Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Championships Claimed in Penultimate 2015 Event

With only one event remaining in the 2015 racing season, all but five championships have been locked up.  This previous Sunday, championships were locked up for the NAPA Import Sport Compact category (Hoppy Hopkins), Hole in the Hood (Steve Canton), and Powderpuff (Stephanie Biscay).  Event wins were claimed for Earl Griffith (Electronics), Scott Davis (Transbrake), Robert Glafka (Foot Brake), Chloe Hofmann (Jr Lightning), Dylan Hough (Jr Thunder), Mark Hunt (Sport Compact), Jay Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Stephanie Biscay (Powderpuff), Mark Pracht (Run Tuff), and Josh Schmanke (Jr Tuff).  With a great car count and response from all racers, it was a fantastic blue sky racing day at the phenomenal Woodburn Dragstrip.


The Electronics category featured a final round between Earl Griffith and Cliff Mansfield to decide the day’s victors.  Griffith, in the V.360 Camera sponsored Nova defeated a single, Guy Mitchell, and Danny Wargnier to reach the final round.  In the finals against Mansfield, Griffith dropped a stellar .012 reaction time and ran a 10.387 on his 10.36 dial to secure the win.  Vicki Shepherd was the number one qualifier with a perfect .000 reaction time.


Transbrake eliminations boiled down to Scott Davis and David Bronec.  Davis’ Nova claimed wins against Robert Fenski, Jessica Burnett, and Rick Sales Sr before earning the semi-final round single.  In the finals, both drivers left with fantastic reaction times (.019 to a .025) before the win light turned on in Davis’ lane, thanks to a 10.077 on the 10.06 dial.  Davis was also the number one qualifier with a .010 reaction time.


In the Foot Brake class, it was Bob Glafka and Jerry Biscay facing off in the finals.  Glafka, attempting to chase down Foot Brake point’s leader Tracy Herinckx, eliminated Jerry Heckman, Brook Baird, Lawrence Herndon, Herinckx, and a competition single.  In the final round it was a double-breakout finish, with Glafka getting the victory by a slim .012.  Tony Bombara was the number one qualifier with a .005.


The World of Speed Fall Jr Lightning category came down to Chloe Hoffman and Jake Meithof in the battle for class supremacy.  Hofmann, out of Puyallup WA., defeated Meithof in the finals by a slim .009 at the finish line.  Cole Rose, last weekend’s National Dragster Challenge winner, was the lone semi-finalist.  For the Fall Jr Thunder class, Dylan Hough defeated Rilynn Saucy after leaving with the reaction time advantage and running closer to his posted dial.  Nicholas Karr was the lone semi-finalist of the class.


For the NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact class, the final round came down to Mark Hunt and Tim Knudsen.  Hunt, in the Volkswagen Bug, eliminated Jose Contreras, David Dixon, and Pamela Wolfe to reach the finals.  In the last eliminator round, Hunt used the reaction time advantage to take the win via a 11.752 on the 11.70 dial.


Hole in the Hood eliminations came down to a battle between the 2014 and 2015 champions.  Jay Phillips, who was the class champ last year, defeated Rick Norrington and Del McKamey before eliminating Steve Canton in the finals via a breakout.  The Hole in the Hood class, which is for racers who are supercharged, tunnel rammed, or naturally aspirated where the carburetor protrudes through the stock hood line, has grown significantly in size from its beginnings, and is just one of the 28 class championships that were claimed in 2015.  Many thanks of the growth in this category go to those racers, who are constantly promoting alongside the track for higher attendance.


The Powderpuff class, which is for ladies only, came down to Stephanie Biscay and Lisa Belcher in the final round.  Biscay, who claimed the championship with her first round win over Karen Kalsch, went on to defeated Kourtney Dixon in the semi-final round to advance to the finals.  In the finals, running a 12.074 on her 12.07, Biscay claimed the win in a wire-to-wire championship victory.


The Run Tuff category is for racers who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of competition, and offers them a second chance to continue racing in an eliminator bracket.  In the final round, Mark Pracht defeated Bill Brown after Brown red lit away his chances by a slim -.018.  Lori Winberg and Pat Figini were the semi-final finishers in the category.  In the Jr Tuff class, it was Josh Schmanke defeating Payton Saucy via the reaction time advantage.  Ryan Bese was the lone semi-finalist.


The final round results are listed below, in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

W: Earl Griffith (’71 Nova) 10.387 – 128.40 (10.36 dial)
R/U: Cliff Mansfield (’91 Thunderbird) 8.248 – 165.41 (8.27 dial)
Semi 1: Scott Nuciforo
Semi 2: Danny Wargnier

W: Scott Davis (’63 Nova) 10.077 – 124.98 (10.06 dial)
R/U: David Bronec (’72 Nova) 10.245 – 130.24 (10.25 dial)
Semi 1: Tony Littleton

Foot Brake
W: Robert Glafka (’70 Torino) 11.997 – 111.92 (12.03 dial)
R/U: Jerry Biscay (’56 Thunderbird) 15.186 – 88.57 (15.23 dial)
Semi 1: Eric Dunks

Jr Lightning
W: Chloe Hofmann (’07 Half Scale) 7.928 – 80.94 (7.90 dial)
R/U: Jake Meithof (’08 Eickmann) 7.961 – 76.68 (7.90 dial)
Semi 1: Cole Rose

Jr Thunder
W: Dylan Hough (’14 Mike Bos) 9.094 – 65.06 (8.98 dial)
R/U: Rilynn Saucy (’06 Motivational Tubing) 10.115 – 49.10 (9.42 dial)
Semi 1: Nicholas Karr

NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact
W: Mark Hunt (’60 Beetle) 11.752 – 110.64 (11.70 dial)
R/U: Tim Knudsen (’95 Civic LX) 12.815 – 106.29 (12.90 dial)
Semi 1: Pamela Wolfe

Hole in the Hood
W: Jay Phillips (’74 Plymouth) 10.296 – 129.88 (10.25 dial)
R/U: Steve Canton (’63 Corvair) 10.052 – 131.04 (10.11 dial)
Semi 1: Del McKamey
Semi 2: Jeff Rea

W: Stephanie Biscay (’56 Thunderbird) 12.074 – 108.70 (12.07 dial)
R/U: Lisa Belcher (’72 Nova)
Semi 1: Kourtney Dixon

Run Tuff
W: Mark Pracht (’70 Skylark) 10.101 – 134.28 (10.09 dial)
R/U: Bill Brown (’72 Dart) 11.072 – 121.32 (11.01 dial)
Semi 1: Lori Winberg
Semi 2: Pat Figini

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