Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Racing Was Hot, Hot, Hot on Sunday, June 30th

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!! That was the best way to describe the event that was held on the very last day of June at Woodburn Dragstrip. With temperatures that stretched into the mid 90’s, everyone was feeling the heat. Through the fire came event champions, by the names of Dave Sattem (Super Pro), Steve Stuart (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Dom Andreotti (Run Tuff), William Breese (Sports Compact Pro), Thomas Major (Sports Compact Sportsman), John Plaster (Harley), Emily Mix (Jr Fast), Austin Varner (Jr Lightning), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), and Ashley Thompson (Jr Tuff). All of these drivers suited up and beared the heat throughout eliminations to emerge victorious.

Super Pro eliminations were very appropriately summarized in the final round between Dave Sattem and Michael Boyd, with reaction times separated by only four thousandths of a second. For Sattem, making it into the final round meant taking out Billy Taylor, Bill Heard, Bill McNeal, and Gary Ericksen. For Boyd, the fight to get into the final was through Steve Schmitt, Mark Dawson, David Pracht and Julie Adams. In the final round, Boyd had the starting line advantage (.012 to a .016) but was unable to run the number resulting in ‘only’ a .038 package, with Sattem earning the victory by putting together a .029 package. Billy King’s perfect reaction time earned him a t-shirt and two decals courtesy of Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing, The Suppliers of Goodyear and Hoosier Race Tires, as well as the number one qualifying position. Mark Pracht’s .019 package won him to the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points award.

In the Pro Bracket category, the battle in the final round was between the number one and two qualifiers appropriately. Steve Stuart, the number one qualifier, made it to the final by defeating all-stars Matt Kielman, William Breese, Steve Kelly, and Nicholas Shepherd. Kielman’s trip was through Casey DePeel, Tony Littleton, Hollis Runge, and Richard Potter. The final round was over before it even began, when Kielman turned on the red light by just .022, securing the victory for Steve Stuart, who for good measure ran right on his 9.24 dial-in in the final. Nicholas Shepherd was the A-1 Performance Trans and Converter Package for the Points winner with his .030 package.

The Sportsman class was a runoff between two of the classes more experienced racers: Derrick Jackson and Jerry Weber. For Jackson, wins came against Amy Fields, Brandon Wesselink, Jerry Durant Jr and a single in the semi’s. On the other side of the ladder, Weber downed Ramon Cooper, Robert Glafka, Jim Lamkin and Kathy Figini. In the final round, Jackson scored almost .03 advantage on the starting line and carried the race from there. Marty Arrigotti was the winner of the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .027 package.

The Run Tuff category consists of racers not fortunate to win in their first round of eliminations. The final round featured Dom Andreotti getting the win over Jesse DeBartolo, after DeBartolo broke out at the finish line by just .023. Angelo Palamaris and Carl Meinig were the semi-finalist.

Sport Compact Pro is for drivers running 13.99 and quicker driving a 4 or 6-cylinder FWD domestic or foreign vehicle, or any rear-wheel drive foreign-manufactured vehicle. William Breese scored the victory over Ken Schaffer on this event, after Schaffer turned on the red light start. Chris Cashen was the lone semi-finalist.

The Sport Compact Sportsman category showed intense racing desire after incoming points leader Bud Kuhns was eliminated in the first round. After the dust settled, Thomas Major was the one who claimed victory after defeating last year’s champion Hoppy Hopkins. Wade Campbell made the only semi-final appearance.

Harley Eliminator category gave us the same result as the first two: John Plaster Winning in the final. Plaster used average reaction times of a .019 (including a .003) to down Mike Bracken, a single and Bob Osborne in the final round. Thanks to series sponsor Gary Tokos, Plaster was awarded additional $100 cash, as well as the Woodburn Dragstrip Winner’s Plaque, to his victory.

In the NAPA Auto Parts Jr Fast category, Emily Mix claimed her first victory of the season to put her back into contention for her first Jr Fast Championship. On her way, she defeated Carson Wheeler and Hayley Jackson before earning a single in the semi’s. On the other half of the ladder, Dustin Day eliminated tough competitors the likes of Taylor Toftemark, Kacee Pitts and Jerold Mix to visit Emily in the final round. In the finals, Mix used a stellar .033 reaction time to defeat Day, and make her way towards the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winner’s Circle.

The NAPA Auto Parts Jr Lightning class was another case of ‘same ol’ song and dance’ when Austin Varner and Katie Day faced off in the final round. Varner defeated Cole Rose and Josh McMyne, while Day downed a laddered single and Anthony Friesen to reach the last round of eliminations. In the final, Day’s car was closer to her preset dial-in, but Varner had the reaction time advantage needed to bolster his points lead.

A pair of the ‘older kids’ did battle as 10 year old Trevin Walberg and Alisha Miller lined up in the final round of the NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder category. However, this was no ordinary final (like any are!) as Miller’s car refused to fire. Walbergs waited patiently for the car to fire, and just before being given the sign for a single the car came alive. After both cars staged up, Walberg left first…with a red light start by 59 thousandths of a second, meaning that after almost not running, Miller claimed victory.

The Jr Tuff category is one that allows Jr racers who do not earn a first round bye the chance to continue racing. In the final round, Ashley Thompson defeated Cole Rose after running a 9.171 on her 9.14 dial-in, and scoring the better reaction time.

Final Round Results are listed in order of driver name, residence, (vehicle year and make/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: Dave Sattem, Camas WA (’99 Dragster) [.016] 8.163, 163.13 (8.15 dial).
R/U: Michael Boyd, Aloha OR (’23 T Altered) [.012] 9.046, 159.15 (9.02 dial).
Semi’s: Julie Adams, Molalla OR; Gary Ericksen, Vancouver WA.

W: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR (’66 Chevelle) [.032] 9.246, 143.49 (9.26 dial).
R/U: Greg Kielman, Vancouver WA (’70 Challenger) [-.022] 12.068, 93.85 (11.85 dial).
Semi’s: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR; Richard Potter, Oregon City OR.

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.055] 12.909, 96.37 (12.89 dial).
R/U: Jerry Weber, Albany OR (’82 Chevy) [.082] 14.716, 90.99 (14.72 dial).
Semi’s: Kathy Figini, Oregon City OR.

Run Tuff
W: Dom Andreotti, Scappoose OR (’69 Nova) [.058] 9.903, 133.59 (9.91 dial).
R/U: Jesse DeBartolo, Fairview OR (’71 Scamp) [.031] 14.087, 74.54 (14.11 dial).
Semi’s: Carl Meinig, Portland OR; Angelo Palamaris, Albany OR.

Sport Compact Pro
W: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) [.128] 10.671, 124.68 (10.62 dial).
R/U: Ken Schaffer, Portland OR (’97 Supra) – foul.
Semi’s: Chris Cashen, Albany OR.

Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Thomas Major, Salem OR (’71 Bug) [.097] 15.880, 80.90 (15.88 dial).
R/U: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR (’93 Honda) [.133] 18.184, 75.91 (18.15 dial).
Semi’s: Wade Campbell, Sweet Home OR.

Harley Eliminator
W: John Plaster, Buckley WA (’04 XL883C) [.014] 10.338, 124.42 (10.28 dial).
R/U: Bob Osborne (’98 Buell) [.018] 14.187, 87.16 (14.20 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Graver, Beaverton OR.

Jr Fast
W: Emily Mix, Aumsville OR (’03 Eickmann) [.033] 7.951, 82.88 (7.93 dial).
R/U: Dustin Day, Estacada OR (’07 Dragster) [.071] 8.392, 76.31 (8.35 dial).
Semi’s: Jerold Mix, Aumsville OR.

Jr Lightning
W: Austin Varner, Astoria OR (’05 Akron) [.076] 8.936, 72.08 (8.90 dial).
R/U: Katie Day, Estacada OR (’05 Motivational) [.110] 8.237, 77.80 (8.21 dial).
Semi’s: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR; Josh McMyne, Salem OR.

Jr Thunder
W: Alisha Miller, Warren OR (’04 Akron) [.057] 8.997, 72.83 (8.96 dial).
R/U: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) – foul.
Semi’s: Hailey Bellikka, Milwaukie OR; Dylan Hough, Junction City OR.

Jr Tuff
W: Ashley Thompson, Ridgefield WA (’00 Mike Bos) [.128] 9.171, 70.82 (9.14 dial).
R/U: Cole Rose, Newberg OR (’10 Half Scale) [.588] 8.264, 77.07 (8.20 dial).
Semi’s: Cheyanne Helvey, Milwaukie OR; Anthony Chiaramonte, Mather CA.

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