Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Gordon Cady Jr; Street Machine II Champion

Street Machine II, a class for cars 1960-1975 running 12.00 seconds and slower featured a major power matchup in the final round of the first race, with last year’s number one and two in the point’s standings battling it out in the final round. Gordon Cady Jr, who took down Lucky Long, Scott Stoner, had a single pass in the semi’s on his way to the finals. His opponent, Jimmy Heriford, had strong efforts against Marjorie Stringham, Lee Ennis, and Robert Glafka to take him into the final round. Would Cady Jr be able to redeem the loss of last year’s Championship over Jimmy Heriford? The answer is yes, he would do exactly that, with Heriford going red by -.012 off the starting line.

The final round of the second point’s race featured two very dedicated and decorated racers in the form of Robert Glafka and Gordon Cady Jr. Glafka eliminated Ken Sweo and Marty Arrigotti before earning the semi-finals bye. For Cady Jr: Duane Turner, Leon Torgerson and Randy Nichols were the racers he defeated to reach his second straight final round. In the final round, Glafka and Cady Jr showed why they are two drivers nobody wants to mess with, as they went .022 and .020 off the starting line. Cady Jr ran a 12.583 on his 12.55 for a respectful .053 package. Unfortunately for Cady, Glafka ran a 12.118 on his 12.10, which gave him a .040 package to win the race. After two races, points were tight: First place Cady Jr had 140 points, Glafka in second with 130, then third place Nichols with 80 points.

The final round of the Oldies But Goodies race, which had to be run at the Hot Rod Nationals due to rain, featured Garry Heinrich and Randy Nichols lined up with each other. Heinrich’s trip to the final was made by defeating Gordon Cady Jr, Duane Turner, Cliff Stuart III, and Steve Kranz. Nichols checked into the final by downing Mark Hoefler, Roger Logsdon, Robert Glafka, and Scott Stoner. In the final, the race was over before it began when Nichols turned on the red light, giving the win to Heinrich.

In the final round of the fourth event, Garry Heinrich lined up against incoming points leader Gordon Cady Jr. Heinrich’s road to the final was through Ken Sweo and Leon Torgerson, whereas Cady Jr downed Ernie Lucas and Randy Nichols. In the final round, Cady Jr had a great package with his .037 reaction time and running a 12.605 on his 12.58 dial-in (package is figured when you take your elapsed time [if not a breakout] and subtract your dial-in, then add your reaction time) to have a .062 package. However, Garry Heinrich erupted off the starting line with a .004 reaction time before running a 12.229 on his 12.20 (a .033 package!) to emerge victorious. Cady Jr was the number one qualifier. With four points races now in the books, Cady Jr found himself with a three round lead over Nichols, 220 to 190, with Robert Glafka sitting third with 180 points.

Street Machine II ramped up the action with a final round showdown between number one and three in the overall point’s standings. The number three, Randy Nichols, took out Lindsay Wurn, Phil Stewart, Ken Sweo, and Jim Doory. The number one, Gordon Cady Jr, defeated Dave Kranz, Larry Tomanka, a single, and Steve Watkins. In the final round, Cady Jr left second best with a .021 reaction time because Nichols’ supersonic .013 reaction gave him the needed space at the finish line to take the win on a double-breakout finish. Cady Jr was the number one qualifier with his .018 reaction time. With this, the point’s standings heading into the final race were as follows: Cady Jr with 290, Nichols with 280, and Scott Stoner with 200. Unfortunately, rain halted the final points race from being run, meaning that top three would be the season finish, as Cady Jr claimed his first Nostalgia Hot Rod Series Championship in the Street Machine II category, but will look forward to racing in Hot Rod II in 2014 as the age realignment (Hot Rod being 1966 and older, Street Machine being 1967-1979) shifts his category.

Following are the top three points finishers, listed with driver name, total points, and round wins.

1. Gordon Cady Jr, 290 Points, 13 Round Wins
2. Randy Nichols, 280 Points, 12 Round Wins
3. Scott Stoner, 200 Points, 5 Round Wins

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