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Rain Delayed Napa Auto Parts 37th Annual Oldies but Goodies In The Books

Day One of the 25th Annual NAPA Auto Parts/Bi-Mart Hot Rod Nationals was run today despite some minor rain breaks in the schedule.  In addition to that, the rain-delayed 37th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Oldies But Goodies was completed on this date.  The Feature cars put on an amazing show with 200 mph runs the norm in AA/Supercharged, Top Eliminator dragsters running consistent 7.60 elapsed times, and Pro Nostalgia’s elite field led by number one qualifier Todd Miller with a 6.287 at over 230 mph. Individual winners from the Oldies but Goodies were Troy Owen (AA/Supercharged), Rod Floyd (Top Eliminator), Lloyd Hamilton (Pro Nostalgia), Devon Hilton (Dragster/Roadster), Marty Stewart (Top Gas), Paul Comeau (Hot Rod I), Ron Parks (Street Machine I), Kevin Ward (Hot Rod II), Garry Heinrich (Street Machine II), Michael Bjerkland (Slant 6 Association), Jim Johnson (Inline/Flathead), and Bob Johnson (Stick Shift).

AA/Supercharged’s final round showcased Troy Owen and Joel Matton.  Owen’s had the power over Matton in the semi-final round when he laid down a blistering 6.618 to down Mitch Chamberlin, while Matton eased to a 7.01 on the single pass.  In the final round, Matton knew he would have to get the starting line advantage and he did…but unfortunately it was done by turning on the red light start, giving the automatic victory to Owen, who was outrun at the finish line 7.09 to a 7.00. Howard Anderson was the number one qualifier with a 6.59 at 209 mph.

The Top Eliminator category was a close match into the final round between Rod Floyd and Mike Padur.  In the semi-final round, Floyd had defeated Roy Ranquist and Teresa Decker to advance into the finals.  For Padur, the number one qualifier, the defeated racer was Bob Rude after earning the first round single.  In the final round the drivers were separated by just .015 on the starting line before running identical 7.71’s at the top end of the racetrack, with the win going to Floyd by just .013.

The final round showdown in Pro Nostalgia was a battle between ‘the world’s oldest teenager’ Lloyd Hamilton and probably the most deadly Pro Nostalgia car at the time in the name of Mike Peck.  Hamilton made it into the final round by defeating Paul New and DeWayne Sanders, while Peck downed Kevin McCurdy and Chris Marshall.  In the final round, Hamilton was dialed in at a 6.99 and Peck with a 6.63, and after almost identical reaction times the win went to Hamilton who ran a 7.00 on his 6.99 dial. Chris Marshall was the number one qualifier with a 6.385 at 217.39.

In the Dragster/Roadster category, front engine dragster pilot Devon Hilton lined up with Gary Hogansen’s roadster to see who would score the victory.  Hilton survived his way into the final round by downing Jeff Lewis, Jennie Perrotti, and Ron Austin.  On the other side of the ladder, Hogansen downed John Hamilton, and Keifer Eickmann to earn the single.  In the final round, driver reaction times were separated by only .006 before Hilton earned the win by just twenty five thousandths of a second.  Michael Marcus was the number one qualifier with a .004 reaction time.

Top Gas racing from the Oldies but Goodies brought Marty Stewart and Gary Palmateer into the final round.  Stewart defeated Brad Goosela, Ron Pappel, Mike Miller and Debbie Dawson en route to the final round.  For Palmateer, wins came against Bob Drummond, a competition single, Mark Dawson, and Bill King.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Palmateer turned on the red light start by .006, handing the win and the Woodburn Wally to Marty Stewart.

In Hot Rod I eliminations, for cars 1959 and older running 11.99 and quicker, Paul Comeau and Marc Pruett again lined up next to each other.  For Comeau to get into the final round he had to defeat David Shank, Al Matheson, and Roy Panschow.  For Pruett: Larry Gemma, and David Acheson were the defeated racers before he earned a single.  In the final round, Comeau had the advantage by .06 on the tree and was able to maintain the lead for the holeshot victory.

The Street Machine I, racers with vehicles 1960-1975 running quicker than 11.99 faced off.  The final round featured Ron Parks and Gregg Heriford facing off.  Parks made it into the final by defeating Jerry Cooksey, Ryan Anderson, Tim Miller, and Todd Weiglenda before earning the single.  Opposite him was Heriford, who downed Dave Bronec, Dave Klug, Barry Sheasgreen, Dom Andreotti, and Allen Bayless.  In the final round, Parks’ ’65 Coronet downed Heriford after cutting a stellar .017 reaction time to get the win.

Hot Rod II competition, for vehicles 1959 and older running slower than 12.00, brought a classic battle of Ford versus Chevrolet and a pair of ’37 model cars to the starting line.  The Ford of Kevin Ward made it into the final round by defeating Lyle Scott, Seldon Glebe, and John Helms before earning a single into the final round.  For the Chevrolet of Robin Andress, the journey into the final round was through racers Dawn Dietrich, John Hite, a single and Roger Goodman.  In the final round, Ward had the starting line advantage of .06 and never looked back, getting the win over a slowing Andress.

Street Machine II is a category designated for racers in vehicles 1960-1975 running 12.00 seconds and slower.  In the final round, Garry Heinrich and Randy Nichols lined up with each other.  Heinrich’s trip to the final was made by defeating Gordon Cady Jr, Duane Turner, Cliff Stuart III, and Steve Kranz.  Nichols checked into the final by downing Mark Hoefler, Roger Logsdon, Robert Glafka, and Scott Stoner to reach the final round.  In the final, the race was over before it began when Nichols turned on the red light by just .054, giving the win to Heinrich.

The Stick Shift category is one that features all manual-shifting cars, and is one of the more exciting bracket classes to watch as cars bangshift their way down the 1/4 mile.  In the final round, racers Bob Johnson and John Selman faced off to see who would make a trip into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle.  Johnson made it into the final by defeating Bill Brown and Mark Allan Dolan to earn a single, while Selman downed Denny Hays, Curt Garnick, and number one qualifier Dick Arnold. In the final, the race was again decided on a red light when Selman left .023 too early.

The Slant 6 Association ran their club race to conclusion, with a final round featuring Michael Bjerklund and Andrew Howard.  Bjerklund leaped into the final after earning a first round single and then defeating Walt Skoczylas.  For Howard, the final round birth came by defeating CJ Stoakes and Doug Powers In the final, Bjerklund proved that an 18 second dial-in was the winner when he ran a 18.362 on his 18.34 dial-in to get the win, despite having the worse reaction time.

The Inline/Flathead category competitors finished their race with a battle between Jim Johnson and Walt Skoczylas.  Johnson defeated Bruce Murray, Dave Mueller, and Walt Pearce to advance into the finals.  On the other side, Skoczylas downed Andrew Howard, Doug Powers, and CJ Stoakes.  In the final, ‘The Machine’ Johnson ran a 15.225 on his 15.20 to get the win despite having the worse reaction time start.


A Gamblers race was put together for three individual categories of Electronics, Pro and Sportsman competitors.  In the Electronics category, Jerry Odman downed Gary Wargnier in the final round despite losing almost .02 on the starting line when Wargnier broke out by just .001 at the finish line.  In the Trans Brake category, it was ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec getting the win over Frank Rhodes by a slim .017 when both drivers had nearly identical reaction time starts.  In the Footbrake gambler it was a ‘throwback’ battle when Gordon Cady Jr faced off with former Woodburn racer Steve Watkins, now making his home in ChandlerArizona.  Watkins had the starting line advantage but on a double breakout was unable to get the win by only .032.


Following are final round results in order of drivers name, city/state, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).



Winner: Troy Owen, Albany OR (’41 Willys Coupe) [.169] 7.091, 193.96.

R/U: Joel Matton, Oregon City OR (’37 Chevrolet) [-.032] 7.008, 201.38.

Semi’s: Mitch Chamberlin, Orting WA.

Top Eliminator

Winner: Rod Floyd, Battle Ground WA (’67 FED) [.085] 7.713, 191.48 (7.60 dial).

R/U: Mike Padur, Graham WA (’92 Hadman) [.100] 7.711, 198.15 (7.60 dial).

Semi’s: Teresa Decker, Vancouver WA; Bob Rude, Bellingham WA.

Pro Nostalgia

Winner: Lloyd Hamilton, Forest Grove OR (’00 Jerry Hill) [.080] 7.008, 192.88 (6.99 dial).

R/U: Mike Peck, Woodinville WA (’07 FED) [.117] 6.719, 205.66 (6.63 dial).

Semi’s: Dewayne Sanders, Albany OR; Chris Marshall, McMinnville OR.


Winner: Devon Hilton, Vancouver WA (’64 FED) [.050] 8.674, 137.29 (8.60 dial).

R/U: Gary Hogansen, Eugene OR (’27 Ford) [.056] 10.339, 122.73 (10.24 dial).

Semi’s: Ron Austin, Medford OR.

Top Gas

Winner: Marty Stewart, Wilsonville OR (’57 Chevrolet) [.048] 9.071, 149.42 (9.10 dial).

R/U: Gary Palmateer, Monmouth OR (’68 Firebird) – foul.

Semi’s: Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin OR; Bill King, Sandy OR.

Hot Rod I

Winner: Paul Comeau, Vancouver WA (’39 Chevy) [.022] 9.621, 133.68 (9.56 dial).

R/U: Marc Pruett, Vancouver WA (’55 Chevy) [.083] 10.101, 131.13 (10.09 dial).

Semi’s: Roy Panschow, Dayton OR.

Street Machine I

Winner: Ron Parks, Salem OR (’65 Coronet) [.017] 10.787, 116.27 (10.76 dial).

R/U: Gregg Heriford, Vancouver WA (’72 Vega) [.084] 10.408, 129.34 (10.38 dial).

Semi’s: Allen Bayless, Oregon City OR.

Hot Rod II

Winner: Kevin Ward, Shelton WA (’37 Chevy) [.092] 12.797, 97.38 (12.63 dial).

R/U: Robin Andress, Eugene OR (’37 Ford) [.150] 12.389, 108.40 (12.10 dial).

Semi’s: Roger Goodman, Portland OR.

Street Machine II

Winner: Garry Heinrich, Boring OR (’65 Cutlass) [.106] 12.283, 110.07 (12.23 dial).

R/U: Randy Nichols, Lafayette OR (’69 Nova) [-.054] foul.

Semi’s: Scott Stoner, Oregon City OR; Steve Kranz, Snohomish WA.

Stick Shift

Winner: Bob Johnson, Salem OR (’63 Fairlane) [.332] 12.248, 108.60 (12.27 dial).

R/U: John Selman, Pendleton OR (’57 Chevrolet) – foul.

Semi’s: Dick Arnold, Washougal WA.

Slant 6 Association

Winner: Michael Bjerkland, Lebanon OR (’68 Dart) [.162] 18.362, 72.44 (18.34 dial).

R/U: Andrew Howard, Eureka CA (’62 Valiant) [.092] 13.083, 95.17 (13.15 dial).

Semi’s: Doug Powers, Portland OR.


Winner: Jim Johnson, Portland OR (’65 Nova) [.070] 15.225, 88.69 (15.20 dial).

R/U: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha OR (’54 Dragster) [.018] 12.065, 108.65 (11.97 dial).

Semi’s: CJ Stoakes, Halsey OR; Walt Pearce, Twisp OR.

Gamblers Electronics

Winner: Jerry Odman, Pendleton OR (’70 Maverick) [.059] 9.942, 144.76 (9.92 dial).

R/U: Gary Wargnier, Keizer OR (’69 Nova) .036 9.209, 143.06 (9.21 dial).

Semi’s: Ron Pappel, Eugene OR.

Gamblers Pro

Winner: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR (’72 Nova) [.041] 10.353, 124.93 (10.34 dial).

R/U: Frank Rhodes, Olympia WA (’70 Nova) [.051] 10.230, 129.98 (10.21 dial).

Semi’s: Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn OR.

Gamblers Sportsman

Winner: Gordon Cady Jr, Vancouver WA (’65 El Camino) [.042] 12.608, 103.75 (12.62 dial).

R/U: Steve Watkins, Chandler AZ (’69 Ford PU) [.025] 15.558, 81.44 (15.61 dial).

Semi’s: Ken Sweo, Oregon City OR; Mark Tabert, Sherwood OR.

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