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Winner’s Claimed in Fall ET, Fall Jr, and Streetcar Syndicate Categories

On the mild-weathered day of September 21st, eliminations were completed for the Fall ET Series Race #3, World of Speed Fall Jr Series #2, and the Streetcar Syndicate category.  At the end of the day, category winner’s included Guy Mitchell (Electronics), Tony Price (Transbrake), Curt Landis (Foot Brake), Alex Schluckebier (Streetcar Syndicate), Michael Taylor (Run Tuff), Kyler Pitts (Jr Lightning), Trevin Walberg (Jr Thunder), and Ryan Bese (Jr Tuff). The next event for the Fall ET Series racers is on October 5th, while the next World of Speed Jr Fall Series event will be held September 27th.  Attention to all bracket competitors who have a 2014 (red) or 2015 (yellow) Woodburn Dragstrip Competition Number Card: Sunday, September 28th there will be Wally’s available to winner’s in Sportsman, Pro, and Super Pro. For complete information, check out the Upcoming Events section on the right-hand side of the home page.




In Electronics eliminations, the final round of competition came down to Guy Mitchell and Mark Pracht.  Mitchell’s wheelstanding ’63 Nova earned wins over a single, Bill King, and Gary Wargnier to reach the final round.  Meanwhile, Pracht reached his second final round of the weekend after defeating Earl Griffith, a single, and Bill McNeal.  In the final round, both driver’s dialed in heads-up with 10.18’s a pair, and then also left with very similar reaction times (.033 to a .027).  As they raced neck and neck down the Quality Concrete quarter mile, the win light came on for Mitchell by running a 10.19 on his 10.18 dial-in.  Gary Wargnier was the number one qualifier, with a .002 reaction time start.


 The Transbrake category showcased a final round between Tony Price and Dom Andreotti.  Tony ‘The Hit Man’ Price tooks out hits on Pam Hitchcock, Dean Tabert, and Ryan Schaefer, before earning the semi-final round single.  Opposite him, Andreotti defeated Jessica Burnett, Alan Snyder, a single, and 2014 Pro Bracket Champion Steve Stuart.  An exciting final round was abound as we watched both driver’s react with nearly-identical reaction times, then racing down to a double-breakout finish separated by only .005 in favor of Tony Price.  Steve Stuart was the number one qualifier with a .004.


In the Foot Brake category, it was Curt Landis and Nolan Griffin doing battle in the final round.  Landis spun his way past Steve Benghiat, Richard Watson, and Steven Ennis before earning the semi-final round single.  For Griffin, the fights were against Tony Littleton, Jim Lamkin, a single, and Rick Ropar.  In the final round, Griffin launched with a stellar .002 reaction time, but unfortunately could not run close enough to the number to get the win over the 10.17 of Curt Landis.  Griffith’s .008 earned him the number one qualifier award.


Streetcar Syndicate is a category for street-legal and built vehicles.  In the final round, it was Alex Schluckebier and Bret Stevens racing off in the final round.  Schluckebier defeated Nick Allison, Dwayne Larson, and Brain Carr, while Stevens eliminated Kris Allison, Joel Da Silva, and a competition single in the semi’s.  In the final round, Schluckebier leaped off the starting line with a .020 before running a 11.772 on the 11.68 dial-in to secure the victory.


The Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff category is one for racer’s who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of competition.  Mike Taylor and Steve Benghiat lined up in the finals to see who would have the best second-effort win.  Taylor left with the advantage by about .27, and never looked back earning the win by running a 10.487 on the 10.38.  Ted Hill and Cliff Mansfield were the semi-final round finishers.


In the World of Speed Jr Lightning category, Kyler Pitts and Nathan Greene met in the final round of competition.  Pitts left with a .004 reaction time, and needed it after Greene ran closer to his dial-in with a 8.470 on the 8.44 dial-in.  Thanks to Pitts’ 8.398 on the 8.36, the margin of victory was a slim .121.


The World of Speed Jr Thunder category brought the number two and number three qualifier into the finals.  Number two qualifier Trevin Walberg defeated Shawn Cranford, a single, and Nicholas Karr to reach the finals.  For number three qualifier Conner Rice, it was Ramon Vincent and Dylan Hough defeated before earning the semi-final round single.  A final round that was set to be exciting was over before it even began when Rice turned on the red light bulb by -.001


For the World of Speed Jr Tuff category, it was a repeat final as Ryan Bese and Hailey Bellikka lined up in the final round.  Bese left off the starting line with a great .068 reaction time, but Bellikka had a supersonic .015 light! To the finish line they went, with Bellikka getting there first but unfortunately breaking out, meaning the win and awards would go to Bese with a 12.355 on his 12.25 dial-in.


Listed below are final round results, in order of driver’s name, hometown, (vehicle year/model) [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


W: Guy Mitchell, Milwaukie OR (’63 Nova) [.033] 10.191, 126.22 (10.18 dial).

R/U: Mark Pracht, Hillsboro OR (’70 Skylark) [.027] 12.237, 124.65 (10.18 dial).
Semi’s: Bill/Tony McNeal, Milwaukie OR; Gary Wargnier, Keizer OR.

W: Tony Price, Tigard OR (’63 Nova) [.075] 10.507, 124.74 (10.53 dial).

R/U: Dom Andreotti, Scappoose OR (’69 Nova) [.079] 9.632, 135.60 (9.66 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR.

Foot Brake
W: Curt Landis, Newberg OR (’69 Chevelle) [.043] 10.177, 123.94 (10.16 dial).

R/U: Nolan Griffith, Mulino OR (’74 Nova) [.002] 13.268, 103.19 (13.20 dial).
Semi’s: Rick Ropar, Portland OR.

Streetcar Syndicate
W: Alex Schluckebier, Dexter OR (’95 Trans Am) [.020] 11.772, 111.64 (11.68 dial).

R/U: Bret Stevens, Newberg OR (’04 Subaru STI) [.138] 13.062, 104.99 (12.90 dial).
Semi’s: Brian Carr, Clackamas OR.

Run Tuff
W: Mike Taylor, Turner OR (’69 Camaro) [.252] 10.487, 119.01 (10.38 dial).

R/U: Steve Benghiat, Milwaukie OR (’69 Chevelle) [.529] 13.167, 103.36 (13.17 dial).
Semi’s: Ted Hill, Ridgefield WA; Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Half Scale) [.004] 8.398, 78.61 (8.36 dial).

R/U: Nathan Greene, Rochester WA (’06 Dragster) [.131] 8.470, 75.89 (8.44 dial).

Jr Thunder
W: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) [.063] 9.025, 71.03 (9.02 dial).

R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’04 Dragster) [-.001] 9.077, 74.07 (9.00 dial).
Semi’s: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR (’05 Dragster) [.068] 12.355, 51.03 (12.25 dial).

R/U: Hailey Bellikka, Milwaukie OR (’02 Dragster) [.015] 9.494, 66.59 (9.50 dial).
Semi’s: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR; Shawn Cranford, Mt Angel OR.

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