Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Sunoco ET Series, World of Speed Jrs, Wilson’s Napa High School, Volkswagen and Sport Compact Points get Closer and Closer

What a gorgeous day of racing! With morning overcast clouds, June 29th turned into a day of sunshine and blue skies that made everyone appreciate what ‘summer’ truly means.  Winners in today’s racing were Traci DePeel (Super Pro), Ron Parks (Pro), Kacee Pitts (Sportsman), Kacee Pitts (High School), Taylor Toftemark (Jr Lightning), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), Nicholas Karr (Jr Storm), Shawn Cranford (Jr Tuff), Ricky Elverud (Volkswagen), Bernd Arndt (Sport Compact Pro), Christina Presser (Sport Compact Sportsman), and Robert Glafka (Run Tuff).  As you can see, with twelve classes claiming winners, today was a great day to be at Woodburn Dragstrip.  Don’t forget that next weekend on Thursday July 3rd, is the Inaugural Jet Car Nationals! Make sure to check out the ‘Upcoming Events Section’ to the right of the home page for more information on the events featured at Woodburn Dragstrip.


Super Pro competition featured a final of two experienced racers.  Traci DePeel lined up as one half of the finals, after she defeated Earl Griffith, Loretta McCool, Mark Dawson, and Tom Avgerakis.  Opposite her was Devon Hilton, who downed Kevin Petersen, John Nero, Gary Palmateer, and Debbie Dawson.  In the final round, Hilton left with a slight reaction time advantage, but it wasn’t enough as DePeel ran a 9.781 on her 9.77 dial-in to lock up the win, which was extra sweet as earlier in the day she had claimed the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .022 package. Avgerakis’ perfect reaction time earned him number one qualifier efforts.


In Pro bracket, the final round of competition came down to Ron Parks and Tony Littleton.  Parks defeated Jim Goodman, Dave Fowler, Pam Hitchcock and Rob Newman before earning the semi-final round single, while Littleton eliminated Tim Ellis, Charlie Carnahan, Steve Stuart, Jeff Staley, and Carl Meinig.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Littleton turned on the red light by just .017, meaning that Parks was able to take his ’65 Coronet into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s circle.  Nick Shepherd earned the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points win with a .017. while Newman’s .007 secured him the number one qualifier efforts.


For Sportsman competitors, it was a battle of the young and the experience in the final as 16 year old Kacee Pitts lined up alongside veteran racer Garry Heinrich. Pitts’ youth and exuberance carried her past Sean Espinoza, Angelo Palamaris, Jerry Kimball, Kathy Figini, and Lavonne Goodman. Meanwhile Heinrich’s age and treachery skilled himself past Chance Taylor, Lee Ennis, Jerry Weber, Marty Arrigotti, and Tom Langdon.  In the final round, it was the youth and exuberance that was able to score the win after Pitts garnered the reaction time advantage.  Jerry Durant Jr won the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .022 package, while Lavonne Goodman was the number one qualifier after a .009 reaction time.


In the Wilson’s Napa High School Series, it was Ladies Day as Kacee Pitts and Chelbi Hageman lined up in the final round.  Pitts made it to her second final of the day by defeating Kourtney Dixon, JP Parsons, and Jacob McGarry, while Hageman eliminated Spencer David, and Jake Roberts to earn the semi-final round single.  In the finals, Hageman had the reaction time advantage but unfortunately couldn’t run the number, meaning that Pitts enjoyed the double-up victory.  JP Parsons was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time.


Volkswagen competition found Ricky Elverud and Bernd Arndt in the final round.  Elverud defeated Norbert Monteau, Jerry Caddell, and Devon Hilton to reach the finals, while Arndt downed Charlie Hascall and Mike Canon to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, Arndt had the reaction time advantage but broke out at the finish line after passing Elverud, meaning that ‘Ricky the Racer’ is the winner in the Volkswagen category.  Hilton’s .010 reaction time earned him number one qualifier efforts.


In the Sport Compact series, Bernd Arndt was the winner in Sport Compact Pro after William Breese was unable to return due to a broken transmission. Pamela Wolfe and Jon Honda were the lone semi-finalist.  In Sport Compact Sportsman, Christina Presser didn’t have the reaction time advantage, but had her ’93 Taurus dialed in to run a 16.568 on the 16.56 dial-in, earning the victory over Bud Kuhns.

The Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff category is one for racer’s who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of competition.  The final round of competition came down to Robert Glafka, who eliminated Ted Hill, a single, Ken Sweo, and Jerry Durant Jr; and Curt Landis, who defeated Dave Sattem, Jessica Burnett and Steve Laskowske before earning the semi-final round single. In the finals, drivers had nearly identical reaction times, but Glafka ran closer to his dial-in to secure the margin of victory by just .011.


In the World of Speed Jr Lighting category, Taylor Toftemark lined up alongside Austin Varner in the final round.  To get there, Toftemark and her Champion Sparkplugs sponsored Jr Dragster had to defeat Emily Mix, and Dustin Day before earning a single. Meanwhile, Varner eliminated Josh McMyne, Jerold Mix, and Katie Day to reach the finals.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began as Varner red lit away his chances by .025.  Jerold Mix was the number one qualifier with a .003.


The World of Speed Jr Thunder category featured a final round between the number one and two qualifier.  The number two qualifier, Alisha Miller, defeated Nathan Greene and Conner Rice.  Meanwhile, the number one qualifier Dylan Hough, earned a competition single first round before defeating Kyler Pitts.  In the final round, Hough got to the finish line first, unfortunately it was on a breakout pass, meaning that Miller would be the winner in the World of Speed Jr Thunder category.  Hough’s .004 earned him number one qualifier efforts.


For the World of Speed Jr Storm category, Nicholas Karr and Karson Smith lined up in the final round.  Karr made his way into the finals by defeating Lorenzo Gonzalez, a competition single, and Hailey Bellikka. Meanwhile, Smith eliminated Rilynn Saucy and Ava Glenn to earn a single in the semi-finals. In the final round, Karr had the reaction time advantage of over .2, and used that to get the win.  Ryan Bese was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time, which earned him a t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the suppliers of Goodyear/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Racing Tires.


In the World of Speed Jr Tuff category, Shawn Cranford was the winner over Rilynn Saucy when Saucy broke out at the finish line.  Nathan Greene and Duncan Gray were the semi-finalist.

Don’t forget that next weekend on Thursday, July 3rd is the Inaugural Jet Car Nationals and Oregon State Championship.

Friday July 4th, Hilton Racing presents DRAG-n for DOLLAR$, with a guaranteed minimum payout of over $5000.
Saturday, July 5, Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #4 (1979 and Older Vehicles), Pickup #4, Powderpuff #4, Summit Jr Dragster Challenge and World of Speed Jr Racing Series #9.
Sunday, July 6, Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #12 (L.o.L), World of Speed Jr Racing Series #10, Super Shifter #4, Hole in the Hood #4.


Listed are finals round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: Traci DePeel, Estacada OR (’63 Nova) [.020] 9.781, 135.91 (9.77 dial).
R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’12 Mondon) [.012] 7.403, 170.06 (7.38 dial).
Semi’s: Tom Avgerakis, Newberg OR; Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin OR.

W: Ron Parks, Salem OR (’65 Coronet) [.027] 10.747, 121.95 (10.74 dial).
R/U: Tony Littleton, Salem OR (’68 Chevelle) [-.017] 11.192, 119.31 (11.22 dial).
Semi’s: Carl Meinig, Portland OR.

W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.025] 12.857, 92.80 (12.86 dial).
R/U: Garry Heinrich, Boring OR (’65 Cutlass) [.066] 12.161, 111.01 (12.19 dial).
Semi’s: Lavonne Goodman, Canby OR; Tom Langdon, Medford OR.

High School
W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.062] 12.898, 98.59 (12.87 dial).
R/U: Chelbi Hageman, Blodgett OR (’65 Plymouth) [.038] 11.596, 107.19 (11.46 dial).
Semi’s: Jacob McGarry, Philomath OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Half Scale) [.112] 7.931, 82.23 (7.92 dial).
R/U: Austin Varner – foul.
Semi’s: Katie Day, Estacada OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Alisha Miller, Warren OR [.022] 9.008, 75.13 (8.92 dial).
R/U: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR (’14 Mike Bos) [.058] 8.996, 73.18 (9.01 dial).
Semi’s: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR; Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR.

Jr Storm
W: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR (’97 California) [.071] 11.764, 53.31 (11.55 dial).
R/U: Karson Smith, Warrenton OR [.281] 11.947, 53.08 (11.90 dial).
Semi’s: Hailey Bellikka, Milwaukie OR.

W: Ricky Elverud, Aloha OR (’55 Bug) [.186] 13.47, 98.3 (13.40 dial).
R/U: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.052] 11.768, 106.20 (11.80 dial).
Semi’s: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA.

Sport Compact Pro
W: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.050] 11.900, 116.22 (11.81 dial).
R/U: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) – broke.
Semi’s: Pamela Wolfe; Jon Honda.

Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Christina Presser, Salem OR (’93 Taurus) [.182] 16.568, 82.91 (16.56 dial).
R/U: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR (’92 Civic SI) [.098] 18.006, 76.02 (17.85 dial).

Run Tuff
W: Robert Glafka, Ridgefield WA (’70 Torino) [.016] 11.990, 111.78 (11.98 dial).
R/U: Curt Landis, Newberg OR (’65 Chevelle) [.022] 10.055, 132.29 (10.04 dial).
Semi’s: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR.

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