Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

One race left to determine Sunoco ET, High School, Jr Dragster Championships, Team Members

It’s that time of the year. The penultimate event of the year has been run for the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, Wilson’s NAPA High School Series, and World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series. Also competing today was the Volkswagen Series, Sport Compact Sportsman and Sport Compact Pro, and also the LX Club and Street Car Syndicate. With only one race left, all eyes will be on the August 16th date to see who will earn the win.

Super Pro category eliminations came down to Tom Avgerakis and Roger Weddle in the final round. Avgerakis powered his way into the final round by defeating a competition single, Gary Palmateer, Tony McNeal, and Devon Hilton. Opposite him, Weddle defeated Michael Boyd, Earl Griffith, Matt Claussen, and Mark Dawson. In the finals, Weddle left too soon by -.003, resulting in the automatic loss. Paul Nero the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .016 overall package. Mike McManus earned the number one qualifier award with a perfect reaction time, earning him a perfect light t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the Suppliers of Goodyear, Hoosier, and Mickey Thompson race tires. To date, Avgerakis’ win put him first in the Super Pro point’s standings with 540 points. Julie Adams sits second with 530, and Hilton third with 500. For full point’s standings in all classes, go to ‘Racer Info’ then ‘Points Standings’.

In the Pro bracket class, it was Nicholas Shepherd and Jessica Burnett who battled off in the finals. The Shep made it into his second straight final after defeating Chester Anglemyer, Curt Landis, Dan Stokes, John Maul, and Carl Wilkerson. For Burnett: Dave Bronec, Dave Kranz, Tim Lewis, Matt Kielman, and Steve Kelly were the defeated racers. In the finals, driver reaction times were separated by only .005. At the big end of the track, Burnett ran a respectful 10.901 on her 10.87, but it was no match to Shepherd’s 9.264 on the 9.26 to seal the deal. Vic Levings was the number one qualifier with a .001, while Jim Goodman’s stellar .003 package in the third time trial pass gave him the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points victory. With Shepherd’s win, he now sits second in the point’s standings (580 Points): five out from catching leader Steve Stuart (630), and two ahead of Schaefer (560).

The Sportsman category featured two drivers in need of points. The first one, Kacee Pitts, defeated Jim Bowen, Jake Roberts, Derrick Jackson, and Billy King to earn the semi-final round single, and boos her chances for the Sportsman Championship. Her opponent, Jerry Durant III, eliminated Martin Schoen, Tracy Herinckx, a single, John Floyd Jr, and Jerry Durant Jr, taking his chances at making the Woodburn Dragstrip team from slim to possible. In the finals, Durant III turned on the red light bulb by -.056, giving the win to Pitts. Derek Ringer’s first round .005 earned him the number one qualifier reward, while Marty Arrigotti nailed the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .019. With Robert Glafka’s first round loss and Durant Jr’s semi-final round appearance, he ended the day with the point’s lead at 610, followed by Glafka’s 570 and Pitts’ 560.

In the Wilson’s NAPA High School series, Kacee Pitts made it to her fifth straight appearance in the five High School series races. Pitts defeated Jake Roberts and JP Parsons to reach the finals, while final round opponent Chelbi Hageman eliminated Jacob McGarry to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, Hageman turned on the red light by .025, meaning that Pitts would win her fourth High School event of the season. Hageman’s .018 earned number one qualifier efforts. Second place and the last team spot will be determined at the final race as McGarry (250) and Hageman (240) fight the good fight.

For the World of Speed Jr Lightning Series, Taylor Toftemark and Anthony Friesen lined up to see who would be the day’s winner. Toftemark fought through a competition single and Carson Wheeler to reach the finals, while Friesen defeated number one qualifier Kacee Pitts to earn a single into the finals. In the finals, Toftemark earned the reaction time advantage and used that to score the victory. Pitts’ .001 reaction time earned her the number one qualifier position. Toftemark’s victory helped to increase her point’s lead to 510, while Austin Varner sits second with 410, and Carson Wheeler in third with 390.

The World of Speed Jr Thunder category brought Alisha Miller and Alexis Marshall into the finals. Miller, enjoying her sixth final of the season, defeated Dylan Hough and Shawn Carnford to get there. Meanwhile, Marshall’s first final of her career was by defeating Conner Rice to earn the semi-final round single. Unfortunately in the finals, Marshall had a starting line malfunction and rolled through the beams, declaring Miller as the winner. Rice was the number one qualifier with a .026. With just one race remaining, Miller has a point’s lead of 530 over second place Rice (440) and third place Hough (390).

The final category in the World of Speed Jr Drag Racing series is that of Jr Storm. Ramon Vincent and Lorenzo Gonzalez lined up on today’s race. Vincent defeated Duncan Gray and Kaison Smith to reach the finals, while Gonzalez eliminated Rilynn Saucy to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, drivers left with nearly identical reaction times, but Vincent took the win by running a 12.211 on the 12.15 dial. Saucy’s .032 earned her the number one qualifier award, while Vincent’s win put him to a 9-round points lead (480), over Nicholas Karr (390), and Rilynn Saucy (380).

Volkswagen category eliminations showcased Don Fritschie and Devon Hilton in the finals. Fritschie’s ‘Cowrado’ defeated Robert Andreotti and Bernd Arndt to reach the finals, while Hilton earned a competition single first round, then defeated Jerry Caddell and Mike Morrow. In the finals, Fritschie erupted with a .013 and never looked back running a 13.517 on his 13.00 to get the win. With just one race remaining, Arndt has the point’s lead with 280, Hilton second with 230, and Caddell third with 210, tied with Fritschie.

Sport Compact features both the Sportsman and Pro bracket categories, with Sportsman for vehicles 14.00 and slower, and Pro for cars that are 13.99 and quicker. In Sportsman, Christina Presser and Hoppy Hopkins faced off in the finals. Separated by just .1 on the starting line, it as Presser who went to the finish line and ran right on her number with a 16.541 on the 16.54 to get the win. In the Pro category, William Breese defeated Bernd Arndt thanks to his reaction time advantage. Pamela Wolfe was the lone semi-finalist.
The LX Club made a return to Woodburn Dragstrip for their annual pre-Mopar Nationals event. Based around the LX platform, the final round competitors were Alix Osheim and Steve Neel. Oshein made it into the final round after defeating Roger Hanson, Teri Bunker, and Rick Livengood, while Neel eliminated Jim Bowen, Jennifer Hatcher, and Steve Kranz. In the finals, it was Oshein with the reaction time advantage and the win after Neel broke out at the finish line by .050. Dan Firestone was the number one qualifier with a .001 reaction time.

Street Car Syndicate competitors faced off for their Inaugural event here at Woodburn Dragstrip, and they brought exciting street car battles to the race track. Kris Allison and Bret Stevens were in the final round together. Allison made it into the finals after defeating Nick Allison, Jon Heslekrants, and Justin Dodge, while Stevens eliminated Mike Sirr and Craig Wilmas to earn the semi-final round single. Allison erupted off the starting line with a .034 reaction time in the finals, and never looked back scoring the win. Tim King’s .018 earned number one qualifier rights.

The Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff category is one for racers who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of eliminations. John Smith and Robert Glafka matched up in the final round of Run Tuff on this date, with both drivers leaving nearly identically on the starting line. At the finish line stripe, it was a double breakout race in favor of the 1970 Plymouth GTX of Smith, running a 10.235 on the 10.26 dial. Tony McCauley was the lone semi-finalist.

In the World of Speed Jr Tuff category, it was Dylan Hough and Austin Varner lining up in the final round. After reaction times separated by only .022, it was up to who would drive closer to their dial-in. The answer was Varner, but it wasn’t enough as Hough ran a 9.024 on the 9.02 to secure the win. Nicholas Karr was the only semi-finalist.

Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/make), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: Tom Avgerakis, Newberg OR (’95 Beretta) [.005] 8.614, 161.26 (8.65 dial).
R/U: Roger Weddle, Brooks OR (’68 Cuda) [-.003] 11.532, 82.65 (10.54 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin OR; Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA.

W: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR (’38 Chevy) [.043] 8.264, 132.58 (9.26 dial).
R/U: Jessica Burnett, Sandy OR (’62 Nova) [.048] 10.901, 121.11 (10.87 dial).
Semi’s: Carl Wilkerson, Gresham OR; Steve Kelly, Vancouver WA.

W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.066] 12.863, 102.58 (12.91 dial).
R/U: Jerry Durant III, Molalla OR (’13 Ram) [-.056] 14.831, 91.52 (14.90 dial).
Semi’s: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR.

High School
W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.046] 12.935, 102.34 (12.95 dial).
R/U: Chelbi Hageman, Blodgett OR (’65 Plymouth) [-.025] 11.694, 114.47 (11.54 dial).
Semi’s: JP Parsons, Philomath OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Half Scale) [.043] 8.047, 80.36 (8.00 dial).
R/U: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR [.248] 11.247, 56.75 (11.09 dial).
Semi’s: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Alisha Miller, Warren OR [.092] 8.029, 73.9 (8.95 dial).
R/U: Alexis Marshall, McMinnville OR – broke.
Semi’s: Shawn Cranford, Mt Angel.

Jr Storm
W: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Akron) [.140] 12.211, 49.48 (12.15 dial).
R/U: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR (’05 Akron) [.141] 11.087, 54.33 (10.95 dial).
Semi’s: Kaison Smith, Warrenton OR.

W: Don Fritschie, Portland OR (’90 Corrado) [.013] 13.517, 108.43 (13.00 dial).
R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’62 Karmann Ghia) [.124] 11.797, 103.84 (11.30 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Morrow, Lincoln City OR.

Sport Compact Pro
W: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) [.036] 11.708, 118.18 (11.61 dial).
R/U: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.144] 12.599, 111.89 (12.58 dial).
Semi’s: Pamela Wolfe, Scotts Mills OR.

Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Christina Presser, Salem OR (’93 Taurus) [.191] 16.541, 82.87 (16.54 dial).
R/U: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Honda) [.089] 17.865, 78.22 (17.75 dial).

LX Club
W: Alik Oshein, Beaverton OR (’09 Challenger) [.061] 12.876, 111.94 (12.68 dial).
R/U: Steve Neel, Everett WA (’73 Duster) [.048] 12.620, 102.13 (12.67 dial).
Semi’s: Rick Livengood, Portland OR; Steve Kranz, Snohomish WA.

Street Car Syndicate
W: Kris Allison, Tigard OR (’65 Impala) [.034] 13.900, 89.73 (13.81 dial).
R/U: Bret Stevens, Newberg OR (’06 Mitsubishi STI) [.151] 13.359, 109.39 (13.20 dial).
Semi’s: Justin Dodge, Sherwood OR.

Run Tuff
W: John Smith, Ontario OR (’70 GTX) [.029] 10.235, 130.35 (10.26 dial).
R/U: Robert Glafka, Battleground WA (’70 Torino) [.034] 12.083, 109.76 (12.13 dial).
Semi’s: Tony McCauley, Tualatin OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR (’14 Mike Bos) [.083] 9.024, 73.11 (9.02 dial).
R/U: Austin Varner, Astoria OR (’06 Akron) [.105] 7.952, 81.33 (7.95 dial).

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