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Rain wins in the end, but not before most winners are crowned at Bi-Mart sponsored Tulip Festival Drags

Day one of the 12th Annual Bi-Mart sponsored Tulip Festival Drag Race was run to near-completion, with all but three categories determining a winner.  Despite drizzly weather all day long, it was a great day of close racing. Winners were determined in Street Machine I (Dave Bronec), Hot Rod II (Lucky Long), Street Machine II (Robert Glafka), Inline/Flathead (CJ Stoakes), Stick Shift (Dick Arnold), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), Jr Storm (Rilynn Saucy) and Jr Tuff (Lorenzo Gonzalez).  Classes that weren’t completed were Top Gas (Semi-Finals), Hot Rod I (Finals), and Jr Lightning (Finals). Thanks to the courteous people of Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms, a bouquet of Tulips was given away to all winners.  If you would like to visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms you must hurry, as they will be closing down May 4th!


In Pro Nostalgia, DeWayne Sanders blasted to a 6.800 at 199.24mph to take the provisional number one qualifier position, with Paul New’s 6.950 at 202.15 and Chris Marshall’s 6.990 at 197.15 rounding out the top three qualifiers.  In Dragster/Roadster, Gary Hogansen took the provisional number on with a great .040 reaction time. Both classes were only able to complete one round of qualifying.


Top Gas was able to get down to the semi-final round before racing was put on hold. The final four racers in competition were Debbie Dawson, Mike Miller, Richard Dietrich, and Ron Pappel.  Miller was the number one qualifier, with a perfect reaction time from earlier.


Hot Rod I competition came down to the final two competitors before rain eventually had its way.  Jim Estes was one of those racers, as the Flyin’ ’52 Henry J eliminated Tim McDaniel, Ron Parks, and Matt Warner before getting a single into the final round.  Opposite him was Roy Panschow, defeating Dan Stokes, Scott Davis, a single, Tony Price.  Rick Sales Sr was the number one qualifier with a .001 reaction time.


For the Street Machine I category, it was fun to watch as every higher-qualified car moved into the next round…almost!  Dave Bronec defeated John Rheinberger, Kevin Fletcher, and Jim Goodman to reach the final, while Jeff Sievers eliminated Tony Littleton and Steve Williams before earning a single.  In the final round, the race was over before it began when Sievers turned on the red light by -.014, meaning the number two qualifier would win over the number one.


In the Hot Rod II class, Lucky Long and Devon Hilton matched off in the final round.  Long fought through Justin Caldwell, Marty Arrigotti, and a laddered single to reach the final round.  For Hilton, the defeated opponents were Gordon Smith, Jeff Enger, and Garry Heinrich.  In a very exciting final round, the drivers left the starting line with nearly identical reaction times separated by .007, before Hilton broke out at the finish line to give the win to ‘Lucky’ Long.  Arrigotti was the number one qualifier with a .001.


Street Machine II’s competition brought a final round between the number one and number two qualifier. The number two qualifier, Robert Glafka, defeated Randy Nichols and Duane Turner to reach the finals, while the number one qualifier, Tony Bombara, eliminated Dave Keiser before the laddered single carried him into the next round.  In the final round, Glafka left with a .037 starting line advantage and never looked back to get the point’s lead at the first event.


In the Inline/Flathead category, last year’s champion CJ Stoakes made it to another final round after taking out Richard Bjerklund and Walt Skoczylas.  Opposite him in the final round was Jerry Stauffer, who eliminated Jim Johnson and Dave Mueller.  In the finals, reaction times were separated by just .03, and the win went to Stoakes after running closer to his dial-in. Skoczylas was the number one qualifier.


Stick Shift brought another final round between the number one and number two qualifier.  Would the number one get it done this time??  Dick Arnold (#2) defeated Jim Wise and Shawn Choruby to reach the final round, while Carbaugh (#1) downed Mark Boehi to earn a bye into the final.  In the finals, drivers left with identical .034 reaction times. Carbaugh ran close to his dial-in, a 12.27 on his 12.12, but Arnold ran a 10.405 on his 10.40 to win another final for the number two qualifier.


For the World of Speed Jr Lightning series, final rounds were unable to be run due to the weather. Austin Varner and Emily Mix were set to face off. Kacee Pitts was the lone semi-finalist.


In the World of Speed Jr Thunder series, Alisha Miller and Conner Rice came together to do battle.  Miller, the number one qualifier, received the first round bye, and then eliminated Nathan Greene to reach the finals.  For Rice: Shawn Cranford and Tommy Tallon were the defeated racers.  In the finals, Rice had a stellar .006 reaction time, but the car was unable to run the number, letting Miller sneak around for the win.


The World of Speed Jr Storm category, Rilynn Saucy and Ramon Vincent were the two competitors who matched off in the final round.  Saucy beat Ryan Bese to earn a semi-final round bye, while Vincent eliminated Lorenzo Gonzalez to earn the semi-final round bye (due to breakage).  In the finals, Ramon turned on the red light, meaning Saucy would be the winner at their first point’s earning event.

Following are final round results for classes that were completed, in order of driver name, home town, (vehicle make/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Street Machine I
W: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR (’72 Nova) [.050] 10.277, 128.20 (10.27 dial).
R/U: Jeff Sievers, Veneta OR (’68 Cutlass) [-.014] 11.694, 113.78 (11.67 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Goodman, Canby OR.

Hot Rod II
W: Lucky Long, Molalla OR (’66 El Camino) [.062] 12.737, 98.39 (12.73 dial).
R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’56 Pontiac) [.069] 12.855, 96.52 (12.88 dial).
Semi’s: Garry Heinrich, Boring OR.

Street Machine II
W: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA (’70 Torino) [.036] 12.249, 98.76 (12.14 dial).
R/U: Tony Bombara, Sutherlin OR (’76 Chevy) [.073] 12.703, 101.39 (12.59 dial).
Semi’s: Duane Turner, Corvallis OR.

W: CJ Stoakes, Halsey OR (’74 Valiant) [.068] 15.212, 86.73 (15.18 dial).
R/U: Jerry Stauffer, Albany OR (’51 Dragster) [.099] 11.618, 112.9 (11.54 dial).
Semi’s: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha OR; Dave Mueller, Kelso WA.

Stick Shift
W: Dick Arnold, Washougal WA (’67 Camaro) [.034] 10.405, 121.81 (10.40 dial).
R/U: Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale OR (’62 Impala) [.034] 12.274, 110.81 (12.12 dial).
Semi’s: Shawn Choruby, Tigard OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Alisha Miller, Warren OR [.081] 9.100, 72.74 (8.95 dial).
R/U: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR [.006] 9.623, 67.69 (9.25 dial).
Semi’s: Tommy Tallon, Molalla OR; Nathan Greene, Rochester WA.

Jr Storm
W: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek OR [.332] 10.961, 56.51 (10.94 dial).
R/U: Ramon Vincent, Stayton OR [-.069] 12.663, 48.35 (12.65 dial).

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