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Woodburn, Oregon

Hole in the Hood, High School, World of Speed Jr Series, Sport Compact Winners Decided on Fabulous Weather Day

Yet again, the weatherman proved why they can’t always be trusted, as Saturday’s racing was completed under clear skies. With those clear skies, brought some amazing racing action as Jay Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Kacee Pitts (High School), Dustin Day (Jr Lightning), Kyler Pitts (Jr Thunder), Ryan Bese (Jr Storm), Austin Varner (Jr Tuff), Bernd Arndt (Sport Compact Pro), Hoppy Hopkins (Sport Compact Sportsman), and Jeff Bellikka (Run Tuff) claimed victories.


The Hole in the Hood category is one that brings supercharged, turbocharged, or naturally aspirated cars with the carburetor protruding through the stock hood line together.  Among the racers who showed up, the final two in competition were Jay Phillips and Steve Canton.  Phillips defeated Rick Norrington before earning a single into the final, while Canton downed John Schmidt and Steve Sherman to earn his way into the final two cars.   In the final round, Phillips had the starting line advantage needed to earn his second win in as many races.  As of now, Phillips holds a 40 point lead over second place Canton.


In the High School category, it was again a repeat final as the number one and two qualifiers lined up in the finals.  The number one qualifier, Kacee Pitts, defeated JP Parsons and Emily Mix to reach the final round, while the number two qualifier, Chelbi Hageman, eliminated Spencer David and Jake Roberts.  In the final round, a double breakout determined the winner as Pitts was out by .001, and Hageman was out by .005. Pitts now has a 6-round lead over second place Hageman.


In the World of Speed Jr Lightning category, last year’s champion Dustin Day and Taylor Toftemark lined up to see who would be the winner. Day went through four tough rounds of eliminations by beating Jerold Mix, Chad Tallan, and sister Katie Day, while Toftemark’s defeated opponents were a competition single, Jacob Meithof, and Anthony Friesen.  In the final round, reaction times were separated by only .024 in favor of Day.  At the top end of the race track, both Day and Toftemark ran exactly on their dial-ins, meaning that it was Day’s starting line advantage that earned him the victory.  A round of applause should be given to all Jr Lightning competitors as the qualifying ladder was brutal, with Taylor Toftemark earning number one with a perfect reaction time.


The World of Speed Jr Thunder category showcased one driver who was at his first race of the season, and another who ended up with the point’s lead.  Kyler Pitts decided today would be a good day for racing, and proved his point by defeating Dylan Hough and Trevin Walberg before earning a single. Meanwhile, Conner Rice, defeated Alisha Miller, a single, and number one qualifier Adam Robinson. In the final round, after nearly identical reaction times, the win went in favor of the driver who was closer to his dial-in: Kyler Pitts, by running a 9.47 on his 9.45 dial.  Robinson’s .006 earned number one qualifier efforts.


For the World of Speed Jr Storm category, racers ages 8-10 can compete.  Coming into the event, Rilynn Saucy was number one in the points standings, and she was set to face off against Ryan Bese in the finals.  Bese earned his way into the finals after defeating a single, and Joshua Ohanlon, while Saucy eliminated Ramon Vincent and Lorenzo Gonzalez.  In the finals, Bese erupted to a starting line advantage of almost .2, before earning the double-breakout win over Saucy.  Bese’s .028 got him the number one qualifier award.


In the Sport Compact Series, racers competing in 4- or 6-cylinder import or domestic cars compete for the customized sublimation-machined plaques.  In SC-Pro, Bernd Arndt defeated William Breese in the final round after Breese Turned on the red light. Bud Kuhns and Tim Knudsen was the semi-finalist. In Sport Compact Sportsman, Hoppy Hopkins cruised to victory after running a 17.687 on his 17.55 dial.


Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle make/model) [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Hole in the Hood
W: Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR (’74 Duster) [.048] 10.370, 125.01 (10.30 dial).
R/U: Steve Canton, Boring OR (’63 Corvair) [.153] 10.592, 125.17 (10.54 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Sherman, Beavercreek OR.

High School
W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.034] 13.009, 99.61 (13.01 dial).
R/U: Chelbi Hageman, Blodgett OR (’65 Plymouth) [.124] 11.425, 110.11 (11.43 dial).
Semi’s: Jake Roberts, Monmouth OR; Emily Mix, Aumsville OR.

World of Speed Jr Lightning
W: Dustin Day, Estacada OR (’07 Dragster) [.108] 8.177, 76.62 (8.17 dial).
R/U: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Half Scale) [.132] 7.952, 82.17 (7.95 dial).
Semi’s: Katie Day, Estacada OR; Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR.

World of Speed Jr Thunder
W: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Eickmann) [.072] 9.479, 68.96 (9.45 dial).
R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’06 Akron) [.094] 9.080, 72.35 (8.94 dial).
Semi’s: Adam Robinson, Vancouver WA.

World of Speed Jr Storm
W: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR (’08 Dragster) [.058] 12.338, 49.91 (12.38 dial).
R/U: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek OR (’99 Motivational) [.236] 11.110, 55.87 (11.16 dial).
Semi’s: Lorenzo Gonzales, Portland OR; Joshua Ohanlon, Turner OR.

Sport Compact Pro
W: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.040] 11.806, 117.4 (11.74 dial).
R/U: William Breese, Hillsboro (’92 Talon) [-.033] foul.
Semi’s: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR; Tim Knudsen, Salem OR.

Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Honda) [.135] 17.687, 78.56 (17.55 dial).

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