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More Season Champions Claimed in Penultimate 2014 Event

An exciting day of racing action concluded with four more 2014 Season Championships awarded, as well as a slew of event winners decided.  Wins were claimed by Bill Heard (Electronics), Dave Bronec (Transbrake), Jerry Durant Jr (Foot Brake), Jay Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Kourtney Dixon (Powderpuff), Bernd Arndt (Sport Compact Pro), Hoppy Hopkins (Sport Compact Sportsman), Bill Brown (Run Tuff), Kyler Pitts (Fall Jr Lightning), Lorenzo Gonzalez (Jr Thunder), and Duncan Gray (Jr Tuff).  Championships that were determined went to Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Kacee Pitts (Powderpuff) Arndt (Sport Compact Pro), and Hopkins (Sport Compact Sportsman).  Next weekend, on October 12th, check out the last event of the 2014 Season, with information available here: http://www.woodburndragstrip.com/dragstrip/fall-et-series-5-fall-jr-series-5-test-tune/


The Electronics category showcased Bill Heard and Guy Mitchell in the finals.  Heard defeated racers Mark Pracht, Gary Barr, and brother Kenny Heard to reach the final round.  Meanwhile, previous-event-winner Mitchell eliminated Randy Baker and Don Budd to earn the semi-final round single.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Mitchell turned on the red light by just -.003, negating a great 10.124 on his 10.11 dial-in.  Heard, who left with a .007 reaction time, also ran one off his dial-in (9.143 on the 9.13 dial). Kenny Heard, who had a perfect reaction time, earned the number one qualifier position as well as admittance into the Perfect Light Club, which earned him a t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the Suppliers of Goodyear/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Race Tires.


In the Transbrake category, it was a battle between last year’s champion and this year’s point’s leader.  Last year’s champion, Dave Bronec, defeated Leon Price, Carl Meinig, and Ryan Schaefer.  Meanwhile, current point leader Tony Price eliminated Robert Fenski and Mike Hansen to earn the single in the semis.  In the final round, Price left with a starting line advantage of .023, but broke out at the finish line stripe by just .007, meaning that ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec would move closer to Price’s points lead.  Hansen was the number one qualifier with a .014 reaction time. 


The final round of Foot Brake eliminations came to Jerry Durant Jr and Jim Lamkin.  Durant Jr, the points leader coming into the day, defeated Bill Brown, Joe Sorensen, a single, and Ron Parks to reach the finals.  Meanwhile, Lamkin eliminated Troy Skinner, a single, Dan Stokes, and Lee Ennis.  In the final round Lamkin had the reaction time advantage, but the closer run was in favor of Durant Jr, making him the winner.  Lamkin’s .018 reaction time earned him the number one qualifier position.


In the Hole in the Hood category, Jay Phillips faced off with Rick Norrington in the final round.  Phillips left off the starting line with a .032 reaction time to get the lead, and took it all the way to the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s circle. Steve Sherman was the lone semi-finalist, while Phillips was the number one qualifier. 


In the Sport Compact Pro category, it was point’s leader Bernd Arndt and Pamela Wolfe in the final round.  Arndt earned a single first round, before defeated Alejandro Razo and Billy Breese to reach the final round.  Opposite him was Wolfe, who’s ’77 Datsun blasted past Ken Schaffer and Bud Kuhns, to earn the semi-final round single.  In the finals, Arndt had a reaction time advantage of .181, and use that to get the holeshot victory, running a 11.869 on the 11.80 dial-in.


For Sport Compact Sportsman eliminations, Hoppy Hopkins and Jorge Espana raced off in the final round of competition. Off the starting line, the advantage went to Hopkins as did the win, when he ran a 17.597 on his 17.55 dial-in.  Christina Presser was the lone semi-finalist.


The Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff category allows first round losers the opportunity to get back behind the wheel and race again.  In the final round, Bill Brown earned the reaction time advantage and powered his way to the win over Mike Dunks Sr.  Rick Ropar was the lone semi-finalist.


Powderpuff competition featured a final round showdown by a pair of young ladies with Kourtney Dixon and Kacee Pitts facing off.  Dixon, 18, defeated Amy Fields to earn the semi-final round single, while Pitts, 16, eliminated Karen Kalsch and Lavonne Goodman.  In the final round, Dixon had a stellar .020 reaction time and ran a 16.817 on her 16.79 dial-in to get the win.  Dixon was also the number one qualifier, with a .004 reaction time.


In the World of Speed Fall Jr Lightning category, Kyler Pitts and Nathan Greene faced off in the final round.  Off the starting line, Pitts had the reaction time advantage and carried his way to victory, running a 8.232 on his 8.21 dial-in. Jake Meithof was the lone semi-finalist. Greene’s .035 was the reaction time needed to earn the number one qualifier position.


For World of Speed Jr Thunder eliminations, the final round came down to Lorenzo Gonzalez and Trevin Walberg.  To make it to the last round of racing, Gonzalez defeated Dylan Hough and Alisha Miller before taking the semi-final round single, while Walberg eliminated Duncan Gray, Ryan Bese, and Nicholas Karr.  In the final round, Walberg had the reaction time advantage (by .102) and Gonzalez ran closer to his dial-in (by .126) meaning the margin of victory of just .024 went in favor of Gonzalez, winner in the Jr Thunder category. Karr was the number one qualifier with a .003.


The Jr Tuff category showcased a final round between Duncan Gray and Conner Rice.  Gray, in his first season of competition, left with a great .042 reaction time and never trailed winning the double-breakout contest against Rice.  Dylan Hough was the lone semi-finalist.

Photos courtesy of heyitsdianne@comcast.net. 

Listed below are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/make), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

W: Bill Heard, Portland OR (’80 Pinto) [.007] 9.143, 145.67 (9.13 dial).
R/U: Guy Mitchell, Milwaukie OR (’63 Nova) [-.003] 10.124, 132.45 (10.11 dial).
Semi’s: Kenny Heard, Ridgefield WA.

W: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR (’72 Nova) [.037] 10.227, 130.11 (10.18 dial).
R/U: Tony Price, Tigard OR (’63 Nova) [.014] 10.413, 125.10 (10.42 dial).
Semi’s: Ryan Schaefer, Tigard OR.

Foot Brake
W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge Ram) [.054] 14.104, 87.63 (13.98 dial).
R/U: Jim Lamkin, Clackamas OR (’75 Monza) [.040] 14.708, 89.99 (14.54 dial).
Semi’s: Ron Parks, Salem OR; Lee Ennis, Beaverton OR.

Hole in the Hood
W: Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR (’74 Duster) [.032] 10.298, 129.42 (10.30 dial).
R/U: Rick Norrington, Oregon City OR (’72 Mustang) [.070] 13.434, 98.56 (13.44 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Sherman, Beavercreek OR.

Sport Compact Pro
W: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.074] 11.869, 104.01 (11.80 dial).
R/U: Pamela Wolfe, Scotts Mills OR (’77 Datsun) [.255] 12.331, 109.36 (12.31 dial).
Semi’s: Billy Breese, Hillsboro OR.

Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Honda) [.074] 17.597, 78.31 (17.55 dial).
R/U: Jorge Espanza, Tigard OR (’91 CRX) [.432] 17.088, 79.13 (17.20 dial).
Semi’s: Christina Presser, Salem OR.

W: Kourtney Dixon, Sweet Home OR (’57 Chevy PU) [.020] 16.817, 79.66 (16.79 dial).
R/U: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’56 Pontiac) [.088] 12.133, 103.51 (12.04 dial).
Semi’s: Lavonne Goodman, Canby OR.

Tualatin Transmissions Run Tuff
W: Bill Brown, Woodburn OR (’72 Dart) [.090] 11.206, 108.21 (11.09 dial).
R/U: Mike Dunks Sr, Springfield OR (’02 Z28) [.375] 13.884, 101.13 (13.90 dial).
Semi’s: Rick Ropar, Portland OR.

World of Speed Jr Lightning
W: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Half Scale) [.086] 8.232, 80.39 (8.21 dial).
R/U: Nathan Greene, Rochester WA (’06 Fluge) [.166] 8.457, 76.73 (8.34 dial).
Semi’s: Jake Meithof, Lafayette OR.

World of Speed Jr Thunder
W: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR (’06 Akton) [.266] 10.895, 57.67 (10.87 dial).
R/U: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) [.164] 9.031, 69.41 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR.

World of Speed Jr Tuff
W: Duncan Gray, Portland OR (’06 Akton) [.042] 12.014, 52.12 (12.04 dial).
R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’04 Akton) [.085] 9.153, 76.31 (9.30 dial).
Semi’s: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR.



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