Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

NHRDA Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals & Sled Pull Results

The National Hot Rod Diesel Association paid another annual visit to Woodburn Dragstrip, and with the addition of the Sled Pull this event was as spectacular as ever.  With wins scored by Jarid Vollmer (Pro Stock), Rick Fletes (Pro Street), Nick Adamson (Super Diesel), John Floyd Jr (Sportsman), Andrea Coddens (Super Street), and Dennis Weddle (Top Comp), the racing was as action packed as ever.  Top mile per hour for the Diesel competitors was the 157.37mph blast by Jarid Vollmer, who was able to score a win in Pro Stock and a runner-up in the Pro Street category.

In the Pro Stock category, Jarid Vollmer scored the win against Aaron Schaff when Schaff turned on the red light start.  Vollmer blew through the 1/4 traps with a 9.365 at 148.02mph. Rob Coddens and Gage MaKinen were the semi-finalists in the quickest category of the event.  In the NHRDA Pro Street category, Vollmer again made a final round appearance but wasn’t able to secure a win as Rick Fletes, the number two qualifier, won on the holeshot.  On the starting line, Vollmer encountered mechanical issues which gave him a 2.9 reaction time start, giving Fletes enough room to win despite running over a second slower than Vollmer.

The Super Diesel category, which locks everyone into an 11.90 dial-in, showcased absolutely intense close racing.  The final round featured two drivers: Nick Adamson and Allen Crift.  Adamson’s victims through eliminations were Adam Aquina, Verion Southwick, and Frank Begley.  On the other side of the ladder was Crift, who downed John Busnardo, Les Szmidt, and Ryan ‘Da Moose’ DuBois.  In the final round, both drivers elapsed times were separated by only thirty-nine thousandths of a second, with Crift running closer, but Adamson’s .181 reaction time advantage made the difference.  Crift was the number one qualifier.

Sportsman category competition showed off two of the most competitive racers in diesel/drag racing.  John Floyd Jr’s trip to the final round was through Gil Hilderbrand, Alex Greer, Creed Battaid, and Ryan DuBois.  The journey for Michael Pliska was through Jake Enos, Justin McCabe, Mark Miner, and Jeff Wiford.  In the final round, Floyd and Pliska were separated were just .002 at the starting line, before a double-breakout resulted in John Floyd Jr securing the victory.  Chad Eastlick was the number one qualifier in the category.

In the Super   Street category, Andrea Coddens took the number one qualifying spot to the winner’s circle after defeating Pat Liskey by an extremely narrow margin at the finish line. Ryan Millikan was the lone semi-finalist.

The Top Comp category was run in addition to the NHRDA event, running drivers with vehicles dialed in at least 8.99 seconds or quicker.  Dennis Weddle secured victory in the final round by staying in front of the ’63 Corvette of Rob Andreas.  Matt Claussen and Devon Hilton were the semi-finalist.

Listed are final round results in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year and model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour and (dial-in).

NHRDA Pro Stock
Win: Jarid Vollmer, Chubbuck ID (’07 Dodge) [.230] 9.365, 148.02.
R/U: Aaron Schaff, Rimbey AB CAN (’02 Dodge) [-.248] 9.624, 145.09.
Semi’s: Rob Coddens, Eagle ID; Gage MaKinen, Billings MT.

NHRDA Pro Street
Win: Rick Fletes, Galt CA (’70 Chevelle) [.126] 10.284, 140.80.
R/U: Jarid Vollmer, Chubbuck ID (’07 Dodge) [2.965] 9.022, 156.76.
Semi’s: Andrea Coddens, Eagle ID.

NHRDA Super Diesel
W: Nick Adamson, Aberdeen ID (’98 Dodge) [.056] 12.095, 103.65 (11.90 dial).
R/U: Allen Crift, Spokane WA (’98 Dodge) [.235] 12.056, 114.09 (11.90 dial).
Semi’s: Frank Begley, Prineville OR; Ryan DuBois, Boise ID.

NHRDA Sportsman
Win: John Floyd Jr, Gresham OR (’02 Chevy) [.073] 16.418, 80.60 (16.42 dial).
R/U: Michael Pliska, Happy Valley OR (’97 Ford) [.071] 15.918, 81.34 (15.96 dial).
Semi’s: Jeff Wiford, Gresham OR; Ryan DuBois, Boise ID.

NHRDA Super Street
Win: Andrea Coddens, Eagle ID (’02 GMC) [.227] 10.101, 143.17.
R/U: Pat Liskey, Meridian ID (’03 Dodge) [.234] 10.133, 138.31.
Semi’s: Ryan Millikan, Portland OR.

Top Comp
Win: Dennis Weddle, Salem OR (’08 TNT) [.037] 8.253, 162.10 (8.21 dial).
R/U: Rod Andreas, Silverton OR (’63 Corvette) [.097] 7.710, 180.57 (7.68 dial).
Semi’s: Devon Hilton, VancouverWA; Matt Claussen, GreshamOR.


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