Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Inaugural Jet Car Nationals Completed, Oregon State Championships decided

The Inaugural Jet Car Nationals were run to completion Thursday night under the lights.  EIGHT passes of the Jet Dragsters and Funny Cars were completed with amazing fire shows, and a pair of Outlaw Roadsters lit up the stage with six-second passes abound.  Also completing exhibition passes were a pair of Top Fuel Harleys, and the Nostalgia BB Funny Cars of Ron Huegli and Mark Tarabochia, busting out 200mph passes like they were going out of style!  On the bracket racing portion, Mike Nicholson (Super Pro), Steve Stuart (Pro), Jerry Durant Jr (Sportsman), Yeshua Wilcox (Jr Lightning) and Trevin Walberg (Jr Thunder) are your 2014 Oregon State Champions as this annual event make it’s time to Woodburn Dragstrip this year.


Super Pro brought a level of competition that was born for this Thursday night’s elimination set.  In the final round it was a pair of dragsters as Mike Nicholson and Dennis Weddle lined up to do battle.  Nicholson left first with a .009 reaction time start and never looked back, powering out to an 8.532 at 153.34mph to take the win over Weddle who broke out at the finish line.  Mark Dawson was the lone semi-finalist, defeated after Weddle laid down a .030 package.  Al Salchenberg was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time, and will receive a perfect light t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the Suppliers of Goodyear, Hoosier, and Mickey Thompson race tires.


In Pro bracket, it was another race decided by a breakout.  Steve Stuart and Robert Rhines lined up, with Stuart’s starting line advantage of over .1 getting him the needed space at the finish line to earn the victory.  Rhines earned his semi-final victory over Michael Pliska when the Chevy Vega of Pliska turned on the red light by .008.  Steve Canton was the number one qualifier with a .018 reaction time.  


The Sportsman category brought a final round showdown between the number one and three qualifiers. Number three qualifier Jerry Durant Jr left the starting line first with a .026 reaction time. Number one qualifier Dan Swick also left with a .026…unfortunately for him though it was on the red side, meaning that Durant Jr scored himself a wally plaque and Oregon State Championship in the Sportsman category.  Kacee Pitts was the lone semi-finalist, getting out packaged by Durant Jr while Swick took a single into the finals.  Swick’s .007 earned number one qualifier rights.


Jr Lighting’s final round was a fight between Yeshua Wilcox and Billie Brown.  Wilcox, an accomplished racer out of Bonney Lake, would leave second to Brown out of North Bend, OR.  Brown launched off the starting line first, unfortunately turning on the red light start by -.015.  Brandon Marcheski was the number one qualifier with a .002.


In the Jr Thunder category, Trevin Walberg and Ramon Vincent lined up into the final round of eliminations to see who would take home the Jr Thunder Oregon State Championships.  The final round showed Walberg erupting off the starting line with a .018 reaction time to get the win despite Vincent running a 12.034 on his 12.03.  Nicholas Karr was the number one qualifier with a .004.


The Run Tuff category showed off Brad Swinford and Ron Pappel in the final round.  Swinford eliminated Hollis Runge in the semi-final round, while Pappel had the single. Swinford and Pappel agreed to split the final round and both go into Friday as Winners.


In the Jr Tuff category, Dylan Hough blasted into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle after getting a reaction time advantage over Nathan Greene of over .1, then running a 9.080 on his 9.08.

Listed are Final Round Results in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Super Pro
W: Mike Nicholson, Vancouver WA (’01 Undercover) [.009] 8.532, 153.34 (8.51 dial).

R/U: Dennis Weddle, Salem OR (’08 TNT) [.045] 8.017, 167.09 (8.03 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin OR.
Quarters: Dave Sattem, Camas WA; Rene Crunelle, Hillsboro OR.

W: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR (’66 Chevelle) [.020] 9.166, 138.88 (9.12 dial).

R/U: Robert Rhines, Salem OR (’68 Pontiac) [.141] 11.124, 112.54 (11.16 dial).
Semi’s: Michael Pliska, Happy Valley OR.
Quarters: Ron Parks, Salem OR; Pat Figini, Oregon City OR; Pat James, Boring OR.

W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge) [.026] 13.808, 97.47 (13.84 dial).

R/U: Dan Swick, Dufur OR (’64 Rambler) [-.026] foul.
Semi’s: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR.
Quarters: Harry Cole, Gresham OR; Dawn Dietrich, Battleground WA; Jerry Weber, Albany OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Yeshua Wilcox, Bonney Lake WA (’10 Half Scale) [-.005] 7.895, 82.89 (7.90 dial).

R/U: Billie Brown [-.015] foul.
Semi’s: Brandon Marcheski, Mesa AZ; Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR.
Quarters: Austin Varner, Astoria OR; Jerold Mix, Aumsville OR; Katie Kapler, Tacoma WA; Emily Mix, Aumsville OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) [.018] 9.156, 70.08 (9.06 dial).

R/U: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR (’06 Akton) [.132] 12.034, 52.59 (12.03 dial).
Semi’s: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR; Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR.
Quarters: AJ Miller, Warren OR; Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR. 

Jr Tuff
W: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR (’14 Mike Bos) [.052] 9.080, 72.91 (9.08 dial).

R/U: Nathan Green, Rochester WA (’06 Akron) [.211] 8.959, 73.94 (8.98 dial).
Semi’s: Josh McMyne, Salem OR.

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