Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Points tighen in Sunoco ET, World of Speed Jr, Super Shifter, Hole in the Hood Series

With only two races remaining in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series, Super Shifter Series, and Hole in the Hood Series, the ever-important points are getting closer than ever. In the Super Pro category, the difference between 7th in points and 16th is just three rounds worth of racing. It’s pretty much the same story, different class everywhere else as classes are tighter this year than in all year’s past. On this date, extremely important wins were earned by Dave Sattem (Super Pro), Nicholas Shepherd (Pro), Derek Ringer (Sportsman), Carson Wheeler (Jr Lightning), Conner Rice (Jr Thunder), Lorenzo Gonzalez (Jr Storm), Bruce Poppino (Super Shifter), Mark Dolan (Hole In the Hood), Robert Schaefer (Run Tuff), and Haylie Crawford (Jr Tuff). With every class being so tight in the points, you’ll want to tune in July 19th for the penultimate Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series and World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series event. Same bat time, same bat channel!!

The Super Pro category features vehicles running 7.00-11.99, using the assistance of throttle stop and delay boxes. In Sunday’s eliminations, Dave Sattem and Michael Boyd were the final two competitors. Sattem made it into the finals by defeating Gary Barr, Gary Palmateer, Danny Wargnier, and Julie Adams before earning a single in the semi’s. Boyd on the other hand defeated Mike Nicholson, Bill/Tony McNeal, a competition single, Rene Crunelle, and Gary Wargnier. In the finals, Sattem had the reaction time advantage of about .02 to get the holeshot win, running a 8.204 on his 8.19 dial. Crunelle earned the Package for the Points with a .017 total run.

Pro bracket is for vehicles running 9.00 to 13.99, and have a transbrake equipped. Nicholas Shepherd and Dave Bronec met up in the final round of today’s race. Shepherd blasted through Richard Beyea, Rick Sales Sr, a single, Ryan Schaefer, and Steve Stuart. Bronec defeated Stacy Bancroft, Chris Williams, Curt Landis, Ron Parks, and John Maul to reach the finals. In that final round, Shepherd’s .012 reaction time took a starting line advantage of .045 and used that to his advantage at the finish line to get the holeshot victory (running a 9.281 on his 9.23, while Bronec ran a 10.225 on the 10.21). Parks’ .033 package in the third time trial earned him the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points victory.

In the Sportsman category, for vehicles running 12.00 seconds and slower, it was Derek ‘The Spyder’ Ringer and Allen Williams in the final round. Spyder, driving the Hilton Racing owned ’22 Ford Pickup, defeated Wesley Williams, a competition single, Jim Lamkin, Robert Schaefer, and Karl Hart. Williams, in the ’74 Nova, eliminated Angelo Palamaris, Steve Nicholson, Billy King, and Jerry Durant Jr to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, the race was over before it even began when Williams turned on the red light, meaning that Spyder would get the wire-to-wire win, as he was also the number one qualifier. Derrick Jackson earned the Package for the Points victory with a .013.

The World of Speed Jr Lightning category is for drivers ages 13 and older, dialing in as fast as 7.90 seconds. The final round featured Carson Wheeler and Kacee Pitts in the final round, with both drivers in desperate need of earning winner’s points. Wheeler’s journey into the final was through Dustin Day, Taylor Toftemark, and Austin Varner. Meanwhile, after Pitts’ first round single, she defeated Josh McMyne and Yeshua Wilcox to reach the finals. The final that was set up to be a great match turned out otherwise as both driver’s engines seized up! Pitts’ around the 400 foot mark, slowed to a 8.655 on the 7.90 dial, while Wheeler’s around the 600 foot mark to slow to a 8.016, but get the win. Pitts was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time, earning her a Perfect Light Club t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the suppliers of Goodyear/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Racing Tires.

The World of Speed Jr Thunder category is for competitor’s ages 10-14 years old, dialing in as quickly as 8.90 seconds. The final round at this race featured the number one and number two qualifiers. The number one, Conner Rice, defeated Haylie Crawford, a competition single, and Nathan Greene. Meanwhile, number two qualifier Cooper Chun defeated Dylan Hough and Alexis Marshall to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, Chun had the reaction time advantage but lost in a double-breakout situation decided by just .007. Rice’s .022 reaction time secured him as the number one qualifier.

In the World of Speed Jr Storm category, Lorenzo Gonzalez and Nicholas Karr lined up for racing. Gonzalez defeated number one qualifier Ramon Vincent to earn the semi-final round single, while Karr defeated Ryan Bese and MacKenzie Adenau. Unfortunately in the finals, Karr’s vehicle had mechanical problems and had to be pushed back, meaning that Lorenzo would be the winner in the Jr Storm category.

The Super Shifter category is one that follows standard Pro or Sportsman rules, and is limited to manual shifting cars. In the final round was a pair of Mustangs. The ’65 of Bruce Poppino defeated Chrsi Hill and Dick Arnold before earning the semi-final round single, while the ’96 of John Flett eliminated Amanda Friesen, Charlie Carnahan, and Mark Boehi. In the finals, the race was over before it even began when Flett turned on the red light by just -.015. Boehi’s .007 reaction time was the number one qualifier award.

The Hole in the Hood category is for vehicles with carburetors protruding through the hood. The final round showcased Mark Dolan defeating class bully Jay Phillips after Phillips broke out at the finish line by just .039. Steve Canton and Rick Norrington were the semi-finalist.

The Run Tuff category brought Robert Schaefer and Jim Fields into the finals. Schaefer eliminated Dorian Saray, John Masterman, Allen Williams, while Fields eliminated Tracy Herinckx, Earl Eberly, and Ted Hill. In the finals, drivers left with nearly identical reaction times, but Schaefer ran closer to his number to get the win.

In the Jr Tuff category, Haylie Crawford earned the win over Anthony Friesen after Friesen broke out at the finish line stripe. Jacob Meithof and Caitlyn Pliska were the semi-finalist.

Super Pro
W: Dave Sattem, Camas WA (’99 Dragster) [.022] 8.204, 163.39 (8.19 dial).
R/U: Michael Boyd, Aloha OR (’23 T Altered) [.041] 8.931, 159.94 (8.92 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Wargnier, Keizer OR.

W: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR (’38 Chevy) [.012] 8.291, 134.28 (9.23 dial).
R/U: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR (’72 Nova) [.057] 10.225, 130.49 (10.21 dial).
Semi’s: John Maul, Gresham OR; Steve Stuart, Estacada OR.

W: Derek Ringer, Gaston OR (’22 Ford PU) [.073] 13.508, 94.75 (13.50 dial).
R/U: Allen Williams, North Bend OR (’74 Nova) [-.054] 14.065, 96.17 (14.00 dial).
Semi’s: Karl Hart, Portland OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR (’08 Eickmann) [.047] 8.016, 76.36 (7.98 dial).
R/U: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Half Scale) [.067] 8.655, 58.36 (7.90 dial).
Semi’s: Austin Varner, Astoria OR; Yeshua Wilcox, Bonney Lake WA.

Jr Thunder
W: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’06 Akton) [.064] 8.931, 75.60 (8.95 dial).
R/U: Cooper Chun, Vancouver WA (’99 Spitzer) [.030] 8.884, 71.81 (8.91 dial).
Semi’s: Nathan Greene, Rochester WA.

Jr Storm
W: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR (’05 Akron) [.209] 11.001, 57.67 (11.01 dial).
R/U: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR (’97 California) – broke.
Semi’s: MacKenzie Adenau, Scappoose OR.

Super Shifter
W: Bruce Poppino, West Linn OR (’65 Mustang) [.010] 11.619, 115.91 (11.60 dial).
R/U: John Flett, Tillamook OR (’96 Mustang) [-.015] 13.259, 106.57 (13.17 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Boehi, Portland OR.

Hole in the Hood
W: Mark Dolan, Oregon City OR (’68 Malibu) [.495] 10.773, 129.21 (10.68 dial).
R/U: Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR (’74 Duster) [.139] 10.351, 118.89 (10.39 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Canton, Boring OR; Rick Norrington, Oregon City OR.

Run Tuff
W: Robert Schaefer, Hillsboro OR (’69 Chevy) [.154] 11.437, 113.62 (11.42 dial).
R/U: Jim Fields, Beaverton OR (’89 S-10) [.121] 12.101, 108.64 (12.05 dial).
Semi’s: Ted Hill, Ridgefield WA.

Jr Tuff
W: Haylie Crawford, Kennewick WA [.159] 9.074, 71.78 (9.03 dial).
R/U: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR [.245] 11.191, 57.68 (11.23 dial).
Semi’s: Jacob Meithof, Lafayette OR; Caitlyn Pliska, .

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