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Fall Series, Hole in the Hood, Powderpuff, Sport Compact Winners Decided on Hot Hot Day of Racing

The first day of eliminations for the Fall ET Series was as exciting as it was hot. With temperatures pushing the upper 90’s, there was fantastic racing the Fall ET, Fall Jr, Hole in the Hood, and Sport Compact categories. As the sun went down, winners were awarded in the names of Tony McNeal (Electronics), Dale Kraxberger (Transbrake), Lucky Long (Foot Brake), Jay Phillips (Hole in the Hood), Karen Kalsch (Powderpuff), Bernd Arndt (Sport Compact Pro), Steven Ennis (Run Tuff), Carson Wheeler (Fall Jr Lightning), Ramon Vincent (Fall Jr Thunder), and Ryan Bese (Fall Jr Tuff). These racers accomplished great feats.

The Electronics category finals showcased Tony McNeal getting the win over Dan Shepherd. The Bill McNeal owned entry ran a 10.186 on the 10.16 with a stellar .015 reaction time to get the win. Justin Budd was the number one qualifier. The next Fall Series Electronics race will be held on September 14th.

In the Transbrake category, it was Dale Kraxberger getting the victory over Alan Morrill. Morrill was the number one qualifier, and had a .018 in the finals, but had mechanic issues and couldn’t run the number. Kraxberger defeated Dan Goates, Tony Price, and Hollis Runge to reach the finals. The next Fall Series Electronics race will be held on September 14th.

Foot Brake competition brought Lucky Long and Jerry Durant Jr into the final round. Long defeated Armando Marquez, Jerry Weber, a single, and Dirk Douthitt to reach the finals, while Durant Jr eliminated Tony Littleton, Brian Carr, and Karen Kalsch to earn the semi-final round single. In the finals, it was Long with the starting line advantage and the win after Durant Jr broke out at the finish line. Glenn Burbage was the number one qualifier with a .003. The next Fall Series Electronics race will be held on September 14th.

Sport Compact Pro’s final round was between Bernd Arndt and Bud Kuhns. Arndt had the starting line advantage, and needed every bit of it in the holeshot victory over Kuhns, running an 11.929 on his 11.80 dial-in. Pamela Wolfe was the lone semi-finalist. The last Sport Compact points race is scheduled for October 5th.

The Hole in the Hood category again featured Jay Phillips and Rick Norrington in the finals. Phillip’s 1974 Duster left with the starting line advantage and he never looked back, getting the win by running a 10.339 at 129.34mph on his 10.30 dial-in. Herschel Gates was the lone semi-finalist. Watch for final points standings in Hole in the Hood to be determined at the October 5th event.

Powderpuff eliminations had Karen Kalsch and Amy Fields lining up for battle in the finals. Kalsch defeated Kacee Pitts in the first round to earn the competition single in the semi’s, while Fields’ first round single propelled her to the semi’s, where she defeated Lavonne Goodman. In the finals, Fields had the reaction time advantage but broke out at the finish line by only .022, meaning that Kalsch would get the win. With one race left, on October 5th, there are four racers with a chance to claim the season championship. Check out the point’s standings at http://www.woodburndragstrip.com/drag-racing/points-standings.

Run Tuff is a category for racers who have the misfortune of losing in the first round of competition. The finals were between Steven Ennis and Robert Glafka. Ennis defeated Jerry Weber and Dick Arnold, while Glafka eliminated Chuck Lawrence and a competition single. In the finals, Glafka’s reaction time advantage still left him on the wrong side of the win light in a double-breakout contest separated by only .019 seconds.

In Fall Jr Lightning, Carson Wheeler earned the win over Kyler Pitts when he had the reaction time advantage by over .1, running an 8.029 on his 7.90 dial-in. Nathan Greene was the lone semi-finalist. In Fall Jr Thunder, it was Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice competing in the finals. Vincent defeated a competition single, Shawn Cranford, and a laddered single while Rice defeated a single, and Lorenzo Gonzalez to reach the finals. In the finals, Vincent had the reaction time advantage and ran closer to his dial-in to score the victory.

In Jr Tuff, it was Ryan Bese earning the win over Halley Bellikka. Bese, Keizer OR., left with the reaction time advantage, and ran a 12.032 on his 12.01 dial-in to earn the holeshot victory over Bellikka, Milwaukie OR.

W: Bill/Tony McNeal, Milwaukie OR (’57 Chevy) [.015] 10.186, 134.16 (10.16 dial).
R/U: Dan/Vicki Shepherd, Newberg OR (’01 Undercover) [.010] 7.977, 167.94 (7.89 dial).
Semi’s: Justin Budd, The Dalles OR.

W: Dale Kraxberger, Woodburn OR (’69 Roadrunner) [.147] 12.207, 89.83 (11.93 dial).
R/U: Alan Morrill, Amity OR (’96 Mustang) [.018] 13.127, 98.99 (11.95 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Hansen, Aurora OR; Holls Runge, Dallas OR.

Foot Brake
W: Lucky Long, Molalla OR (’66 El Camino) [.029] 12.532, 100.69 (12.50 dial).
R/U: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge) [.057] 14.148, 95.02 (14.16 dial).
Semi’s: Dirk Douthitt, Roseburg OR.

Hole in the Hood
W: Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR (’74 Duster) [.047] 10.339, 129.34 (10.30 dial).
R/U: Rick Norrington, Oregon City OR (’72 Mustang) [.068] 13.394, 99.09 (13.34 dial).
Semi’s: Herschel Gates, Portland OR.

W: Karen Kalsch, Hillsboro OR (’12 Challenger) [.242] 14.113, 100.79 (13.85 dial).
R/U: Amy Fields, Tigard OR (’89 S-10) [.168] 12.128, 102.31 (12.15 dial).
Semi’s: Lavonne Goodman, Canby OR.

Sport Compact Pro
W: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR (’93 Corrado) [.157] 11.929, 101.47 (11.80 dial).
R/U: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR (’88 CRX) [.279] 12.062, 111.19 (11.98 dial).
Semi’s: Pamela Wolfe, Scotts Mills OR.

Tualatin Trans Run Tuff
W: Steven Ennis, Beaverton OR (’73 Nova) [.059] 12.218, 107.95 (12.24 dial).
R/U: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA (’70 Torino) [.036] 12.119, 104.67 (12.16 dial).
Semi’s: Dick Arnold, Washougal WA.

Jr Lightning
W: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR (’04 Eickmann) [.029] 8.029, 80.40 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR (’10 Half Scale) [.147] 8.286, 79.75 (8.25 dial).
Semi’s: Nathan Greene, Rochester WA.

Jr Thunder
W: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Akton) [.070] 12.047, 52.66 (11.98 dial).
R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’05 Akton) [.173] 9.020, 74.39 (8.91 dial).
Semi’s: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR [.275] 12.032, 53.67 (12.01 dial).
R/U: Hailey Bellikka, Milwaukie OR [.481] 10.921, 58.90 (10.90 dial).

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