Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

NHRA Summit Racing ET Finals Division Six Race of Champions – Simmons, Stone, Tibbetts, Havens, Vest, Wilcox, & Schmanke. Track Managers Challenge To Bremerton – Woodburn 4th Place

Saturday, August 31st, was the day at the NHRA Division Six Summit Racing ET Finals for the Race of Champions drivers to shine.  On the line is NHRA Division Six Championships in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Bike/Sled, High School, Jr Lightning, and Jr Thunder.  In addition, points are earned to award the Track Managers Challenge.


In the finals of Super Pro Mark Simmons (Medicine Hat) ran a 7.590 (7.57 dial) at 165.83 mph to defeat Tom Stockero (Madras) 8.815 (8.77 dial) at 152.46 mph.  Dave Sattem was the lone semi-finalist for Team Woodburn.


Chris Stone(Mission) earned the right to represent Division Six at the Summit Racing National Championship with a win over Dennis Dorsey (Walla Walla).  Stone’s winning run was a 10.717 (10.58 dial) at 109.50 mph while Dorsey runner-upped with a 10.469 (10.39 dial) at 128.82 mph.  Dave Bronec (Woodburn) was the only semi-finalist.


AJ Tibbetts (Bremerton) received a gift in the finals of Sportsman when Shannon Hensley (Spokane) red lit away her chances.  Tibbetts won with a 12.889 at 100.10 mph as Hensley runner-up finish was a 13.668 at 87.31 mph.  Brian Seeberg was the only semi-finalist.  Team Woodburn’s Derrick Jackson and Jim Lamkin lost out in the 3rd round.


In the Bike/Sled final it was dad – Jeff Havens (Renegade) defeating son – Jacob Havens (Pacific)  Jeff ran a 8.285 (8.28 dial) at 156.82 mph to Jacob’s loss of 8.848 (8.81 dial) at 144.92 mph.  Bob Henrie and Scott McLeod were the semi-finalists.  Van Smith of Team Woodburn lost out in the 4th round.


In High School eliminator it was an all Bremerton Raceway final as Justin Vest received the win via Zachary Zurbrugg’s red lit.  Vest’s winning run was a 11.494 (11.48) at 117.20 mph while Zurbrugg’s red light run of 17.989 (17.73 dial) at 74.30 mph.  Peyton Biscay and Mitchell Lyles were the semi-finalists.  Dustin Day of Team Woodburn lost out in the 2nd round.


The finals in Jr Lightning had Yeshua Wilcox (Bremerton) taking the win 8.173 (8.07 dial) at 71.54 mph over Jayden Meyer (Medicine Hat) 8.281 at 78.96 mph.  Chance Edelmann and Amber Meadows both lost out in the semi-finals.  Team Woodburn’s Kacee Pitts, Katie Day, and Dustin Day all fell in round one.


In Jr Thunder Josh Schmanke (Renegade) scored the win with a 9.442 (9.43 dial) at 68.97 mph over Chandler Steen (Firebird) runner-up finish of 9.136 (9.05 dial) at 70.56 mph.  Adam Duncan and Braydon Benko were the semi-finalists.  Conner Rice (Team Woodburn) lost out in the 3rd round.


Points are earned by each participating driver 6 in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Bike/Sled, 2 in High School, and a total of six in the Jr Lightning & Thunder classes.

Here are the Track Managers Challenge Points Standings.

1.  Bremerton Raceway  59

2.  Renegade Raceway  43

3.  Pacific Raceways  37

4.  Woodburn Dragstrip 30

5.  Firebird Raceway  28

6.  Medicine Hat  27

7.  Portland Int’l Raceway 24

8.  Spokane County Raceway  24

9.  Walla Walla Dragstrip  21

10.  Madras Dragstrip  20

11.  Mission Raceway  19

12.  Lost Creek Raceway  13

13.  Champion Raceway  8

14.  Coos Bay Raceway  1

15.  Lewistown Raceway 1

16.  Saskatchewan Int’l Raceway 1

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