Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Trevin Walberg; Jr Thunder Champion

The NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder category is one for young adults ages 8-10, allowed to run as fast as 8.90 seconds (12.90 for 8-9 year olds). At the first even, the featured racers in the final round were Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice.  Ramon’s journey to the final round had competition from Austin Weigel and Nicholas Karr.  For Rice: the fight for the final round was through Tommy Tallan and Trevin Walberg.  In the finals, Ramon used a sizable .14 starting line differential to his advantage, and then went down and ran a 14.133 on his 14.13 dial in for an overall .1 package, to take the lead at the opening event.


On April 27th, Dylan Hough took out Trevin Walberg and Austin Weigel to reach the final round, while Nicholas Karr defeated incoming point’s leader Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice before reaching the final.  In the final round, Hough found himself down by a measly .008 on the starting line, but used the performance of his Olympus Trailers racing machine to charge past Karr into the Quality Concrete/Salem Concrete Paving Winners Circle, taking the win by eight hundredths of a second.


Rilynn Saucy broke through for her first win over Trevin Walberg on May 4th. Saucy defeated Haley Bellikka, and Dylan Hough before earning a single pass in the semis.  For Walberg, who was up late Friday night putting in a new motor, the victories against Conner Rice, Tommy Tallan and Ramon Vincent were hard earned.  In the money round, Trevin Walberg had a .021 reaction time…and left second! Walberg’s .021 reaction time and 9.148 on his 9.08 would have (literally!!) won against any other package in the Jr Thunder category that day…except for the one put together by Rilynn Saucy, who went .016 on the starting line and ran a 13.177 on her 13.11 dial in to take the win.  To this point, the top three in points were as follows: Vincent in his rookie year with 150 Points, Hough with 140, and Walberg tied for third with Karr, holding 130 points.


Day two of the double-header weekend showcased Alisha Miller, and Trevin Walberg.  For Miller, getting to the final meant winning against Rilynn Saucy and Nicholas Karr.  Walberg, in final round number two of the weekend, it meant defeating Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice.  In the final round, the race was over as soon as it started when Walberg turned on the red light by .030 of a second.


The fierceness that is the Jr Thunder category showed just how tough it is to get a round win.  The final round pitted Nicholas Karr against recent hot trend Trevin Walberg.  For Walberg, the road to the final was through Cooper Chun and Alisha Miller.  Meanwhile, Karr eliminated Dylan Hough and Ramon Vincent.  In the final round, Trevin Walberg saved his best performance for last, uncorking a perfect .000 reaction time and running a 9.246 on his 9.14 dial-in to score the victory in his third straight final round appearance.  After five races, the points standings were as follows: Walberg and Vincent tied for first with 280, and Conner Rice and Karr tied with 270 points.


With four cars at the top of the points heap within one round, it was getting to the nitty gritty halfway through the season.  On Father’s Day (June 16th) Nicholas Karr and Trevin Walberg were the final two cars in competition.  Karr defeated Adam Duncan-Robinson and Rilynn Saucy before earning a single, while Walberg downed Cooper Chun, Alisha Miller and Conner Rice to move into the final.  In the last round of competition, Karr used a starting line advantage of .040 and running a 13.650 on his 13.64 to secure the victory.


A pair of the ‘older kids’ did battle on June 30th as 10 year old Trevin Walberg and Alisha Miller lined up in the final round of the NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder category.  However, this was no ordinary final (like any are!) as Miller’s car refused to fire.  Walberg’s waited patiently for the car to fire, showing the true spirit of drag racing in action.  Just before being given the sign for a single, Miller’s car came alive!  After both cars staged up, Walberg left first…with a red light start by 59 thousandths of a second, meaning that after almost not running, Miller claimed victory.


On the day of the Summit Division 6 Jr Dragster Challenge, a points race was also held for the Jr racers.  Trevin Walberg and Conner Rice lined up to battle in that final, with Walberg downing Ramon Vincent and Hailey Bellikka, while Rice defeated Cooper Chun, Ryan Bese, and Dylan Hough.  In the final round, Walberg lost over six hundredths of the starting line but was able to score the win on the double breakout.  However, on the next day, Rice would get a chance at revenge.


July 7th showcased a battle between two ten year olds as again Conner Rice and Trevin Walberg lined up in the final.  Rice’s adventure into the final round was through a single pass, Dylan Hough and Nicholas Karr.  For Walberg: Ryan Bese and Alisha Miller were the opponents defeated, before earning a single.  In the final, Rice unleashed a stellar .017 reaction time, running a 10.936 on his 10.80 dial-in to earn the victory.  Now with two points races remaining, Walberg held the lead with 530 Points, Rice with 490, and Karr with 460.  Lots would have to happen for Rice or Karr to catch the leader Walberg.


Sunday of the Epic 3rd Annual Night of Fire, Alisha Miller and Nicholas Karr lined up in the final round to duke it out for the event championship.  Miller’s journey into the final round was through racers Dylan Hough, Caitlyn Pliska, and Conner Rice.  Meanwhile, Karr’s trip was through Rilynn Saucy, and Zachary Stinger before earning the single.  In the final round, for aaaaall the marbles, both racers had almost identical reaction times before Karr’s vehicle slowed at the top end, giving the win to Miller.  With an early exit for Walberg and a semi-final round appearance for Rice, the points were now Walberg with 560, Rice with 540, Karr with 520, and upstart Miller with 500.  After the twelve best races were scored, the new points tally was Walberg with 500, Rice with 480, Karr with 460, and Miller with 440.


The NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder category’s final round came between a pair of ladies as  the female gender swept the three main Jr categories.  Alisha Miller was one half of the final round, getting to it by defeating Riley Adams, Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice, while Rilynn Saucy defeated Trevin Walberg and Tucker Turner before earning a single.  The reaction times in the final round were separated by about .1, and thanks to that advantage Miller earned the round win, her FOURTH of the year.  For the points standings, Walberg’s second straight first round loss seemed to all but doom him, as Rice would need to reach the final round.  However, as you now know, Alisha Miller stopped that from happening, meaning that Trevin Walberg is your 2013 NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder Champion.


Following are the final point’s standings, with driver name, total points, and round wins listed.


1. Trevin Walberg, 530 Points, 21 Round Wins
2. Conner Rice, 530 Points, 21 Round Wins
3. Alisha Miller, 520 Points, 18 Round Wins


Included below is a head-to-head matchup sheet of the top five points finishers.
2013 Jr Thunder Matrix


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