Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Steve Stuart ~ Pro Champion

The Pro bracket category features cars that dial-in at 9.00 to 13.99, and are allowed the assistance of a transbrake.  At the first event of the season, which was held April 6th, John LaRoche defeated former NHRA Division 6 Stock Champion Joe Sorensen in the final after Sorensen broke out by .018 at the finish line.  The second event, which featured a massive turnout at the NWDRA Classic, it was multi-time Woodburn Dragstrip Champion Steve Stuart who earned the victory over Ryan Schaefer.  It should be noted that through seven rounds of eliminations, Stuart’s worst green light was a .023. After back to back rainouts, Steve Stuart made it ‘back to back’ wins when he defeated Pat Figini in the final round of Saturday’s event at the Season Opener, before Sunday was again succumed to rain.  June 1st brought a pair of first-to-2014 finalist when Steve Kelly and Roger McWilliams did battle, with Kelly getting the win after McWilliams red lit by .009. With half of the season’s events completed, the points standings were as follows: Stuart with a commanding 360 points holding onto first, Schaefer sitting second with 260, and McWilliams in third with  230 points. However, with seven races left, there was still plenty of time for lots to change!


June 8th featured Ryan Schaefer getting an important event win over ‘Right-Lane’ Robert Rhines’ Pontiac that was separated at the finish line by just .0016. June 14th brought the Rose Festival Drags, and with that came a double-header weekend for the Sunoco racers. Day one showed off Matt Kielman’s 1970 Nova going all the way and defeating Richard Potter in the final round. With Sunday’s event being lost to rain, the events left dropped to four.   On June 29th, it was Dodge versus Chevrolet with the Dodge of Ron Parks eliminating Tony Littleton’s Chevy in the final round.  It should be of special note that in a class dominated by transbrake, Ron Parks and a few other racers compete in the class without such advancements, racing off the foot brake controls.  The next event winner was somebody very familiar to the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle, and that of course is three-time Woodburn Champion Nicholas Shepherd. Shepherd, who debuted a new car for the 2014 season, earned his first taste of the Winner’s Circle by defeating four Top 10 points finishers on his way to victory.  Two weekends later at the next points race, he did it again when he defeated Jessica Burnett, driving HER ’62 Chevy Nova in the final round. With one event left, Stuart still held the lead in the points standings with 630 points, sitting ahead of Shepherd (580), Schaefer (560), Kielman (530),  and Parks (500).


The final event. 14 races of trials and tribulations leading up to one last event.  For Steve Stuart, the job was simple: based on the car count, just win one round and lock up the championship.  In that first round, he lined up alongside 2nd place Nicholas Shepherd.  Driver’s left with reaction times separated by only .014, and at the finsh line it was a win and a championship for Steve Stuart’s high-flying Chevelle.  To finish off the day, Ryan Schaefer won his second event of the year when he defeated Matt Kielman. The rest of Team Woodburn, which is listed in head-to-head fashion below, then took their talents to the ET Finals and earned a significant amount of points and helping earn Team Woodburn’s 16th Team Championship.  Of significant note would be ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec and Ryan Schaefer. Bronec defeated Schaefer in the semi-final round before winning the big one in the finals, earning his first NHRA Division 6 Summit ET Finals victory.


How to read Head-to-Head table: To find a comparison of how each driver did facing off against other driver’s read the table starting on the left column, then find the corresponding initials on the top row. For example, in the Sunoco Race Fuels Pro class, S. Stuart (left column) had a 2-0 record against R. S. (Ryan Schaefer) (top row).



1. Steve Stuart, Estacada OR, 670 Points

2. Ryan Schaefer, Tigard OR, 660 Points

3. Matt Kielman, Vancouver WA, 610 Points

4. Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR, 610 Points

5. Ron Parks, Salem OR, 540 Points

6. Richard Potter, Oregon City OR, 520 Points

7. Pat Figini, Oregon City OR, 510 Points

8. Dan Stokes, Albany OR, 510 Points

9. Pat Figini, Oregon City OR, 510 Points

10. Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR, 490 Points

11. Tony Price, Tigard OR, 480 Points

12. Roger McWilliams, Aurora OR, 460 Points

13. John Maul, Gresham OR, 460 Points

14. Carl Wilkerson, Gresham OR, 440 Points



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