Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Kenny Jones Claims King of the Valley at 36th Thunder Truck Drags

The 36th Annual Lucas Oil Thunder Truck Drags was completed under warm blue skies on August 2nd.  Over 100 trucks were grinding those gears down the ¼ mile to see who would earn the wins.  At the end of the day, wins were awarded to Scott McElroy (Big Rig A), Kenny Jones (Big Rig B), Doug Buchheit (Big Rig C), and Eric Anderson (Big Rig D), Jerry Durant Jr (Pickup Series), Cliff Mansfield (Hot Truck), Alyssa Green (4X4 Gas), and Wes Trivelpiece (4X4 Diesel).  All-in-all, a great time was had by everybody in attendance.

After the four winners were determined in the Big Rig category, a special ‘King of the Valley’ challenge was issued, and showcased the four winner’s facing off to see who the best Big Rig racer of them all is.  Kenny Jones took down Eric Anderson in the first half of the semi after having a stellar .062 reaction time start, and Scott McElroy earned the narrow double-breakout win over Doug Buchheit in the other half.  In the finals,  Kenny Hones had the reaction time advantage and never looked back to get the win. 


On this day a regular Pickup series point’s battle was also run, with Jerry Durant Jr and Bart Sowa facing off in the finals.  Durant Jr had to battle through Charlie Gould, Scott Stoner, and Harry Cole to reach a semi-final round single.  Meanwhile, Sowa eliminated Don Hepner, Harry Harvey, a single, and Jerry Bland to reach the finals.  In the finals, it was Sowa with the reaction time advantage by .02, but Durant Jr ran closer to his posted dial-in, earning him the victory.  Cole was the number one qualifier with a .010.


The Hot Truck category is one that features the fastest of the pickup trucks racing off.  Cliff Mansfield and Olliver Baxter faced off against each other in today’s final.  Mansfield defeated Jeff Poleski, and John Poublon to reach the final round, while Baxter raced past Mike Scheele, Matt Rumgay, and Martha Brett.  In the finals, Mansfield had the reaction time advantage and was able to use that to his advantage after Baxter broke out at the finish line.  Brett’s .036 earned her the number one qualifier award.


In the 4X4 Gas category, Alyssa Green and Dennis Wolfenbarger lined up in the final round with a pair of Chevy Silverados.  The 2013 model of Green defeated Jeff Dyck, Travis Hilton, and Albert Schroeder, while the 2008 of Wolfenbarger eliminated Tim King, and Richard Hepner before earning the single.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began as Wolfenbarger turned on the red light, meaning that Green would be the winner in the 4X4 Gas category.


For the 4X4 Diesel boys and girls, it was Wes Trivelpiece and John Hofenbredl in the final round.  Trivelpiece’s journey into the final round was through Jason Shaw, Todd McMillan, and Grant Cribbs, while Hofenbredl defeated Josh Gwynn, Jerome Bittner, and Kenny Buchheit.  In the finals, it was Trivelpiece with the reaction time advantage and the win at the finish line stripe.  Cribb’s .006 earned him the number one qualifier award.


Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle make/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Big Rig King of the Valley
W: Kenny Jones, Wilbur OR (’06 W900L) [.057] 17.444, 71.66 (17.50 dial).

R/U: Scott McElroy, Waldport OR (Low Boy) [.372] 20.948, 34.92 (21.20 dial).
Semi’s: Eric Anderson, Port Angeles WA; Doug Buchheit, Salem OR.

Big Rig A
W: Scott McElroy, Waldport OR (Low Boy) [.198] 21.252, 61.21 (21.10 dial).

R/U: Biglogs, Myrtle Creek OR (’07 Kentworth) [.479] 20.764, 72.81 (20.50 dial).

Big Rig B
W: Kenny Jones, Wilbur OR (’06 W900L) [.157] 18.002, 73.14 (17.50 dial).

R/U: Smoke Oakley, Yreka CA (’97 PTRB) [.142] 19.347, 77.70 (18.50 dial).

Big Rig C
W: Doug Buchheit, Salem OR (’55 Freightliner) [.247] 23.865, 58.75 (24.10 dial).

R/U: John Goodell, Philomath OR (’06 Peterbilt) [-.119] 20.090, 68.94 (19.70 dial).

Big Rig D
W: Eric Anderson, Port Angeles WA (’77 Kenworth) [.233] 15.620, 88.70 (15.45 dial).

R/U: Bill Weissenfluh, Canyon City OR (’00 Kenworth) [.117] 12.289, 95.64 (15.00 dial).

Pickup Series
W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Ram) [.098] 14.197, 85.64 (14.11 dial).

R/U: Bart Sowa, Portland OR (’72 Chevy) [.079] 14.221, 94.23 (14.08 dial).
Semi’s: Jamy Bland, White Salmon OR.

Hot Truck
W: Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR (’73 Ford) [.096] 10.202, 129.58 (10.02 dial).
R/U: Olliver Baxter, Canby OR (’74 F-150) [.126] 11.587, 113.36 (11.63 dial).
Semi’s: Martha Brett, Brush Prairie WA.

4X4 Gas Pickups
W: Alyssa Green, Willamina OR (’13 Silverado) [.123] 16.653, 82.09 (16.40 dial).
R/U: Dennis Wolfenbarger, Sheridan OR (’08 Chevy) [-.043] 17.070, 80.37 (16.99 dial).
Semi’s: Albert Schroeder, Molalla OR.

4X4 Diesel Pickups
W: Wes Trivelpiece, Yamhill OR (’12 Ram) [.105] 17.109, 65.87 (16.90 dial).
R/U: John Hofenbredl, Dallas OR (’10 Ford) [.302] 15.493, 92.82 (15.20 dial).
Semi’s: Kenny Buchheit, Aumsville OR; Grant Cribbs, Dallas OR.

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