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Import FACEOFF Rocks the Stage With Intense Racing Action

The 2nd Annual Fall Import FACEOFF was run to completion August 1st, 2013 and what a showdown it was!  Racer’s came from many states away to compete and push their vehicles to their limits.  At the end of the day, winning trophies were awarded to James Kempf (Forced Induction Pro), Stefan Barbu (All Motor Pro), Chris Cashen (Forced Induction Sport), Sath Vang (All Motor Sport), Josh Fang (Front Wheel Drive), and William Breese (Bracket).


By far one of the most exciting cars of the day was that of James Kempf, Import FACEOFF record holder.  Kempf laid out an extreme 8.30 at over 185mph to qualify number one.  In the first round of competition he earned a single and simply took the light, second round he powered out to about the 1000 foot mark before the car shut off, coasting to an 8.78 pass.  In the semi-final round, Kempf lined up with the number two qualifier Trevor Holland.  Holland had troubles off the starting line, but Kempf would have been impossible to handle when he unleashed a 187.69mph pass with a 8.206 ET.  In the final, Jeff DeLuna lined up alongside Kempf. DeLuna, the number seven qualifier, put together a respectful 11.895 pass at 119m, however Kempf was two steps above with ANOTHER 187mph pass and ANOTHER 8.20! Kempf was by far the king of the mountain, and anyone wanting to challenge that title will be hard pressed.


All Motor Pro ran their final round to completion between a battle of Washington and California racers.  Stefan Barbu, from Auburn, dominated by running an 11.29 at 113.06mph, defeating Thang Xiong from Marysville CA, who ran a 12.673 at 107.06.


Forced Induction Sport ran their final round ‘the way it should be’ as number one and number two qualifiers faced off.  The number one qualifier, Chris Cashen, defeated Jon Walker, Erich Uhlman, and Brandon Finch. The number two qualifier, Shannon Hamlin, downed Tyler Fee, Kyle Wilkinson, and John Perrott to reach the final round.  In the final, Hamlin grabbed almost .06 off the starting line but couldn’t duplicate his qualifying time, allowing Cashen to sneak around at the finish.


All Motor Sport also ran off the number one and two qualifiers in the final round as Sath Vang and Stas Vevenko faced off.  Vang’s journey into the final was through Omar Contreras, a laddered single, and Tim Knudsen, whereas Yevenko downed Doney Roley and Frank Moore before earning a single into the final.  The final round was an exciting close final separated by just four miles per hour and a slim .1 seconds…with the win going to number one qualifier Sath Vang.


Front Wheel Drive category ran Josh Fang and last year’s event champion Cole Marmon.  Marmon was the number one qualifier with his 8.774 at 178.07, but in the final round mechanical issues shut the car down, allowing Fang to go flying past and into the Quality Concrete/Salem Paving Winner’s Circle.


As is a custom at the Import FACEOFF, a bracket category was run for any competitors wishing to dial in for eliminations.  In the final round, it was William Breese and Nick Rommel facing off to see who would emerge victorious.  To get into the finals, Breese defeated Derek Garlepy, a competition single, and Amando Marquen, and for Rommel the defeated racers were Craig Johnson and Sean Storrs before earning the single.  In the final, Rommel earned over a tenth advantage on the starting line but wasn’t able to run the number and gave the win to William Breese.


Listed are final round results in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year and model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Forced Induction Pro
W: James Kempf, University Place WA (’92 Civic) [.158] 8.208, 187.61.
R/U: Jeff DeLuna, Eugene OR (’99 Civic) [.530] 11.895, 119.76.
Semi’s: Trevor Holland, Spokane WA.

All Motor Pro
W: Stefan Barbu, Auburn WA (’95 Civic) [.240] 11.290, 113.25.
R/U: Thang Xiong, Marysville CA (’96 Civic) [.372] 12.673, 107.06.

Forced Induction Sportsman
W: Chris Cashen, Albany OR (’93 Civic) [.182] 10.353, 155.95.
R/U: Shannon Hamlin, Salem OR (’96 Civic) [.129] 10.565, 138.65.
Semi’s: John Perrott, Battle Ground WA; Brandon Finch, Vancouver WA.

All Motor Sport
W: Sath Vang, Portland OR (’93 Honda) [.216] 11.326, 118.90.
R/U: Stas Yevenko, Auburn WA (’95 Civic) [.202] 11.437, 122.10.
Semi’s: Tim Knudsen, Salem OR.

W: Josh Fang, Sacramento CA (’95 Civic) [.172] 10.744, 137.32.
R/U: Cole Marmon, Enumclaw WA (’99 Civic) [.166] 15.959, 56.73.
Semi’s: Sean Perry, Tacoma WA.

W: William Breese, Hillsboro OR (’92 Talon) [.205] 10.451, 112.02 (10.32 dial).
R/U: Nick Rommel, Salem OR (’87 Supra) [.099] 14.279, 101.79 (13.80 dial).
Semi’s: Amando Marquen, Vancouver WA.


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