Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Petrjanos Takes Les Schwab Manager’s Challenge Win

The Les Schwab Managers Challenge is one that pits different Les Schwab store managers against each other to see who the top racer is on the shortened 1/8 mile distance.  With a turnout consisting of all kinds of different vehicles: from old school Mustangs to new model Chevrolet Pick-ups, the diversity among the racers was obvious.  However, as all of racing is decided, the action came down to two: Joe Petrjanos and Jeremy McCart.  Petrjanos’s manual-shifting Mustang’s journey into the final round was through racers Jobe Nash and Kevin Leasure, before earning a single in the semi-final round.  On the other side of the ladder was McCart, who’s reaction times varied by only .047, downed Tony Tautfeset, Cam Durrell, and Brian Burnside to make a final round appearance.  Then, it was down to the final round.  McCart made his way to the starting line. Petrjanos…did not??  Looking back, everyone saw that Petrjanos was stuck at the head of the staging lanes, unable to fire his car!  But, just as he was ready to motion forward for a single pass, the idea struck him.  Other Managers who had lost earlier jumped forward to help, and pushed the car forward, Petrjanos dropped the clutch, and the car came alive.  Then, pulling forward and staging up the car, Petrjanos erupted with a .020 reaction time and scored the victory over McCart, running a 7.183 on his 7.00 dial-in.  Cam Durrell was the number one qualifier with a .020 reaction time.

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