Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

William Breese; Sport Compact Pro Champion

Sports Compact Pro offers spectacular racing action for vehicles 13.99 and quicker, running as a 4-Cylinder domestic or 4- or 6- cylinder import, and a dynamite close final round at the first points event on April 27th. Ken Schaffer took out Bernd Arndt in the first round, in which the drivers had .013 and .019 lights respectively, before riding the wave of a single pass into the final round. For Tim Knudsen, the final round meant beating last year’s Champion William Breese, and Jon Walker to advance. In the finals, Knudsen left first with a .015 reaction time to Schaffer’s .011, but Schaffer obliterated the clocks when he ran an 11.004 on his 10.99 dial in, to put together a total package of .025 to grab the victory.

The May 25th event featured a pair of racers who were attending their first race for the 2013 season. Leng Xiong’s trip to the final round was fought through Marvin Newland, Craig Johnson and a competition single. For Jason Gielish; Bernd Arndt, a single, and Levi Loewen were the victims. In the final round, Xiong caught a lucky break as despite him having a .262 reaction time and running over five tenths off his number, the race was over before it began when Gielish turned on the red light. Special congratulations are in order for Levi Loewen, who on his single pass in the first round had a .001 reaction time and ran a 12.900 on his 12.90 dial in, missing a perfect run by just .001 seconds. After two races, Ken Schaffer held the points lead with 100 points, second place Xiong had 80, and defending series champion William Breese sat third with 70 points. However, as we will soon learn, he was simply ‘spooling up the turbo’ and getting ready to launch!!

June 30th might as well be remembered in the Sport Compact Pro category as the day William Breese came alive. Breese scored the victory over Ken Schaffer on this event, after Schaffer turned on the red light start. Chris Cashen was the lone semi-finalist.

At the next event on July 20th, the final round showcased Ken Schaffer and William Breese in the final, where Breese was able to score the win when Schaffer turned on the red light. Craig Johnson was the lone semi-finalist. To date, the points were now as follows: Breese leapfrogged Schaffer, leading now by 10 (190-180), with third place Leng Xiong sitting back with 80.

The September 7th final round featured races extremely important to the point’s chases, and determining the overall season champions. William Breese was in yet another final round, now three straight, but now facing the dangerous Michael Schwab. In the final he defeated Schwab, who was beat by almost .05 seconds off the starting line. Ken Schaffer was the lone semi-finalist.

Going into the last race for Sport Compact Pro, held October 6th, William Breese held a significant 4-round lead over second place Ken Schaffer. However, that meant nothing for Breese and he raced into the final for the fourth straight race. His opponent, Schaffer, was racing in his four final around appearance, with one win on the mantle. After battling into the finals, the win at the last event goes in favor of…Breese! This time the race was over as soon as Schaffer turned on the red light by -.005. With his win, Breese is now a two-time champion at Woodburn Dragstrip, potentially adding to a legacy in the making maybe???

Listed are final points standings, in order of driver name, total points, and total round wins.
1. William Breese, 300 Points, 8 Round Wins
2. Bernd Arndt, 240 Points, 5 Round Wins
3. Mark Hunt, 80 Points, 4 Round Wins

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