [.067] 12.405, 50.70 (12.25 dial).
Semi’s: Ryan Dick, Astoria OR.

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