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26th Annual Hot Rod Nationals Was One for the Ages

With the completion of the 26th Annual Bi-Mart Hot Rod Nationals, another spectacular event was put to rest with satisfaction reaching as far as the eye could see. Through amazing feature cars runs, to the bracket competitors racing for yearend glory, this event will continue to be one that glues you to your seat.  Winning names were Howard Anderson (AA/Supercharged), Mike Floyd (Top Eliminator), Chris Marshall (Pro Nostalgia), Marty Stewart (Nostalgia Eliminator), Cliff Mansfield (Top Gas), Jarod Anderson (Hot Rod I), Gregg Heriford (Street Machine I), Garry Heinrich (Hot Rod II), Kacee Pitts (Street Machine II), Mark Allan Dolan (Stick Shift), and Michael Bjerklund (Inline/Flathead). The final Nostalgia Hot Rod Series event will be on September 27th


The AA/Supercharged category features ‘The Baddest of the Gassers’ in pre-1954 styled door cars.  At this event, the final round battle was between number one qualifier Howard Anderson and number two Troy Owen.  Anderson, who had a bracket car through the first two rounds of eliminations, ran a pair of spectacular 6.516’s (at 213.11 and 209.25 miles per hour) to take down Mike Molea and Mitch Chamberlin.  Opposite him, Owen ran a 6.571 at 212.76 and a 6.581 at 211.96 to defeat Joel Matton and Gary Reinero.  In the final round, Owen ran another strong pass with a 6.559 at 211.96, but it was no match as Anderson rocketed down the track to set low ET and top speed with a 6.500 at 214.48mph.  For more information regarding the AA/Supercharged category and its members, visit http://www.aasupercharged.net.


Top Eliminator is a nostalgia dragster category built on a 7.60 dial-in.  Mike Floyd and Dennis Gorans faced off in the final round of eliminations.  Floyd earned a competition broke single in the first round that he turned into a round two win over Bob Rude, while Gorans defeated Roy Ranquist and Erik Krume.  In the final round, it was a reaction time advantage for Gorans but the win to Floyd, after running a stellar 7.700 at 180.28mph on his 7.60 index.  Pictures, history, and schedule information available at www.nwntea.org.


Pro Nostalgia is a category for 1970 and older vehicles, as well as ’78 and older Nostalgia Funny cars.  Chris Marshall and Lloyd Hamilton lined up in the final round to see who would take home the glories of this event.  Marshall defeated Todd Miller and Mike Peck to reach the final round, while Hamilton eliminated number one qualifier Russ Parker and then DeWayne Sanders.  In the finals, Marshall had the reaction time advantage and earned the win at the finish line, running a 6.772 on his 6.52 dial-in.  Excitement was abounding throughout eliminations, as is a custom in the Pro Nostalgia category.  To learn more, check out their official website at http://www.pronostalgia.org.  In the Nostalgia Eliminator category, Marty Stewart defeated Aaron Faller in the finals.  Stewart ran a 7.443 at 184.84mph on his 7.35, while recently-licensed Faller ran a 7.317 at 182.07mph.  Ralph Fox was the lone semi-finalist.


The Dragster/Roadster category is one that showcases 1969 and older dragsters and roadsters/altereds.  The final round featured the 1948 Fiat Topolino of Ron Austin, and the ’69 Front Engine Dragster of Tommy Stanford.  Austin, a three-time champion of the category, defeated Ted Hainline, a competition single, and current point’s leader Mike Ekerson in the semi’s.  Meanwhile, Stanford’s dragster ran past John Hamilton, Gary Hogansen, and Rodney Lucas.  In the finals, it was Austin with the reaction time advantage and the win.  With just one points race left, at the 28th Annual Fall Classic, the battle will be fierce. Current leader Ekerson holds just a one round lead over second place Stanford (222), who is tied for that position with Hogansen. Still in the conversation is four place Steve Marcus with 209, and the Giant Slayer Jeff Lewis, sitting fifth with 194 points. 


In the Top Gas category, racers run between 7.00 and 11.99 seconds, and use the assistance of either a delay box or throttle stop device. At this event, the final round showdown came to Cliff Mansfield and Mike Miller.  Mansfield’s blast into the finals was through a competition breakage single, Debbie Dawson, Michael Boyd, and Rod Souza. Meanwhile, his opponent Miller defeated Dale Purcell, Don Washington, Ron Pappel, and Rene Crunelle.  In the finals, Mansfield left with the reaction time advantage and never looked back, getting the win with a 10.043 on the 10.04 dial-in.  With Miller’s runner-up, he leapfrogged into number one in the points standings (240), closely followed by Crunelle (230), Pappel (210), D. Dawson (200), and Mark Dawson (200).  


For the Hot Rod I category, racers in vehicles 1966 and older and running 9.00 to 12.99 compete against each other.  In the final round of this matchup, it was Jarod Anderson and Ron Parks.  Anderson, who won the Non-Electronics Pro gambler on Saturday, defeated Ron Wirostek, Jim Pray, Jan Schroeder, and Rick Sales Sr to earn a single in the semi’s.  For Parks: Jim Carr, Steve Gregory, Brett Davis, Pinky Garver, and Rochelle Pappel were the eliminated racers.  In the finals, Anderson’s good fortune continued by running a 10.929 on his 10.92, coupled with his reaction time advantage, to earn the victory.  Heading into the finals points race, the standings are as follows: Sales Sr with 280 still leads the pack, but Parks is right behind at 250 as the only person with a statistical change to nab away the championship.


Street Machine I is a class that features vehicles 1967-1979, running as quick as 9.00 – 12.99.  Gregg Heriford and Gary Wood lined up against each other in the final round to see who would escape with the trophy and valuable points.  Heriford’s journey into the finals was through Lindsay Wurn, Kenny O’Keefe, and John Rheinberger. On Wood’s side of the ladder: Karen Odman, a competition single, Steve Williams, and Bill Muchow were the defeated racers.  In the finals, Heriford erupted with a .001 reaction time start, running a 10.387 on his 10.35 to score the victory.  With his win, Heriford moved into third in the point’s standings with 210 points.  Sitting first is Dean Tabert with 280 points, closely followed by Dave Bronec with 270.


In Hot Rod II, racers compete that have vehicles 1966 and older, and run 12.00 seconds and slower.  Advancing into the finals was Garry Heinrich and Devon Hilton.  Heinrich, the incoming point’s leader, defeated Justin Caldwell, Gordon Smith, Dan Swick, and Mark Tabert.  Meanwhile, Hilton defeated Bret Swopes, Rose Ann Hamness, Marty Arrigotti, and Cliff Stuart.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began when Hilton turned on the red light, meaning that Heinrich would extend his point’s lead by just a touch over the second-place point’s earner.  After tallying the marks, Heinrich leads with 280 points, Hilton in second with 250, and Justin Caldwell sitting third with 210.


For the Street Machine II class, racers who have vehicles dated 1967-1979 and run 12.00 seconds and slower compete.  The finals for today’s event was between Kacee Pitts and Jim Lamkin.  Pitts defeated Robert Glafka, Casey Miller, and Tony Bombara to reach the finals, while Lamkin eliminated Gilbert Funderburg, Gordon Rust, Chris West, and Dale Kraxberger.  In the finals, Lamkin turned on the red light bulb by .007, ending his chance at the big trophy short by one round.  For points, Bombara now stands in first with 230, chased tightly by Duane Turner and Robert Glafka with 210.


The Stick Shift category is for competitors who run manual shifting machines built pre-1979.  Mark Allan Dolan, who defeated John Selman, Zac Summers, and number one qualifier Paul Carbaugh, faced off against Mark Dowell, who earned wins over Bruce Poppino, Troy Skinner, and Bob Johnson.  In the finals, Dowell’s excitement came through too plentifully, leading to a red light start, meaning that the win would go to Mark Allan Dolan.  Carbaughs semi-final finish pushed him closer to catching point’s leader Dick Arnold, who’s total of 250 holds a 30 point lead going into the last race.


The Inline/Flathead category is for competitors who race with either an inline or flathead powered engine.  Michael Bjerklund and Walt Skoczylas were the two contestants that lined up in the finals to face each other. Bjerklund defeated points leader CJ Stoakes, Walt Pearce, and Dave Mueller to head into the final round, while Skoczylas eliminated Doug Powers and Jim Johnson to earn the semi-final round single.  Final round showcased a pair of nearly identical reaction starts, with Bjerklund getting the edge when he ran an 18.756 on the 18.75 dial-in, while Skoczylas ran an 11.942 on the 11.92 dial. The points show Stoakes in the lead with 260, but just on the cusp sits Dave Mueller with 210 points. It’ll all be decided at the final Nostalgia Hot Rod Series event, set for just over a month away on September 27th.


Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

W: Howard Anderson, Applegate CA (’38 Chevy Coupe) [.116] 6.500, 214.48.

R/U: Troy Owen, Albany OR (’41 Willys Coupe) [.095] 6.559, 211.96.
Semi’s: Mitch Chamberlin, Orting WA; Gary Reinero, Merced CA.

Top Eliminator
W: Mike Floyd, Battle Ground WA (Hill) [.139] 7.700, 180.28 (7.60 dial).

R/U: Dennis Gorans, Longview WA (’96 Gorans) [.087] 7.847, 184.46 (7.60 dial).
Semi’s: Erik Krume, Castle Rock WA; Roy Ranquist, Burnaby BC.

Pro Nostalgia
W: Chris Marshall, McMinnville OR (’37 Fiat) [.046] 6.772, 187.73 (6.52 dial).

R/U: Lloyd Hamilton, Forest Grove OR (’00 Jerry Hill) [.119] 7.280, 190.71 (6.90 dial).
Semi’s: DeWayne Sanders, Albany OR; Mike Peck, Woodinville WA.

Nostalgia Eliminator
W: Marty Stewart, Wilsonville OR (’57 Chevy) [.120] 7.443, 184.84 (7.35 dial).

R/U: Aaron Faller, Marysville WA (’00 FED) [.405] 7.317, 182.07 (7.00 dial).
Semi’s: Ralph Fox, LaCenter WA.

W: Ron Austin, Medford OR (’48 Topolino) [.031] 8.825, 141.66 (8.80 dial).

R/U: Tommy Stanford, Sherwood OR (’69 FED) [.096] 8.886, 149.62 (8.82 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Ekerson, Tigard OR; Rodney Lucas, Orting WA.

Top Gas
W: Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR (’73 Ford) [.021] 10.043, 127.22 (10.04 dial).

R/U: Mike Miller, Portland OR (’71 Pinto) [.046] 9.061, 149.72 (9.05 dial).
Semi’s: Rod Souza, Eugene OR; Rene Crunelle, Hillsboro OR.

Hot Rod I
W: Jarod Anderson, Springfield OR (’55 Chevy) [.061] 10.929, 121.50 (10.92 dial).

R/U: Ron Parks, Salem OR (’65 Coronet) [.130] 10.767, 120.96 (10.79 dial).
Semi’s: Rochelle Pappel, Eugene OR.

Street Machine I
W: Gregg Heriford, Vancouver WA (’72 Vega) [.001] 10.387, 121.53 (10.35 dial).

R/U: Gary Wood, Port Orchard WA (’68 Chevy II) [.091] 10.368, 130.62 (10.31 dial).
Semi’s: Bill Muchow, Melba ID; John Rheinberger, Shoreline WA.

Hot Rod II
W: Garry Heinrich, Boring OR (’65 Olds Cutlass) [.033] 12.409, 108.70 (12.37 dial).

R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’56 Chieftain) [-.029]12.254, 99.54 (12.20 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Tabert, Sherwood OR; Cliff Stuart, Bend OR.

Street Machine II
W: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR (’69 Nova) [.057] 12.939, 102.38 (12.92 dial).

R/U: Jim Lamkin, Clackamas OR (’75 Monza) [-.007] 14.695, 89.82 (14.66 dial).
Semi’s: Dale Kraxberger, Woodburn OR.

Stick Shift
W: Mark Allan Dolan, Oregon City OR (’68 Chevy) [.094] 10.422, 130.71 (10.35 dial).

R/U: Mark Dowell, Brightwood OR (’64 Chevelle) [-.205] 10.565, 129.83 (10.49 dial).
Semi’s: Bob Johnson, Salem OR; Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale OR.

W: Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon OR (’68 Dart) [.070] 18.756, 71.39 (18.75 dial).

R/U: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha OR (’54 Dragster) [.072] 11.942, 107.84 (11.92 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Mueller, Kelso WA.

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