Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Mopar Mopar Mopar! Drags, Swap, Show complete under blue sky

The 29th running of the ever-popular Mopar Nationals came to a conclusion Sunday, July 20th at Woodburn Dragstrip.  This event, which always boasts a huge number of car show enthusiast, swap meet junkies, and drag racing maniacs didn’t disappoint in the slightest in 2014! Despite early morning sprinkles, the racing made everyone drool as we watched David Biancalana (Super Pro), Robert Rhines (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Randy Ashley (Stick Shift), and Jerry Durant Jr (Run Tuff) all scored wins. Stay tuned to www.woodburndragstrip.com for other exciting events happening in the 2014 season.


The Super Pro category features the most advanced cars as they are under the assistance of delay boxes and throttle stops, and completing the quarter mile between 7.00 – 11.99 seconds. David Biancalana and Forest Fincher lined up in the finals for today’s event.  After Biancalana’s first round opponent couldn’t make the show, he then defeated Kris Taylor and Roger Weddle to reach the final round. Meanwhile, Fincher eliminated Bill Bityk and Cab Burge to earn the semi-final round single.  In the finals, Biancalana ripped off the line with a .009 reaction time start before powering out to a 8.423 on the 8.41 dial-in to get the win.  Taylor’s .007 was the number one qualifying number.


Pro bracket is a category dedicated to vehicles traveling as quick as 9.00 – 13.99 seconds, and having the assistance of a transbrake.  The final round showdown was between Robert Rhines and Pete Schneider.  Rhines made his way into another final by defeating Brian Tomer, Ken Imthurn, Don Gould, and Vann Beckner to earn the semi-final round single. Meanwhile, opponent Schneider defeated Jay Phillips, John Larson, Dan Stokes, Ron Parks, and Dave Kranz to reach the final round.  With both driver’s set up for an exciting match, the race was over before it even began as Schneider turned on the red light bulb, meaning ‘Right Lane’ Robert Rhines would go home the winner.  Tim Lewis was the number one qualifier with a .014.


For the Sportsman category class, cars dial-in a time that is 12.00 seconds and slower, and foot brake their cars.  The final round of this category showcased Derrick Jackson, who defeated Shlo Reitshtein, Brook Baird, Dan Firestone, Steve Kranz, and Alex Polikoff; and Ramon Cooper, who eliminated racers Alex Hill, Mike Mihalisko, Karen Lalsch, Gary Cosmer, and Josh Church.  In the finals, Jackson had the reaction time advantage and put away the victory in doing so, running a 12.679 on his 12.66 dial.  Polikoff was the number one qualifier with a .003.


In the Super Shifter category, manual shifting cars are grouped together to see who is the best gear-banger of the day.  The final round for today’s event featured Randy Ashley and Alik Osheim.  Ashely defeated Jeff Zimnisky, Brian Wilson, Ketiher Leiser, and Dwayne Howard to reach the finals.  Meanwhile, Osheim battled through Rick Livengood, Jennifer Hatcher, and Jim Devine to earn the semi-final round single.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began as Osheim turned on the red light bulb by just -.020.  Leiser’s .020 earned number one qualifier rights. 


The Run Tuff category is one that allows all first round runner-ups the opportunity to continue competing despite their early exits.  Jerry Durant Jr and Bill Brown lined up to face each other in the final round of today’s event.  Durant Jr left first with a solid .073 reaction time, but it wouldn’t matter as Brown’s -.007 ended his chances at beating the two-time and defending Sportsman ET Bracket Finals Champion.  Josh Thomas was the lone semi-finalist.

There were many spectacular vehicles entered into the car show. Of those, winners are listed below:

A-Body Stock – 1st – Jerry Dixon – ’67 Plymouth Baracuda – Vancouver, Wa.
A-Body Stock – 2nd – Jarrod Shank – ’68 Dodge Dart GTS – Red Bluff, Ca.
A-Body Modified – 1st – Woody Rasmussen – ’69 Dodge Dart – Milwaukie, Or.
A-Body Modified – 2nd – Don Phillips – ’69 Dodge Dart – Portland, Or.
B-Body Dodge Stock – 1st – Mark Sundby – ’69 Dodge Coronet RT
B-Body Dodge Stock – 2nd – Randy Rogness – ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona – Salem, Or.
B-Body Dodge Modified – 1st – Gary Navarre – ’68 Dodge Charger RT – The Dallas, Or.
B-Body Dodge Modified – 2nd- Ron Nieminen – ’63 Dodge Polara – Clatskanie, Or.
B-Body Plymouth Stock – 1st – David Lee – ’70 Plymouth GTX – Washougal, Wa.
B-Body Plymouth Stock – 2nd – Janice Sutherland – ’70 Plymouth Superbird – Red Bluff, Ca.
B-Body Plymouth Modified – 1st – Bret M. – ’70 Plymouth RoadRunner – Bend, Or.
B-Body Plymouth Modified – 2nd – Lanny Marshall – ’69 Plymouth RoadRunner – West Linn, Or.
E-Body Stock – 1st – Robert Lee – ’73 Plymouth Cuda – Woodland, Wa.
E-Body Stock – 2nd – Tim Tubbs – ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda – Beavercreek, Or.
E-Body Modified – 1st – Larry Matthews – ’71 Plymouth Cuda – Hillsboro, Or.
E-Body Modified – 2nd – Ray Lancaster – ’70 Plymouth Cuda – Salem, Or.
Hemi’s – 1st – Tom Benson – ’66 Plymouth Satellite Hemi – Damascus, Or.
Hemi’s – 2nd – Craig Klages – ’70 Dodge Challenger RT – Kennewick, Wa.
Convertibles – 1st – Davey Loprinzi – ’70 Plymouth Cuda – Portland, Or.
Convertibles – 2nd – Andrew Jarabak- ’70 Plymouth RoadRunner – Tigard, Or.
’76-’89 Rear Drive – 1st – Mike Graham – ’77 Plymouth RoadRunner – Boring, Or.
’90 & Newer Rear Drive – 1st – David Buckner – ’06 Dodge Charger RT – Tacoma, Wa.
’90 & Newer Rear Drive – 2nd – Debbie Keller – ’06 Dodge Magnum Hemi RT – Parkrose, Or.
New Challengers – 1st – Bryan Fuller – ’11 Dodge Challenger SRT8 – Mead, Wa.
New Challengers – 2nd – Scott Ekman – ’10 Dodge Challenger RT – Battle Grd., Wa.
Front Wheel Drive – 1st – John Mann – ’04 Dodge Neon SRT4 – Vancouver, Wa.
Front Wheel Drive – 2nd – Charlie Lewis – ’03 Dodge Neon – McMinnville, Or.
Mopar Related – 1st – Mark Gratiot – ’67 AMC Rambler Am. – Salem, Or.
Mopar Related – 2nd – Greg Robinson – ’72 AMC Javelin – Hillsboro, Or.
Street Rods – 1st – John Wood – ’33 Dodge DP Sp. Cp. – Philomath, Or.
Steet Rods – 2nd – Gary Hoawrd – ’33 Plymouth PB – Portland, Or.
1950 to 1963’s – 1st – Jack Marontate – ’52 Plymouth Suburban – Newberg, Or.
1950 to 1963’s – 2nd – Mandy Linke – ’62 Plymouth Valiant Wgn. – Banks, Or.
Pick-up / Trucks – 1st – Pete Kuhns – ’64 Dodge A-100 PU – Salem, Or.
Pick-up / Trucks – 2nd – JJ Eastman – ’70 Dodge D-100 – LaCenter, Wa.
Projects – 1st – Don Ryan – ’48 Plymouth Cp. – Ariel, Wa.
Projects – 2nd – Laura Appel – ’66 Plymouth Bel. II – Gervais, Or.
Debbie Keller – ’06 Dodge Magnum RT – Parkrose, Or.
Evan Placek – ’71 Plymouth Duster – Newberg, Or.
Gary Navarre – ’68 Dodge Charger – The Dallas, Or.
Janice Sutherland – ’70 Plymouth Superbird – Red Bluff, Ca.
Best Paint / Use of Color -Debbie Keller – ’06 Dodge Magnum RT – Parkrose, Or.
Best Engine Small Block – Evan Placek – ’71 Plymouth Duster – Newberg, Or.
Best Engine Big Block – Gary Navarre – ’68 Dodge Charger – The Dallas, Or.
Best Engine Hemi – Janice Sutherland – ’70 Plymouth Superbird – Red Bluff, Ca.
Ladies Choice – John Wood – ’33 Dodge DP Sport Cp. Philomath, Or.
Spectators Choice – Joe Virello – ’65 Dodge Dart GT Convertible – Wa.
Best Of Show – Joe Leppert – ’63 Plymouth Savoy – Longview, Wa.

Listed are final round results in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: David Biancalana, Springfield OR (’70 Cuda) [.009] 8.423, 159.57 (8.41 dial).

R/U: Forest Fincher, Pasco WA (’03 Stratus) [.033] 8.466, 161.14 (8.47 dial).
Semi’s: Roger Weddle, Brooks OR.

W: Robert Rhines, Salem OR (’68 Satelite) [.067] 14.554, 76.62 (13.75 dial).

R/U: Pete Schneider, Bend OR (’70 Duster) [-.069] foul.
Semi’s: Dave Kranz, Monroe WA.

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.048] 12.679, 101.79 (12.66 dial).

R/U: Ramon Cooper, Woodland WA (’09 Challenger) [.090] 13.757, 102.21 (13.76 dial).
Semi’s: Alex Polikoff, Corvallis OR; Josh Church, Battleground WA.

Stick Shift
W: Randy Ashley, Sandy OR (’62 Lancer) [-.036] 33.957, 39.40 (11.21 dial).

R/U: Alik Osheim, Beaverton OR (’09 Dodge) [-.020] foul.
Semi’s: Dwayne Howard, Portland OR.

Run Tuff
W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Ram ) [.073] 13.899, 96.89 (13.92 dial).

R/U: Bill Brown, Woodburn OR (’72 Dodge) [-.007] foul.
Semi’s: Josh Thomas, Beavercreek OR.  

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