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Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series Leaders Continue To Dominate

Tensions are raising as the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series (now with two races left), High School Series (one race), Volkswagen series (two races left), Harley Eliminator Series (two races) and Sports Compact Challenge Series (two races) completed their points events.  As the action gets closer to conclusion, everyone fights harder for each and every round needed to earn their spot on the podium at the end of the year.  For this race, victorious persons were in the names of Loretta McCool (Super Pro), Steve Stuart (Pro), Michael McFadden (Sportsman), Chelbi Hageman (High School), Mike Canon (Volkswagen), Nick Stute (Harley Eliminator), William Breese (Sport Compact Pro), Hoppy Hopkins (Sport Compact Sportsman), Dave Wicken (LX Club), and Nicholas Shepherd (Run Tuff).  These racers were able to claim extremely important victories late into the season to help bolster their chances for season championships.


In the Super Pro category, the final round came down to Loretta McCool and Bill Heard, both competitors who started the race high in the point’s standings.  For McCool, the racers she defeated included Dennis Weddle, a competition breakage, David Pracht, Bill McNeal, and a single.  On the other side of the ladder, Heard downed Robert Glembocki, Jeremy McGhee, a single, Dave Biancalana, and Dave Sattem.  In the final round, McCool had the starting line advantage by about .01 before running right on the 9.90 with a 9.902.  For Loretta this was an especially big day to win, as she also was the winner in the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .014 package, meaning overall she earned 110 points for the day.  The Spotlighted Showdown for the Super Pro category was by far the semi-final round battle between Sattem and Heard, in which Heard’s .004 reaction time was second best to Sattem’s .002, but they meant nothing when both driver’s broke-out at the finish line, with Heard getting the win by just .012


The semi-final round of the Pro bracket category featured the number one, two, and three qualifiers, as all of Pro bracket showed off extremely tight drag racing.  Steve Stuart’s journey to the final round was through Dave Bronec, Matt Kielman, Dave Nassimbene, Tony Price, and a single.  For Allen Bayless, who’s wheel standing Nova qualified second, the defeated racers were Rob Newman, Tim Lewis, Jeff Marchi, a single and Pat Figini (a special congrats to Figini, who also drove his wife’s car in Sportsman to the quarterfinals).  In the final round, Stuart used a sizeable starting line advantage to get to the finish line first and earn the victory over Bayless.  Richard Potter earned the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with his .012 overall package.  Figini and Steve Kelly’s first round matchup was one that had everyone in Pro’s attention as Kelly entered the event second in points.  However, the race was over before it even began when Kelly turned on the red light by just .012. His opponent would have been difficult to defeat as Figini uncorked a perfect .000 reaction time, earning a Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, the Suppliers of Goodyear and Hoosier race tires Perfect Light T-Shirt and two decals.


One race at a time.  It doesn’t matter if there are two cars or 200 left, as it all comes down to one race, one round at a time.  Michael McFadden used his experience and racing expertise to do just that, and advance into the final round after defeating Mark Reebson, Angelo Palamaris, Dave Keiser, and Glenn Burbage.  Speaking of experience, on the other side of the ladder was Derrick Jackson, who defeated Jerry Durant Jr, Garry Heinrich, Pat Figini, and Robert Glafka on his way to the final.  In the final round, McFadden ran farther off his dial-in, but had the better reaction time and was able to win the race on a holeshot by just .0032.  McFadden averaged a .017 reaction time through the five rounds of eliminations, with his worst being a .040.  Jerry Durant Jr was the winner in the A-1 Performance Transmissions and converters with a .013, and was the featured racer in the Spotlighted Showdown (but not for good reasons) when he turned on the red light by just .012 against Derrick Jackson in the first round.


The High School category is one that has had extremely tough competition the entire season, and has competitors in our regular Sunoco series on edge!  Chelbi Hageman was one of the finalists, making it into the final by defeating James Parsons and Dustin Day.  Emily Mix, on the other side of the final, earned a single in the first round before defeating Jacquelyn Roberts.  In the final round, Mix reacted first by almost a tenth, but Hageman’s car ran closer to the dial-in, earning her the final round win.  This win boosted her into second place in the point’s standings, just 3 rounds out of first with one race to go.


The Volkswagen Showdown category is one in its first year of competition, and is proving to be extremely popular.  In the final round, Mike Canon and Devon Hilton faced off.  Canon’s trip to the final was accomplished by defeating Don Fritsche, Bernd Arndt, and Ricky Elverud.  On the other side of the ladder, Hilton earned the E-Ticket ride by downing Jerry Caddell, an earned single, and Mark Hunt.  In the final round, the race was over before it began when Hilton turned on the red light start by .041, giving the automatic victory to Canon.  Canon currently holds a two round point’s lead over Arndt, with Hilton in third.


Harley Eliminator is another series that was started just this year and has a solid following.  Also, to the cheers of everyone else in the category, John Plaster didn’t collect the winning plaque—something that is a change from literally every other event throughout the season!  Instead, the final round for this event featured Nick Stute, who defeated Plaster and Mike Graver; and Tyler Baker who defeated Bob Osborne and Dana Herold.  In the final round, Stute had a stellar .025 reaction time and rode on to the victory when Baker broke out at the finish line.  Herold was the number one qualifier.  Gary Tokos also contributed an additional $100 courtesy of Olympic Iron Works into the winner’s payout.


The Sports Compact Pro category showcased Ken Schaffer and William Breese in the final, where Breese was able to score the win when Schaffer turned on the red light.  Breese lifted at the top end, only running a 10.70 on his 10.48 dial-in.  In Sports Compact Sportsman, Hoppy Hopkins was able to score the victory over Bud Kuhns by virtue of his slight starting line advantage. Thomas Major was the lone semi-finalist, in an extremely closely decided double-breakout finish of just .048.


In the LX Club raceoff, Dave Wicken took the hard-earned victory over Dave Kranz.  Wicken defeated Jennifer Hatcher, Steve Neel, and Brad Reich. For Kranz, the defeated racers were Jeff Zimnisky, and Tim Roede before earning a single in the semi’s. In the final round, ‘The Wizard’ conjured up a .002 reaction time to take a ride to the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle.

A Run Tuff category was run to completion for all racers who didn’t receive a winning ticket in the first round.  In the final round, Nicholas Shepherd earned the victory over Steve Neel by virtue of a stellar .012 reaction time.  Dan Gaylor and Steve Kranz were the semi-finalists.


Following are final round results, listed in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year and model) [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
WINNER: Loretta McCool, Sublimity OR (’37 Ford) [.015] 9.902, 143.24 (9.90 dial).
R/U: Bill Heard, Portland OR (’80 Pinto) [.026] 9.189, 146.10 (9.19 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Sattem, Camas WA.

WINNER: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR (’66 Chevelle) [.056] 9.285, 129.36 (9.13 dial).
R/U: Allen Bayless, Oregon City OR (’63 Nova) [.259] 10.133, 128.02 (10.10 dial).
Semi’s: Pat Figini, Oregon City OR.

WINNER: Michael McFadden, Damascus OR (’68 Valiant) [.025] 10.403, 109.09 (12.39 dial).
R/U: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.032] 12.849, 99.25 (12.84 dial).
Semi’s: Glenn Burbage, Silverton OR; Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA.

High School
WINNER: Chelbi Hageman, Lebanon OR (’65 Satellite) [.160] 11.699, 105.77 (11.55 dial).
R/U: Emily Mix, Aumsville OR (’92 Mustang) [.064] 12.496, 109.26 (12.20 dial).
Semi’s: Dustin Day, Estacada OR; Jacquelyn Roberts, Monmouth OR.

Volkswagen Showdown
WINNER: Mike Canon, Salem OR (’72 Beetle) [.089] 15.841, 72.42 (14.60 dial).
R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’62 Manx) – foul.
Semi’s: Ricky Elverud, Aloha OR; Mark Hunt, Hillsboro OR.

Harley Eliminator
WINNER: Nick Stute, Milwaukie OR (’00 Harley) [.025] 8.369, 153.71 (8.29 dial).
R/U: Tyler Baker, Rainier WA (’05 Buell) [.121] 12.524, 101.22 (12.60 dial).
Semi’s: Dana Herold, McMinnville OR; Mike Graver, Beaverton OR.

Sport Compact Pro
WINNER: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) [.109] 10.705, 124.63 (10.48 dial).
R/U: Ken Schaffer, Portland OR (’97 Supra) [-.015] foul.
Semi’s: Craig Johnson, Battle Ground WA.

Sport Compact Sportsman
WINNER: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Honda) [.132] 17.927, 71.03 (17.79 dial).
R/U: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR (’96 Wagon) [.175] 17.823, 78.47 (17.57 dial).
Semi’s: Thomas Major, Salem OR.

LX Club
WINNER: Dave Wicken, Marysville WA (’72 Cuda) [.002] 11.575, 109.98 (11.51 dial).
R/U: Dave Kranz, Monroe WA (’72 Scamp) [.119] 12.354, 108.10 (12.42 dial).
Semi’s: Brad Reich, Camas WA.

Run Tuff
WINNER: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR (’62 Chevy II) [.012] 10.801, 111.00 (10.75 dial).
R/U: Steve Neel, Marysville WA (’73 Duster) [.075] 12.568, 106.16 (12.53 dial).
Semi’s: Dan Gaylor, Seattle WA; Steve Kranz, Snohomish WA.

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