Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Mark Tabert; Hot Rod II Champion

The Hot Rod II category showcases vehicles aged 1959 and older, running 12.00 and slower.  Jeff Enger and Lyle Scott advanced into the final round at the 11th Annual Wave Broadband Tulip Festival.  The winners of both Saturday and Sunday’s competition would receive winner’s plaque, money, and a bouquet of tulips donated by the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms.  Enger’s trip to the final included wins over Dawn Dietrich and Mark Tabert, while Scott reached the finals by defeating Robin Andress and Gordon Smith.  In the finals, Scott had the starting line advantage by over .07, but was beat anyway as Enger ran a 12.106 on his 12.10 dial in, to nip the victory away from Scott.

At the second point’s event, the final round showed off number one and two qualifiers Mark Tabert and Lyle Scott. Tabert went through Ryan Smith and John Hite to earn his way into the final, while Scott eliminated Dawn Dietrich and 2011 HR II Champion Jeff Enger.  In the final round, Tabert used a starting line advantage of almost a tenth of a second to stay ahead of Scott, and send his 1954 Chevrolet into the winner circle, after both drivers were off their respective dial-in by five hundredths of a second.  Current point’s standings showed Tabert and Enger tied for first with 110 points, with Scott close behind at 100.

The third point’s race brought a classic battle of Ford versus Chevrolet and a pair of ’37 model cars to the starting line.  The Ford of Kevin Ward made it into the final round by defeating Lyle Scott, Seldon Glebe, and John Helms before earning a single.  For the Chevrolet of Robin Andress, the journey into the final round was through racers Dawn Dietrich, John Hite, a single and Roger Goodman.  In the money round, Ward had the starting line advantage of .06 and never looked back, getting the win over a slowing Andress.

Jeff Enger, who won the inaugural Hot Rod II Championship, found himself in his second final round of the season on July 6th, this time against the vehicle (then driven by Bob Comeau) that defeated him for the championship last year, now with Dawn Dietrich doing the driving.  Enger defeated Steve Canton and John Hite before earning the single on his way to the final.  For Dietrich, the trip was through Mark Tabert, Lyle Scott and number one qualifier Robin Andress.  The final round was over before it began when Dietrich turned on the red light start by just thirty four thousandths of a second, meaning Enger earned his class leading second victory of the season.  With two races remaining, the points were as follows: Enger with 220, Tabert with 190, and Andress with 180.

At the 25th Anniversary of the spectacular Hot Rod Nationals, the final round battle was between the ’37 Chevrolet of Kevin Ward and the ’50 Ford of Del Seghler.  Ward made it into the final round by downing Bret Swopes, John Helms, and Lyle Scott before earning the single in the semis.  For Seghler, it was John Hite, Roger Goodman, a single, and Mark Tabert who attempted to stand in his way.  In the final round, Ward used his consistent reaction times to score a large marginal advantage on the starting line, and carry it to victory at the finish line, making him the fourth double-up contestant of the weekend.  Norm Davis was the number one qualifier with a .025 reaction time.  Unfortunately for Jeff Enger, a first round loss coupled with a semi-final appearance for Tabert put their point’s totals into a dead-lock tie, with 250 apiece.  With the final points race being rained out, the official Woodburn Dragstrip tiebreaker procedure (located in the Racer Handbook) was used, stating the advantage would go to the racer with the most total round wins. With that, Mark Tabert sealed the season title by edging Jeff Enger by just one round win, meaning that he is your 2013 Nostalgia Hot Rod Series Hot Rod II Champion.


Following are the top three points finishers, listed with driver name, total points, and round wins.

1. Mark Tabert, 250 Points, 9 Round Wins
2. Jeff Enger, 250 Points, 8 Round Wins
3. Lyle Scott, 220 Points, 7 Round Wins


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