Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jerry Durant Jr ~ Sportsman Champion

If you’ve been paying attention to the Season in Reviews so far, you’d realize that this driver enjoyed a very successful year.  We could take up an entire page to list this driver’s accomplishments! Multiple-time Division 6 Champion, 9-time Woodburn Dragstrip Track Champion, first person in Woodburn Dragstrip history with 3 Championships in the same season, 2014 NHRA Division 6 Mel Bresaw Memorial ET Driver of the Year, and the list goes on and on.

To start off the 2014 season, Karl Hart earned his first win since the 2011 season when he defeated the dangerous Bob Glafka with a stellar .042 package. At the next event, which was held at the NWDRA Classic, it was one of the NWDRA members who claimed victory when Frank Pettit defeated Dave Keizer in a fantastic race that was separated at the finish line by .018. After back-to-back rainouts, the Season Opener brought one new finalist and one repeat finalist. A-1 Muffler’s Lee Ennis turned a green reaction time into a win light in his lane over Bob Glafka, who was in his second final round of the first three completed events.  With the racing season now into June, the changing of the month favored a certain 2012 and 2013 ET Finals Sportsman Champion.  That certain racer, Jerry Durant Jr, won back-to-back events over Garry Heinrich and John Floyd Jr to shoot from nine rounds out of first to a tie with Glafka for the lead with 360, over third place Floyd Jr with 300.

The next event, which was held Saturday of the Rose Festival Drags, would have brought a tear to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson’s eyes as youth and skillful’s Chance Taylor took down old age and treachery’s Marty Arrigotti in a final round 6 decades in the making!  With a rainout at Sunday’s event, the 11th event in the 14-race series was completed June 29th and showcased June 2014’s Kershaw Knives Racer of the Month Kacee Pitts defeating Garry Heinrich to earn a victory that shot Pitts from 10th to 4th in the points.  The following event, run on July 6th, brought a pair of new finalists into the scene with Derek ‘Spyder’ Ringer and Allen Williams into the final.  However the race was over before it even began when Williams turned on the red light, meaning that in Spyder’s first year of racing he would earn an event win, a surefire highlight to any racer’s career.  Even more importantly, the win took Ringer from 18th to 6th, and into the potential Race of Champions positioning.  With there now only being two events remaining, let’s take a glance at the top five in points: Bob Glafka held the lead with 540 Points, in a tie with Jerry Durant Jr that was only separated by round wins (24-20), with Karl Hart in third with 490, then Kacee Pitts and Garry Heinrich tied for fourth with 460 points.

At the penultimate event, two teenagers with just a couple (or more!) years of experience faced off in the final round when Kacee Pitts defeated Jerry Durant III when Durant III turned on the red light.  Pitts’ win put her third in the points, 5 rounds out of first place Durant Jr (610) and 1 round behind second place Bob Glafka (570). The final day was upon us all on August 16th, and featured an early exit for Glafka to seal Durant’s championship season in the Sportsman category, his fourth in the Sportsman category.  Adam Tabor played spoiler in the Sportsman category when he took down four Woodburn Dragstrip team members who were all jockeying for points, including Derrick Jackson in the final round.  Jackson, who started off the day 14th in the points (with the Top 12 being a part of Team Woodburn), pushed through to his first final of the season to secure the winningest driver in Woodburn Dragstrip history his umpteenth year on our ET Finals team.


At the ET Finals, Team Woodburn continued to put on a clinic in the category.  With many round winners, the final two Team Members in competition were Robert Glafka and Karl Hart.  With Glafka exiting in the semi-finals, it was Karl Hart left.  Off the starting line went Hart and his final round opponent, before the win light came on in Harts lane!! making him the 2014 NHRA Division 6 ET Finals Sportsman Champion. Now, you may ask why we say that we ‘put on a clinic’. In 2013, at Spokane County Raceway, Jerry Durant Jr won in the final round, with Garry Heinrich finishing in the semi’s. In 2012, at Pacific Raceways, Durant Jr. defeated Karl Hart in the finals. In 2011, at Firebird Raceway, Sportsman teammates Derrick Jackson and Dave Wilson faced off in the final-round, with the victory going to Jackson. In 2010, at Mission Raceway, it was again a battle when John Floyd Jr defeated Derrick Jackson in the final round. Finally in 2009, Adam DePeel brought home the big one when he won the ET Finals. What do all of these statistics mean? Since 2009, Woodburn Dragstrip has brought home the Sportsman Title at the ET Finals, and not once, twice, but THREE times had both racers in the finals. If you want to compete in the Sportsman category, you will need more than your ‘A’ game!


How to read Head-to-Head table: To find a comparison of how each driver did facing off against other driver’s read the table starting on the left column, then find the corresponding initials on the top row. For example, in the Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman class, J Durant Jr (left column) had a 1-1 record against R. G. (Robert Glafka) (top row).

  1. Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR, 660 Points
  2. Karl Hart, Portland OR, 600 Points
  3. Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA, 600 Points
  4. Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR, 590 Points
  5. Garry Heinrich, Boring OR, 530 Points
  6. John Floyd Jr, Gresham OR, 530 Points
  7. Derek Ringer, Gaston OR, 530 Points
  8. Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR, 520 Points
  9. Jim/Amy Fields, Beaverton OR, 510 Points

10. Kathy Figini, Oregon City OR, 500 Points

11. Jerry Weber, Albany OR, 500 Points

12. Lee Ennis, Portland OR, 490 Points

13. Tony Bombara, Sutherlin OR, 490 Points



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