Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jackson Claims King of the Track, Winners Crowned in Volkswagen, Sport Compact, Fall ET & Jr Series

It was a cool foggy morning to start racing on October 6th, but morning fog broke for afternoon sunshine and quick times.  Individual winners were Derrick Jackson (King of the Track Challenge), Dave Sattem (Super Pro) Dave Bronec (Pro), John Larson (Sportsman), Mark Hunt (Volkswagen), William Breese (Sport Compact Pro), Nicholas Shepherd (Sport Compact Sportsman), Cliff Mansfield (Run Tuff), Carson Wheeler (Jr Lightning), Dylan Hough (Jr Thunder), and Trevin Walberg (Jr Tuff).


The running of the Summit Racing Equipment King of the Track pits the four Sunoco ET Series Champions against each other to see who is crowned King of the Track.  In the first round of eliminations, Loretta McCool lined up alongside Don DePeel as the Super Pro champion eliminated the number one motorcycle racer with a slightly better reaction time and a closer run.  On the other side of the ladder, Derrick Jackson earned the win over Steve Stuart when Stuart turned on the red light by -.014.  In the finals, McCool took the starting line advantage by .008, but Jackson ran right on the number, and with a .040 package secured the win and added yet another Wally to his mantle.


In Super Pro competition, Dave Sattem continued his hot streak to reach yet another final round appearance, here against Dennis Weddle.  Sattem’s victims through eliminations were Vicki Shepherd and Lisa Belcher, before earning a single in the semi-final round.  On the other side of the ladder, Weddle downed Cliff Mansfield, Traci DePeel, and Chad Walberg.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began when Weddle turned on the red light by -.001. The race would have been tough as Sattem unleashed a .006 overall package. Traci DePeel was the number one qualifier.


Pro competition featured Dave Bronec and Steve Stuart in the final round.  Bronec, the number two qualifier, defeated Chuck Gillespie and Jeff Poleski before earning a single in the semi-finals, and Stuart, the number one qualifier, eliminated Dave Nassimbene, a single, and Tony Price.  The final round shaped up like this: both drivers had .05 reaction times, and both drivers ran just under their posted dial-ins. For Stuart: under by .013. For Bronec: under by only .009.  As such, by four thousandths of a second, Dave Bronec is your winner.


The Sportsman final round featured a pair of first time Fall Series finalist.  John Larson defeated Garry Heinrich, Jerry Weber, Dirk Douthitt, and Jerry Durant Jr to reach the final round.  On the opposite side, Jim Lamkin downed John O’Donnell, Mike Canon, Robert Glafka, and Tony Littleton to reach the trophy round.  In the finals, Larson’s .051 starting line advantage was too much for Lamkin to handle, resulting in Larson’s first victory of the year at Woodburn.  Jeff Marchi was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time.


The final Volkswagen Showdown Series race was run on this date, with final round appearances by Mark Hunt and Ryan Cornelison.  Hunt raced into the finals by defeating Jerry Caddell, Tyler Tovar, and Travis Matney.  Cornelison passed through racers Tim Schmidt, a single, and Thomas Major.  What was set up for a stellar final round was over before it began when Cornelison turned on the red light.


Sport Compact Pro and Sportsman are regular series run at Woodburn Dragstrip.  In the SC Pro class, William Breese added to his points lead with another even win, this time over Ken Schaffer after Schaffer turned on the red light by -.005.  In Sport Compact Sportsman, it was Pro Bracket regular Nicholas Shepherd getting the win over Bud Kuhns, with Shepherd driving ‘the family car’ ’05 Acura TL.  Hoppy Hopkins and Thomas Major were the semi-finalist.


The Run Tuff category gives all drivers who had the misfortune of losing first round a second chance to race for the day.  The two final round competitors in today’s race were Cliff Mansfield and Oliver Baxter.  Mansfield, who lost earlier in the Electronics category, defeated Dave Nassimbene and Ed Norgard before earning a single in the semis, whereas Baxter defeated Tom Caton, Hoppy Hopkins, and Thomas Major.  In the final round, Mansfield uncorked a stellar .009 reaction time and ran a 8.15 on the 8.05 dial to seal the victory.


In the Fall Jr Racing Series, number one and number two qualifier Carson Wheeler and Taylor Toftemark battled in the finals to see who would be the winner.  After reaction times separated by two thousandths in favor of Wheeler, the elapsed times were separated by two thousandths…in favor of Toftemark!  By the supernaturally slim amount of .0003 MOV, Wheeler earned the trophy.  In Jr Thunder, Dylan Hough persevered through round after round of eliminations before defeating Alisha Miller in the finals to earn the trophy. Trevin Walberg was the winner in Jr Tuff, over Ryan Bese.


Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year and model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


King of the Track
Winner: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.032] 12.818, 97.88 (12.81 dial)
Runner-Up: Loretta McCool, Sublimity OR (’37 Ford) [.024] 9.925, 143.47 (9.90 dial)
Semis: Don DePeel, GladstoneOR; Steve Stuart, Estacada OR.

Winner: Dave Sattem, Camas WA (’99 Dragster) [.004] 8.132, 155.79 (8.13 dial)
Runner-Up: Dennis Weddle, Salem OR (’08 TNT) [-.001] 8.009, 165.44 (7.98 dial)
Semis: Chad Walberg, Junction CityOR.

Winner: Dave Bronec, Hubbard OR (’72 Nova) [.058] 10.301, 127.55 (10.31 dial)
Runner-Up: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR (’66 Chevelle) [.051] 9.077, 143.72 (9.09 dial)
Semis: Tony Price, Tigard OR.

Foot Brake
Winner: John Larson, Turner OR (’68 Belvedere) [.049] 10.824, 114.86 (10.81 dial)
Runner-Up: Jim Lamkin, Clackamas OR (’75 Monza) [.100] 14.813, 85.02 (14.72 dial)
Semis: Tony Littleton, SalemOR; Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR.

Winner: Mark Hunt, Hillsboro OR (’60 Beetle) [.074] 12.019, 103.06 (12.05 dial)
Runner-Up: Ryan Cornelison, Milwaukie OR (’87 GTI) 13.932, 108.74 (13.80 dial)
Semis: Travis Matney, RidgefieldOR; Thomas Major, SalemOR.

Sport Compact Pro
Winner: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) [.067] 10.214, 129.08 (10.32 dial)
Runner-Up: Ken Schaffer, PortlandOR (’97 Supra) [-.005] 10.689, 131.98 (10.85 dial)

Sport Compact Sportsman
Winner: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR (’05 Acura) [.094] 16.095, 86.64 (16.30 dial)
Runner-Up: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg OR (’96 Wagon) [-.012] 17.762, 78.89 (17.85 dial)
Semis: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek OR; Thomas Major, SalemOR.

Run Tuff
Winner: Cliff Mansfield, Odell OR (’91 Thunderbird) [.009] 8.154, 168.44 (8.05 dial)
Runner-Up: Oliver Baxter, Canby OR [.069] 11.860, 108.78 (11.79 dial)
Semis: Thomas Major, SalemOR.

Jr Lightning
Winner: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR (’09 Eickmann) [.041] 8.104, 80.08 (8.10 dial)
Runner-Up: Taylor Toftemark, Castle RockWA (’03 Half Scale) 8.072, 79.92 (8.07 dial)

Jr Thunder
Winner: Dylan Hough, Junction City OR (’10 Motivational) [.129] 9.050, 71.50 (9.02 dial)
Runner-Up: Alisha Miller, Warren OR (’04 Akron) [.122] 9.131, 71.67 (9.04 dial)
Semis: Conner Rice, MilwaukieOR; Gage Quillen, CentralliaWA.

Jr Tuff
Winner: Trevin Walberg, Junction City OR (’09 Eickmann) [.160] 9.297, 69.16 (9.29 dial)
Runner-Up: Ryan Bese, Keizer OR (’02 Dragster) [.598] 13.595, 46.51 (13.80 dial)
Semis: Nicholas Karr, SalemOR.

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