Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Spectacular Day Of Show & Shine and Racing At The 28th Annual Mopar Nationals

It was a spectacular day of racing action as July 21st showcased the 28th running of the Mopar Nationals, special thanks to Mopar Musclecars. This event featured every type of Mopar imaginable: from lifted pick-up trucks, to lowered Challengers, to 12-second Jeeps, this event had everything. Alongside racing winners Dave Biancalana (Super Pro), Jeff Marchi (Pro), Justin Hoffman (Sportsman), Alik Osheim (Stick Shift) and Brandon Wesselink (Run Tuff), there was also a car show and swap meet, entertaining fans for the entire day.

The Super Pro category is one that features vehicles running 7.00 to 11.99, who have the assistance of electronics (delay boxes or throttle stops) in their vehicles. Final round appearances were earned today by Dave Biancalana, who defeated Cory Williams and Roger Weddle, and Forest Fincher, who defeated Richard LaChance and Cab Burue. In the final round, Fincher had a massive starting line advantage and drove the ’03 Stratus to the finish line first…but unfortunately broke out by just twenty six thousandths of a second, giving the automatic victory to Biancalana, who for good measure ran exactly on his 8.62 dial-in with an 8.622.
Pro bracket competition features drivers who run between 9.00 seconds and 13.99, and are also allowed to use a trans brake in their cars. After six rounds of grueling competition, there were only two drivers left: Jeff Marchi and Mike Saucy. Marchi’s trip to the final round was through competitors Gary Cosmer, who scored a perfect reaction time, Dennis Dormaier, Chris Williams, a single pass and Ron Parks. On the other side of the ladder, Mike Saucy had to go through opponents Dan Gaylor, ‘Hippie’ Joe Kirkwood, Dave Wheeler, Travis Holt, and then a single in the semi-final round. The final round was one for the ages as Marchi had the better reaction time, but Saucy ran closer to his dial-in. The race came down to who had the best package: Marchi ran a 10.237 on his 10.19, and with a .037 reaction time (packages are figured by taking elapsed time – dial-in + reaction time) to compile a .084 package. For Saucy, who ran a 10.819 on his 10.78 with a .048 reaction time, resulted in a package of .087! Meaning that by just .0031, Jeff Marchi was the winner in the Pro Bracket category.

The Sportsman category is one for vehicles traveling 12.00 seconds and slower that does not have a trans brake or the assistance of electronics, and is usually the host for the majority of street vehicles. Today though, it was all about the race-specific vehicles as Justin Hoffman’s ’67 Charger and Russell Smith’s ’70 Duster lined up in the final round matchup. Hoffman, out of Shingletown California, raced into the final round by defeating Tim Roede, Roger Knowles, Angelo Palamaris, Pete Peterson, and Mark Reebson. For Smith: Ramon Cooper, Earl Stoddard, Jerry Durant Jr, Derrick Jackson, and a single pass were the racers of whom he sent to the trailer. In the final round, the ‘California Hot Shot’ of Hoffman scored big off the starting line and used that to help break out opponent Smith at the finish line, earning himself the Woodburn Dragstrip Winner’s Plaque.

The Stick Shift category is for manual shifting cars, and featured 16 cars to qualify and race for the Win. In the end though, there could only be two in the final: Alik Osheim and Jim Devine. Osheim’s adventure into the final round came at the hands of Dwayne Howard, Brandon Bowman, and Eric Ericksen. For Devine, the Lemon Twister ’70 Duster made it by downing Doug Watkins, Rick Livengood, and Jay Phillips. In the final round, Osheim got the large starting line advantage and Devine broke out at the finish by just .003, meaning that on this date Osheim was the best manual shiftin’ machine on site!

As is accustom at Woodburn Dragstrip, first round losers didn’t have to immediately go home, as a Second Chance race was run. With a massive 43 cars in attendance as almost all first round losers signed up, it was a battle royal for the ages, which came down to competitors Brandon Wesselink (Sportsman) and Jeff Zimnisky (Stick Shift). What was built up and ready to be an exciting race was over before it even began which Zimnisky turned on the red light, handing the automatic victory over to Brandon Wesselink. Ric Jenkerson was the lone semi-finalist.

Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year and model) [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: David Biancalana, Springfield OR (’70 Cuda) [.073] 8.622, 156.82 (8.62 dial).
R/U: Forest Fincher, Pasco WA (’03 Stratus) [.011] 9.674, 140.27 (9.70 dial).
Semi’s: Roger Weddle, Brooks OR; Cab Burue, Bend OR.

W: Jeff Marchi, Estacada OR (’67 Belvedere) [.037] 10.237, 128.31 (10.19 dial).
R/U: Mike Saucy, Beavercreek OR (’68 Valiant) [.048] 10.819, 115.01 (10.78 dial).
Semi’s: Ron Parks, Salem OR.

W: Justin Hoffman, Shingletown CA (’67 Charger) [.045] 12.202, 111.23 (12.15 dial).
R/U: Russell Smith, Milwaukie OR (’70 Duster) [.124] 12.197, 112.02 (12.23 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Reebson, Tigard OR.

Stick Shift
W: Alik Oshein, Beaverton OR (’09 Challenger SRT8) [.095] 3.102, 109.64 (12.99 dial).
R/U: Jim Devine, Yakima WA (’72 Duster) [.204] 11.507, 110.57 (11.51 dial).
Semi’s: Eric Ericksen, Dalles OR; Jay Phillips, Aumsville OR.

Run Tuff
W: Brandon Wesselink, Beavercreek OR (’70 Duster) [.106] 13.859, 99.82 (13.85 dial).
R/U: Jeff Zimnisky, Bonney Lake WA (’09 Challenger) [-.119] 15.038, 67.50 (12.30 dial).
Semi’s: Ric Jenkerson, Portland OR.

Listed below are Show & Shine Classes with first and second place finishers. A big Thank You goes out to the fine folks at Mopar MuscleCars for once again being gracious hosts of this fantastic event.

A – Body Stock –
1st – Doug & Lunda Shisler – Eugene, OR – ’69 Plym. Barracuda
2nd – John Rocks – Happy Valley, OR – ’67 Plym. Barracuda

A – Body Modified –
1st – Vern Timmons – Portland, OR – ’70 Dodge Dart Swinger
2nd – Woody Rasmussen – Milwaukie, OR – ’69 Dodge Dart

B – Body Dodge Stock –
1st – Mark Sundby – Washougal, WA – ’69 Dodge Coronet
2nd – Steve cook – Portland, OR – ’69 Dodge Super Bee

B – Body Dodge Modified –
1st – Mike Groff – Vancouver, WA – ’70 Dodge Charger RT SE
2nd – Gary Nazarre – The Dalles, OR – ’68 Dodge Charger RT

B – Body Plymouth Stock –
1st – David Lee – Washougal, WA – ’70 Plymouth GTX
2nd – Les Shank – Red Bluff, CA – ’66 Plymouth Satellite

B – Body Plymouth Modified –
1st – Lanny Marshall – West Linn, OR – ’69 Plymouth GTX
2nd – Mark Cook – Corvallis, OR – ’62 Plymouth Fury

E – Body Stock –
1st – Tim Tubbs – Beavercreek, OR – ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda
2nd – Ron Peters – Damascus, OR – ’70 Dodge Challenger

E – Body Modified –
1st – Steve & Pam Ackley – Warrenton, OR – ’72 Dodge Cuda
2nd – Anthony & Melissa DelCarpine – Hood Rover, OR – ’73 Dodge Challenger

1st – Janice Sutherland – Red Bluff, CA – ’70 Plymouth Superbird
2nd – David Duemling – Aurora, OR – ’71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

1st – Davey Loprinzi – Portland, OR – ’70 Plymouth Cuda
2nd – Shlo Reitshtein – Oregon City, OR – ’69 Dodge Coronet Convrt.

1976 – ’89 Rear Drive
1st – Mike & Kelli Graham – Boring, OR – ’77 Plymouth Roadrunner
2nd – John Marogg – LaCenter, WA – ’78 Dodge Magnum

1990 & Newer Rear Drive
1st – Oie & Debbie Keller – Portland, OR – ’06 Dodge Magnum Hemi RT
2nd – Ken Madison – Winchester, OR – ’06 Dodge Viper

New Challengers
1st – Bryan Fuller – Mead, WA – ’11 Dodge Challenger
2nd – Paul – Portland, OR – ’13 Dodge Challenger

Front Wheel Drive
1st – Kyle Hanson – Hillsboro, OR – ’99 Dodge Neon

Mopar Related
1st – Roger & Suzy Klein – Aumsville, OR – ’70 AMC AMX
2nd – Wayne Neal – Woodburn, OR – ’70 Jeep M35A-2 Duece

Street Rods Pre ’49
1st – Mike Bade – Happy Valley, OR – ’30 Plymouth Coupe
2nd – Fred Robley – Vancouver, WA – ’41 Dodge 2dr. Sedan

1950 – ’63
1st – Tom Benson – Domascus, OR – ’63 Dodge Polara
2nd – Brian Wright – Vancouver, WA – ’50 Plymouth Sub. St. Wg.

Pick-up & Trucks
1st – Rick & Melissa Sikel – Centralia, WA – ’35 Dodge P/U
2nd – Pete Kuhns – Salem, OR – ’64 Dodge A-100 Compact P/U

1st – Curt Calkins – Beavercreek, OR – ’47 Dodge COE
2nd – Andy Gray – Salem, OR – ’50 Chrysler, Windsor

Best Paint – Use of Color
Scott Wiegel – Dayton, OR – ’06 Dodge Charger SRT8

Best Engine – Small Block
Ron Vian – Oregon City, OR – ’68 Plymouth Barracuda

Best Engine – Big Block
Tom Benson – Domascus, OR – ’63 Dodge Polara

Best Engine – Hemi
Steve & Pam Ackley – Warrenton, OR – ’72 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Ladies Choice
Jade Thomas – Newport, OR – ’70 Dodge Demon

Spectators Choice
Lee Hazel – Portland, OR – ’70 Dodge A-100 P/U

Best of Show
Bryan Fuller – Mead, WA – ’11 Dodge Challenger

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