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Tensions Rising as Sunoco Season Passes Midway Point

Eight races of fourteen are in the books for the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, while the World of Speed Jr Drag Racing series, Wilson’s Napa High School Series, Super Shifter, and Powderpuff categories ran final eliminations on one of the hotter race days on record so far this year.  At the end of the day, Danny Wargnier (Super Pro), Ryan Schaefer (Pro), Jerry Durant Jr (Sportsman), Jacob McGarry (High School), Taylor Toftemark (Jr Lightning), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), Ramon Vincent (Jr Storm), Rilynn Saucy (Jr Tuff), Mark Boehi (Super Shifter), Kacee Pitts (Powderpuff), and George Churilla (Run Tuff) all earned victory plaques on Sunday, June 8th.  A reminder that the next Sunoco Race Fuels event is on June 14 &15, World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series event on June 29th, Wilson’s Napa High School on June 29th, Super Shifter on July 6th, and Powderpuff on July 5th.


Super Pro eliminations brought a final round battle between Dan Wargnier and Julie Adams.  Wargnier defeated Dick Clark, Mike McManus, Kirby Olmstead and Gary Palmateer to reach the finals, while Adams eliminated number one qualifier Roger Weddle, Earl Griffith, a single, and Debbie Dawson.  In the final round, Wargnier had the starting line advantage, and it was much needed after Adams ran right on her dial-in! Factoring in the math, it would be a win by .0028 in favor of…Dan Wargnier.  Dennis Weddle was the Winner of the A-1 Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .006, picking up bonus prizes thanks to Lucas Oil, and Roger Weddle’s perfect reaction time earned him not only the number one qualifier position, but also a perfect light t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the suppliers of Goodyer/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Racing Tires. With her final round appearance, Adams kept her point’s lead (340 Points) to 3 rounds over D. Wargnier (310), with Tom Avgerakis (290), Devon Hilton (280) and Traci DePeel (240) closely following.


In the Pro bracket category, it was a final round showdown between the ‘R’s.  The first R, Ryan Schaefer, blasted into the final round by earning wins over Bob Caldwell, Pat Figini, Kurt Gross, Steve Canton, and Dan Stokes.  Opposite him, ‘Right Lane’ Robert Rhines took wins over Jessica Burnett, Jim Goodman, Ken Sweo and Dave Nassimbene, before earning the semi-final round single.  In the final round, reaction times were separated by only .005, and with both driver’s running close to their dial-ins, the win went to Schaefer by .012.  Gross’s perfect reaction time earned him the number one qualifier position, while Stokes’ .009 package earned the A-1 Trans and Converters Package for the Points honors, as well as a family sized pizza from Abby’s.  After incoming point’s leader Steve Stuart’s second round exit, Schaefer brought down the point’s split to only 4 rounds (400 vs 360), while Figini (270), Dan Stokes (270), and Matt Kielman (260) finish off the top five.


After a win last weekend in the Sportsman category, Jerry Durant Jr faced off against John Floyd Jr, aiming for two wins in a row.  To make it to the finals, Durant Jr flew through Ted Hill, Michael McFadden Dave Keiser, Jerry Weber, and Jim Fields. Meanwhile, Floyd Jr eliminated Ramon Cooper, Jolene Woodward, Karl Hart and Robert Glafka, before earning a semi-final round single.  For the final round battle, Durant took a .05 reaction time advantage, and used that to get the win.  Keiser earned the number one qualifier position with a .006, while Michael McFadden’s .043 package earned him the A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters Package for the Points, and a bonus Pico Wiring set for his efforts.  Currently, the top five point’s standings are as follows: Robert Glafka (360), Jerry Durant Jr (360), John Floyd Jr (300), Garry Heinrich (290), and Karl Hart (290).


The Wilson’s Napa High School Series brought a final round between number one and two in the point’s standings.  The number two, Jacob McGarry, defeated Kourtney Dixon and JP Parsons to earn the semi-final round single, while the number one, Kacee Pitts, defeated Spencer David, Chelbi Hageman, and Emily Mix to reach the final round.  In that final round, Pitts had the reaction time advantage by .02, but broke out at the finish line, meaning that McGarry would sneak into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle.  To stand, Pitts has the point’s lead with 210 points, McGarry in second with 170, and Hageman sitting third with 130 points.


The World of Speed Jr Lightning category brought a final round between the number one and number two qualifier. The number two, Taylor Toftemark, defeated Kacee Pitts and Chad Tallan to earn the semi-final round single, while number one qualifier Adam Lint used a first round single to defeated Katie Day and Josh McMyne.  In the finals, Lint had the reaction time advantage, but Toftemark ran a 8.045 on her 8.03 dial to seal the win.  Lint’s perfect reaction time is what locked up the number one qualifier position. Toftemark now sits number one in the points with 280 points, Dustin Day in second with 260, and Pitts in third with 230.


In the World of Speed Jr Thunder category, number one and two in the points battled for the point’s lead.  Alisha Miller, who started the event first in the point’s, defeated Dylan Hough to earn the semi-final round single, while Conner Rice, who entered the event number two in the point’s, eliminated Tommy Tallon and Nathan Greene.  In the finals, Miller erupted off the starting line with a .011 reaction time to secure the win.  Miller turned this into a wire-to-wire win after qualifying number one with a perfect light! To stand, Miller now has a 3 round lead (280 points) over Conner Rice (250, and 6 rounds over Dylan Hough (220).


Despite the World of Speed Jr Storm category being for the youngest competitors in the Jr Dragster nation, it still has some of the fiercest competition.  In the final round, Ramon Vincent and Hailey Bellikka faced off to see who would get the event win.  While Vincent defeated Lorenzo Gonzalez and Nicholas Karr, Bellikka eliminated number one point’s earner Rilynn Saucy to earn a single in the semi’s.  In the final round, Vincent had the reaction time advantage, and ran a 12.08 on his 12.00 dial-in to get the win.  Ryan Bese had a .001 reaction time to earn the number one qualifier efforts.  As of now, the point’s standings have Vincent first with 280, then Saucy and Bese tied for 2nd with 250 points apiece. 


The Jr Tuff category is for racers who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of Jr Dragster competition.  Rilynn Saucy defeated Dyan Hough in the final round by virtue of a double-breakout, separated by just twelve thousandths of a second.  Cooper Chun and Anthony Friesen were the semi-finalist.


In the Super Shifter category, the final two competitors would battle for the point’s lead.  Portland, OR.’s Mark Boehi defeated a competition single, Bruce Poppino, and Chris Hill to reach the final round, while Milwaukie’s John Masterman eliminated Alex Schluckebier, a competition single, and Steve Caruth.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Masterman turned on the red light by -.019.  With three races down, and three to go, Boehi (110), Masterman (90), and Chris Hill (80) round out the top three in the point’s standings.


New to 2014, the Powderpuff series brought Kacee Pitts and Amy Fields into the final round.  Pitts reached the finals by defeating Karen Lalsch and Sherry Wilson, while Fields beat Chelbi Hageman and Susan Morrill.  In the finals, Pitts used the reaction time advantage to secure the win.  Looking at the point’s standings, Pitts’ total of 100 points leads the clubhouse, while Amy Fields (80) and Morrill (70) round out the top three.


The Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff category is for all competitors who lose in the first round of competition. George Churilla (Pro), and Cliff Mansfield (S/Pro) lined up to do battle in the final round, with Churilla winning in a double-breakout situation.  Lavonne Goodman was the lone semi-finalist in competition.


Listed next are final round results, in order of driver name, location, (vehicle make/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Super Pro 
W: Danny Wargnier, Keizer OR (’08 GTO) [.014] 7.993, 170.68 (7.96 dial).
R/U: Julie Adams, Molalla OR (’75 Vega) [.043] 9.626, 140.64 (9.62 dial).
Semi’s: Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin OR; Gary Palmateer, Monmouth OR.

W: Ryan Schaefer, Tigard OR (’72 Nova) [.094] 10.895, 118.37 (10.87 dial).

R/U: Robert Rhines, Salem OR (’68 Pontiac) [.089] 11.187, 119.11 (11.15 dial).
Semi’s: Dan Stokes, Albany OR.

W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge Ram) [.033] 13.945, 95.14 (13.92 dial).

R/U: John Floyd Jr, Gresham OR (’04 Silverado) [.088] 16.368, 80.98 (16.38 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Fields, Beaverton OR.

High School
W: Jacob McGarry, Philomath OR (’73 Nova) [.044] 11.230, 117.95 (11.27 dial).

R/U: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.024] 12.904, 100.97 (12.95 dial).
Semi’s: Emily Mix, Aumsville OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Half Scale) [.049] 8.045, 82.44 (8.03 dial).

R/U: Adam Lint, Vancouver WA (’96 Spitzer) [.024] 7.943, 78.28 (7.90 dial).
Semi’s: Josh McMyne, Salem OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Alisha Miller, Warren OR (’06 Akron) [.011] 9.074, 72.83 (8.90 dial).

R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’05 Akron) [.095] 8.100, 72.65 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Nathan Greene, Rochester WA.

Jr Storm
W: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Akron) [.031] 12.081, 52.73 (12.00 dial).

R/U: Hailey Bellikka, Milwaukie OR (’06 Akron) [.554] 10.754, 59.32 (10.50 dial).
Semi’s: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek OR [.109] 11.124, 57.08 (11.15 dial).

R/U: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR (’14 Mike Bos) [.076] 8.862, 74.38 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Cooper Chun, Vancouver WA; Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR.

Super Shifter
W: Mark Boehi, Portland OR (’78 Camaro) [.063] 11.088, 121.24 (11.18 dial).

R/U: John Masterman, Milwaukie OR (’79 Camaro) [-.019] foul.
Semi’s: Chris Hill, Keizer OR; Steve Caruth, Keizer OR.

W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.034] 13.052, 94.58 (12.99 dial).

R/U: Amy Fields, Beaverton OR (’89 S-10) [.235] 12.257, 107.64 (12.17 dial).
Semi’s: Susan Morrill, Amity OR; Sherry Wilson, Canby OR.

Run Tuff
W: George Churilla, Oregon City OR (’69 Ranchero) [.056] 11.989, 12.45 (12.00 dial).

R/U: Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR (Truck) [.046] 9.911, 130.35 (9.94 dial).
Semi’s: Lavonne Goodman, Canby OR.



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