Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Spectacular weather Saturday falls to rain Sunday at NAPA Auto Parts Oldies but Goodies

The NAPA Auto Parts Oldies But Goodies was a high-intensity weekend that sadly resulted in Mother Nature winning the last race.  Saturday racing resulted in wins for Richard Lachance (Electronics Gambler), Jeff Marchi (Non-E Pro), Robert Glafka (Non-E Sportsman), and Dave Mueller (Slant 6 Association).  Despite spending three hours drying the track, then the next few hours racing on and off, the rain hit in full force forcing the cancellation of the event.  Information regarding the conclusion of the event is posted in the Fast News section.

While eliminations were unable to be completed for the feature categories, drivers made impressive passes on Saturday’s qualifying.  A/Fuel and Top Eliminator features were those of Eric Krume, who ran a 7.317 at 185.60mph and also Kin Bates Sr, whose 6.537 at almost 220mph blew everyone away.  Chris Marshall and Mike O’Conner made impressive passes, akin to a 6.385 at 217.39 and 6.489 at 206.32 respectively.  Chris Storlie caught everyone’s attention when he took his 10.5 Outlaw car to a time of 7.893 at over 210mph, while he was traveling 163mph at the eighth mile mark.  A reminder that 10.5 Outlaw will be a feature category at the Night of Fire event, July 26+27.

In the Electronics category, Richard Lachance and Mike Miller were the final two cars in competition.  Lachance’s battle to the final was through Kevin Petersen, Chad Walberg, a single and Richard Trickey.  For Miller: Brad Goosela, Al Lyda, Tony Schroeder and Richard Smith were the contestants.  In the final round, Miller bowed out before his race even began when he turned on the red light by .002, giving the win to Richard Lachance.  Lachance was the number one qualifier with a .005.

Non-Electronics Pro category was a battle among heavy hitters.  On one side of the final was Jeff Machi, who downed Jim Wise, Roy Panschow, Kevin Feeny, Jeff Sievers and Randy Doan.  Marchi’s competitor, Tim Miller, took down Greg Heyne, Shelby Brown, Ron Parks, and Dave Bronec.  The final round showdown between Marchi and Miller featured BOTH drivers running on their dial-in, with Miller running closer but Marchi having the better reaction time, resulting in the victory.  Marchi was the number one qualifier with a .006.

For the Non-Electronics Sportsman category, the final round was as it should be between the number one and two qualifiers.  The number one, Duane Turner, took out John Helms, a single, Larry Tomanka, and Randy Nichols to advance to the finals.  The number two qualifier, Robert Glafka, defeated Leila White, Ernie Lucas, John Nelson and Chris McNeel to advance into the final round.  In the final, Turner eliminated the red light, but Glafka would have been tough to defeat after having a .026 reaction time start and running a 12.144 on his 12.14 dial in.

The Slant 6 Association ran the first of their double-header events on Saturday, with the final being between Dave Mueller and CJ Stoakes.  Mueller’s journey into the final round came through Richard Bjerklund and Walt Skoczylas.  On the other side of the ladder, Stoakes went through Seymour Pederson and Andrew Howard.  In the final round, Stoakes turned on the red-light, handing the automatic victory over to Mueller, who ran a 12.914 on his 12.88 dial.

Listed are final round results in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Electronics Gamblers
W: Richard Lachance, Eugene OR  (’69 Dart) [.023] 9.710, 136.09 (9.73 dial).
R/U: Mike Miller, Portland OR (’71 Pinto) [-.002] 9.122, 148.24 (9.11 dial).
Semi’s: Richard Trickey, Eugene OR; Richard Smith, Astoria OR.

Non-Electronics Pro
W: Jeff Marchi, Estacada OR (’67 Belvedere) [.055] 10.178, 129.53 (10.17 dial).
R/U: Tim Miller, Sweet Home OR (’67 Fairlane) [.094] 9.982, 132.00 (9.98 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR; Randy Doan, Lowell OR.

Non-Electronics Sportsman
W: Robert Glafka, Battleground WA (’70 Torino) [.026] 12.144, 110.09 (12.14 dial).
R/U: Duane Turner, Corvallis OR (’72 Monte Carlo) [-.005] 13.829, 100.25 (13.50 dial).
Semi’s: Chris McNeel, Sublimity OR; Randy Nichols, Lafayette OR.

Slant 6 Association
W: Dave Mueller, Kelso WA (’69 Valiant) [.093] 12.914, 101.38 (12.88 dial).
R/U: CJ Stoakes, Halsey OR (’74 Plymouth) [-.079] 15.155, 89.51 (15.21 dial).
Semi’s: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha OR; Andrew Howard, Eureka CA.

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