Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

E. Mix, Hough, Saucy claim Jr Wallys, Nostalgia Hot Rod Series, World of Speed Jr Dragster, Pickup, Powderpuff Series claim Points

In a day where races decided by thousandths of a second, there were winners claimed in the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series, World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series, Pickup Series, and Powderpuff Series. Mark Dawson (Top Gas), Nicholas Shepherd (Hot Rod I), Dean Tabert (Street Machine I), Justin Caldwell (Hot Rod II), Tony Bombara (Street Machine II), Dick Arnold (Stick Shift), Richard Bjerklund (Inline/Flathead), Lavonne Goodman (Powderpuff), Robert Schaefer (Pickup), and Jim Goodman (Run Tuff) all claimed winner’s trophies on this Saturday. Amongst these winners, there were also Wallys awarded to Emily Mix (Jr Lightning), Dylan Hough (Jr Thunder), and Rilynn Saucy (Jr Storm). A reminder that the next Nostalgia Hot Rod Series race is August 9-10, next World of Speed Jr Drag Racing Series is July 19th, Pickup Series race is August 2nd, and Powderpuff Series race is September 6th.

Top Gas racing came down to Mark Dawson and Rene Crunelle in the final round. Dawson defeated John Theofelis, Debbie Dawson, and Mike Miller, while Crunelle eliminated Loretta McCool, Gary Wargnier, and Kevin Petersen to reach the finals. In the final round, both driver’s had nearly identical reaction times, with the win going to Dawson by running a 8.744 on the 8.73 dial-in. Petersen was the number one qualifier with a .001.

In the Hot Rod I category, Nicholas Shepherd and Rick Sales Sr lined up to do battle. The Shep’s journey to the final was through Roy Panschow, Dan Stokes and Tony Price before earning a single in the semis. Meanwhile, Sales Sr earned wins against Tim McDaniel, a competition single, a laddered single, and Rochelle Pappel. In the final round, Sales Sr had the reaction time advantage but couldn’t pull out the win after breaking out by just .005. Michael Cairy was the number one qualifier with a .003.

Street Machine I eliminations, it was a Chevrolet versus a Dodge in the final round. The Chevrolet of Dean Tabert defeated Rich Andrews, Dave Nassimbene, and John Maul before earning the semi-final round single. The Dodge of Jeff Taylor took wins over Dave Bronec, Steve Williams, a competition single, and Tim Miller to reach the final two. In the finals, Taylor left second with a .024 reaction time to Tabert’s .014, and couldn’t put a good E.T. together as Dean ‘The Honey Badger’ Tabert ran a 9.083 on the 9.05 dial. Miller’s .015 reaction time earned him the number one qualifier position.

The Hot Rod II class showcased Justin Caldwell and Dawn Dietrich in the final round. Caldwell’s defeats over Lyle Scott, Devon Hilton, and Rich Strobehn led to his appearance, while Dietrich scored wins against a competition single, Garry Heinrich, and Derek Ringer. In the finals, Dietrich had the reaction time advantage, but broke out at the finish line giving the win to Caldwell. Strobehn was the number one qualifier with a .017.

Street Machine II eliminations featured Tony Bombara and Allen Williams in the finals. Bombara made his trip by eliminating Duane Turner and Harry Cole, while Williams eliminated Kacee Pitts and Michael McFadden. In the finals, Bombara’s excellent .020 reaction time coupled with a 12.563 on the 12.56 earned him the win. Cole was the number one qualifier.

The Stick Shift category had a final round showdown between the number one and number two qualifier. The number one, Dick Arnold, defeated Mark Boehi to earn the semi-final round single. Meanwhile, number two qualifier Shawn Choruby defeated Paul Carbaugh and Bruce Poppino to reach the finals. In that final, Arnold had the big starting line advantage and never looked back to score the wire-to-wire win. Arnold’s .030 earned him number one qualifier rights.

Inline/Flathead competition came down to Richard Bjerklund and CJ Stoakes. Bjerklund defeated Michael Bjerklund in the quarterfinals before beating Doug Powers to reach the finals. Opposite him was last year’s Champion Stoakes, who defeated Jerry Stauffer before earning a single in the semis. In the finals, Stoakes earned a reaction time advantage of over .02, but broke out at the finish line stripe to lose. Stoakes’ .010 was the number one qualifying number.

The World of Speed Jr Lighting category’s points event featured Wes Morris and Katie Kapler in the final round to face off. Morris defeated Adam Lint, Josh McMyne, and Emily Girard to reach the finals, while Kapler eliminated Kacee Pitts, Jerold Mix, and Yeshua Wilcox. In the finals, Morris had the reaction time advantage and never looked back to secure the win. Jerold Mix was the number one qualifier with a .015.

The World of Speed Jr Thunder category brought Alisha Miller and Dylan Hough into a final round showdown. ‘AJ’ defeated Nathan Greene, Conner Rice, and Kyler Pitts. Meanwhile, Hough earned victories over a competition single, Haylie Crawford, and a laddered single. In the finals, Miller took a reaction time advantage of over .07 to get the holeshot win. Hough’s .014 earned number one qualifier efforts.

In the World of Speed Jr Storm category, it was Ramon Vincent and Hailey Bellikka in the finals. Vincent eliminated MacKenzie Adenau and Rilynn Saucy to reach the finals, while Bellikka defeated Lorenzo Gonzalez and Ryan Bese. In the finals, Vincent had the reaction time advantage and ran closer to his number to get the win. His .042 reaction time also claimed number one qualifier efforts.

Starting in the 2013 season, the Pickup Series is one that has grown substantially. At this event, it featured Robert Schaefer and Jerry Durant III in the final round. Schaefer eliminated racers Mike O’Leary, Jerry Cogar, and Meagan Leturno to reach the finals. Meanwhile, Durant III battled through Tony Bombara, a single, Harry Cole, and father Jerry Durant Jr. In the finals, Schaefer uncorked a blistering .003 reaction time to get the event win. Durant III’s .033 earned him number one qualifier rights.

New to this year is the Powderpuff class, letting the ladies cut loose on the line! Two first time finalist in the Powderpuff series lined up on this day. Lavonne Goodman was one half of the finals, having defeated Karen Kalsch and Kacee Pitts, while Brianna Marshall lined up opposite her after defeating Meagan Leaturno and Amy Fields. In the finals, Goodman had the reaction time advantage and needed it to get the win as Marshall powered down to a 19.007 on the 19.00. Kacee Pitts was the number one qualifier with a .030.


Jr Dragsters were also in competition on this day to win Summit Jr Dragster Challenge Wally’s.  The Jr Lightning category featured Emily Mix and Wes Morris in the final round.  Both driver’s dialed heads-up 7.92s, but the race was over before it even began as Morris turned on the red light bulb by .010.  In the Thunder category, Nathan Greene and Dylan Hough faced off for the Wally.  Off the starting line timers, Hough had a reaction time advantage of .06 and took the victory from there, running a 8.937 on his 8.91 dial-in.  For Storm competitors, if your name was Rilynn Saucy or Lorenzo Gonzalez, you were in the finals.   With both driver’s having green reaction times, it would come down to who had the car dialed in the best. The answer to that: 11.229 on the 11.21 for Saucy, earning her the Summit Jr Dragster Wally.

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