Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

John Masterman; Super Shifter Champion

The Super Shifter category is one strictly for manual-shifting monsters at Woodburn Dragstrip.  In the short history of the series, the one name that has rang dominant is that of John Masterman, who over the last two years posted a total of 34 round wins, and five event wins out of eight final round appearances.  Competitors had their hopes up for the 2013 season to be one of change.


At the first Super Shifter category race, the final round came down to Barry Sheasgreen and the two-time defending champion John Masterman. Sheasgreen made it to the final by taking down Steve Erickson, a single, and Charlie Carnahan, while Masterman took out Don George, Bob Johnson, and Brent Russell on his way into the money round.  Off the starting line, Sheasgreen had the reaction time advantage (.027 to .075) and capitalized on it by winning the final round on a holeshot over Masterman.


At the next event, Mark Boehi was the only person left standing between Barry Sheasgreen and back-to-back victories.  To reach the final, Boehi went through Randy Ashley, John Masterman, and Dick Arnold.  For Sheasgreen, the trip to the final meant defeating Bob Johnson, a single and Steve Erickson.  In the final round, Sheasgreen turned on the red light by a slim ten thousandths of a second, meaning that Mark Boehi’s ’78 Camaro would make the trip to the Quality Concrete/Salem Paving Winner’s Circle. At this point, Sheasgreen held a total of 140 points, Boehi was second with 110, and Masterman sitting third with 100 points.


At the third event of the year, John Masterman made his way into the final round for the first time after earning a single, then defeating Charlie Carnahan and Steve Erickson.  Jason Hall earned the final round birth by defeating Brent Russell, Rick Livengood and a single.  In the final round, the race was over before it began when Hall turned on the red light start, giving Masterman his first win of the season in the category.


John Masterman made it two straight finals with a career day.  Masterman’s four reaction times through eliminations were .019 against Charlie Carnahan, .011 against Bruce Poppino, .048 on a single and .012 in the final round to take down Jim Wise.  One thing is for certain, and that is that Masterman has his ’79 Camaro operating smoothly.  After back-to-back wins, Masterman now sat first with 260 points, second was Mark Boehi with 180 points and Jason Hall with 170.


Super Shifter ran their final round ‘as it should be’ at the fifth point’s race when the number one qualifier and number two qualifiers faced off.  John Flett, the number one, defeated Alan Morrill, a single, and Charlie Carnahan to reach the final.  For Masterman: Steve Erickson and Dick Arnold were the racers defeated before earning a single into the final round.  In the final, Flett and Masterman had almost identical reaction time starts, but Masterman broke out by .016, meaning the victory at today’s event went to John Flett. Unbeknownst to the racers, rain would cancel the final race of the season, effectively ending the series on this date.  With that, John Masterman claimed his third consecutive title.


Following are the top three points finishers, listed with driver name, total points, and round wins.

1. John Masterman, 320 Points, 15 Round Wins
2. Mark Boehi, 220 Points, 6 Round Wins
3. Charlie Carnahan, 210 Points, 6 Round Wins

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